A new Feedback portal is coming to Windows, Edge, and Microsoft 365

Office Updating Windows 11 Insider
Office Updating Windows 11 Insider (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft 365 and Edge will be getting a new Feedback portal.
  • The portal will enter preview by the end of 2021 and will extend to Windows sometime in 2022.
  • At the launch of the new portal, English will be the only language supported.

A new Feedback portal is coming so that those who love to give Microsoft a piece of their mind will have the ability to do so in a more modern form factor. The portal is going to enter preview by the end of 2021 and will support feedback for Microsoft 365 as well as Edge. Windows will be added at some point in 2022, though an exact date or even general quarter estimate was not provided.

This news comes from a tweeted screencap (via ZDNet). The Feedback portal announcement is listed in full within the tweet, giving info on not only what products are going to be included in 2021 and beyond (as listed above) but also details on items such as language support. English will be the only language the new Feedback portal is equipped for at its start, but more languages will be added as time goes on.

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The fresh portal will allow users to not only comment and leave feedback of their own but also upvote others' contributions. Beyond that, users will be able to get status updates on the feedback they've submitted.

So for anyone with strong thoughts on the current state of Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Edge, an outlet is coming. Those with a need to express feedback about, say, Windows 11 will have to wait a while longer, or just venture into the various comment sections of Windows Central's many articles and let it all out there.

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  • And it'll be as useless as the current Feedback Hub. All my 10+ feedback over the years haven't received a single action from MS.
  • Well... at least MSFT will provide you a place to vent. For whatever that's worth.
  • They won't listen. Panos boring everybody with loving every pixel.
    Yet I cannot turn off the annoying "Recommended: To show your recent files and new apps..." in the menu. Its messy.
    You can't turn off news. What is the worlds obession with news! Toxicity for the mind.
    Its my computer, I want that stuff OFF. I've just had to disable the entire widgets section, whcih seems a shame.
    They literally have zero QA around user experience. Managers win, common sense fails.
    Still a company pulling itself left and right. They still get wrong what Apple gets right. Such a shame as they do have good people. You can tell, management still ruins MS inside.
  • Sorry they didn't listen to one single person.
  • Where is the feedback portal for Surface Duo?
  • Microsoft dont want feedback
    They heavily moderated the Reddit Windows 11 subredit of negative feedback
    I tried to post a dozen times that Win 11 (and the Widget bar) needs to allow the turning off of news, that removed every type of post I tried to put up.
    They love their little Redmond bubble. I can see why the take one step forward and two steps back.