New Intel driver for Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 helps Windows Hello for Redstone builds

Microsoft (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

A new driver update appears to be rolling out to the Surface Book — at least for those on the Slow and Fast Ring of the Windows Insider program. As seen in the screenshot below, the update simply brings a driver update for the Intel CSI2 Host Controller, and nothing else.

Intel Driver Update

This new driver update is dated 5/17/2016 and is version number 30.10586.7076.2424, which is different from the production version that was last updated on May 9.

Without a changelog, it's not entirely clear what the driver update addresses. However, according to a tip, the update appears to address issues with the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 resuming from Sleep.

The Intel CSI2 Host Controller is related to the camera and how it functions with the System Bus/Bridge, which is exactly why it may help with Resume issues on the latest Windows 10 builds and the Surface. At least from our experience, Windows Hello would loop, sometimes get stuck, and overall just be less reliable with the latest Redstone releases.

We can confirm that after the update Windows Hello is now fast and smooth again.

In any case, Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 users should be able to pull the update down through Windows Update now. Remember, this update is only visible for Slow and Fast Ring "Redstone" builds. And be sure to shout out in the comments if you notice any changes we may have missed!

Thanks to Jesse Cook on Twitter for the tip!

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  • Seems to work, however I had to do a complete cold boot (pressing the power button for 15 seconds or so, untill the red light of the camera come off before I was able to use the WinHello login again.
  • Be good to sort the sleep problem, don't fancy waiting for the battery to run out again before it will re awake
  • Saaaawwwweeeeeet! I lost facial with Redstone on the SP4. (Had to revert to fingerprint, which was far from painful. :)  ) Did the update and bingo!  I am pumped about all the Redstone features coming. I have 1 950XL and 1 SP4 that I use for Redstone-play. They are buggy, of coourse, but you can get a really nice preview of what the world has coming to W10 users. It's far more than the old days when the first Service Pack came out for the latest OS. This whole Windows 10 design change really opened up the continuous developement of an OS. What used to be limited to adding "polish", is now almost unlimited.  (Although some folks won't have the pain-threshold to stay in preview-mode forever. At some point they will need to jump off of it)
  • I think the developers working on the fix are also infected with the sleep problem.
  • Installed it, and then I lost all Audio.  Any app, add-in, or program trying to access the audio port will be hung.  So, if I try to play an Youtube or Flash vedio, Edge will crash.  Same as Grove Music, Windows Media Player, VLC Player...  Need to find way to unstill it.  Any suggestion?      
  • Try right-clicking the sound icon in the taskbar and click "Troubleshoot sound problems".  If that doesn't work try going into Device Manager and delete "Speakers / Headphones" and then let Windows find them to reinstall the drivers.
  • Yeff,  thx.  Did Troubleshoot , reboot, did sfc, reboot, and did Troubleshoot again, finally works again.  Thx