New Nokia video teases wireless charging to be unveiled for tomorrow

We've already seen the "leaked" images for Nokia's new inductive wireless charging platform for their new Windows Phone 8 Lumias and now a new Nokia video teases the same.

The video is very short and simply shows a woman rounding up her wires into a ball and hiding them away, presumably because she just bought a Lumia 920. There's not much else to say on the matter other than let's wait for tomorrow to see it in the flesh.

Source: Nokia

WP Central

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  • Haha this happens to me alot
  • It looks like Nokia is posting new video every 4 hours??
  • Lol
  • XD
  • And yes yellow goes with me
  • Only few hours to go
  • Can't wait for tomorrow! Go Nokia!
  • +10000000000
  • Yeah!
  • Nokia's doing all the right things with this launch - teases, leaks, tweets.  Wireless charging isn't necessarily a game-changer (Palm) but its yet another accessory to show off - something Windows Phone has lacked a lot of in the past.
    Can't wait.
  • Not a game changer but I've been waiting for someone to finally do it since I walked away from my Pre
  • Absolutely!! Not that I have a Nokia, but it gives me hope that the other os' will adopt this technology.
  • Other OS'? Like iOS and Android? I hope you meant OEM's.. Like HTC, Samsung and LG
  • Hmmm ....   I just hope with all those teases and leaks, there's still room for surprise!
  • Could the admins of WPcentral please just go ahead and rename the site Nokia Phone Central?  While I realize Nokia's contribution to the Windows Phone community, it must also be said that Windows Phone is almost certainly Nokia's only option short of going with Android.  Take a look at the percentage of articles on this website pertaining to Nokia.  You DO realize that there are other phones, some of them better in certain respects?  You DO realize that Samsung may be the real game changer of the WP8 platform?  While Nokia is an important (maybe even the most important) player in the Window Phone community, you risk losing credibility and coming off as a Nokia Fanboy website as you do now.  Just my two cents, though I think it would be hard to argue otherwise.
  • Samsung is a game changer? With 1 phone? Same as saying Acer is dedicated to WP coming out with 6 new phones and only 1 is WP. And only Nokia doing a lot to change position of WP and attract more people, if you dont see it, do some research bro
  • Yea Nokia is like the only phone company dedicated here Samdung and HTSHIT both have rival phones lol!
  • That is kind of rude... HTC makes great phones
  • I don't think that's it.. I think its because there's more news about Nokia than any other WP oem right now. It's not their fault that people are more excited about Nokia than any another oem . I think its kinda like the Android one .. They talk more about Samsung, than any other oem. Because right now, people want Samsung, not HTC or LG.
  • Exactly
  • +1 people need to chill out about this favouritism angle. This site covers all the bases, but like ALL other sites covering windows phone right will follow where the story goes at any given time, and for the next 24hrs its Nokia. get over it.
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  • +1
  • Really? You expect leaks about HTC and Samsung on the day before a Nokia show? Seriously? Then I hope you'll be consistent and start whining about wpcentral posting HTC rumours instead of Nokia rumours on the day before the HTC WP8 show.
  • @dellgonzales Heard your request and it is denied. We report on NEWS. That's it. We don't allocate certain amounts of stories for one OEM over another and we're not about to because it bothers you.  We're the top Windows Phone site for a reason and you are more than free to skim over articles you are not interested in. If we are forcing you read every article against your will, then that's a different story. Otherwise, drop it.
  • Great Answer....
  • +1
  • this..
    And at the moment it's hard to not see NOKIA is top dog where Windows Phone is concerned. NOKIA is the only player that has it's heart and soul in this platform. Samsung just sells another phone.
  • Seriously???
    You're the Editor?  Who edits the editor for typos, incomplete sentences and grammar?  And flaming members of your own website?  Get a grip Daniel and use Word's excellent Spelling and Grammar checker before posting such swill.
    Dell Gonzales
  • @Daniel + a lot :-)
    I'm on a htc now, but when news are Nokia, that's what I want to read.
  • @Daniel
    And I expect more of a professional reply from you. As an editor, I hold you to a higher standard when talking with the members of this community. Your opening statement and closing statement came off as a smart-a$$.
  • @wbdillworth
     He told the guy exactly what he should have been told, get stuffed.
    He was told plainly about WPCentrals news stance. If he doesn't like, there are plenty more websites for the schmuck to go and read. He was inflamatory in his initial post, so deserved all he got.
    I like Daniel's forthright reply, and I wish more people took the time to tell pillocks like DellGonzales to get stuffed.
    He doesn't have to be politically correct, its his site, he can say it as he sees it. He is also not here to pander to your whims either. You expect what you like, I am totally happy with Daniels reply.
    In fact your post comes of all "holier than thou" - so you take a pill as well.
  • Dude really? Wow.... Well 1st of all Nokia has a huge event just around the corner, so obviously leading up to that there is going to be ALOT of news relating to Nokia
    2ndly how long have you been apart of the WP community? personally I got my Mozart launch day now I can't remember when I got the WPC app but there were no reviews of it when I got it so it was early,
    So I think I am a good a source as any about WP and WPC so I can say with great confidence that WPC report on ALL the WP news its not there fault that the other OEMs are greatly lagging behind in ALL areas when it comes to WP
    Do other OEMs release teaser after teaser? NO! Do other OEMs tweet pics poking fun at other OEMs and at the same time advertise there own event? NO! Do they pump out exclusive app after exclusive app? Do they release a wide range of handsets to penetrate all the different markets? Do they spice things up with a swarm of colours? The list goes on but I think the most important question is do any other OEMs bring there A game to WP? And the answer to that question my friend is a big fat NO!! Unlike Nokia who bring there A+++ game the other OEMs are simply not doing anything new worthy unlike stop having a go at the WPC staff when all they have done is there job and take your negativity to another forum please!
  • Boom! Well said.
  • Awesome!
  • +111
    Seriously, with your username, you should go write to Dell an petition them to get back in the game with the Venue Pro 2, hahahaha!!
  • Samsung, HTC, and other WP vendors really don't have any news that has NOT been posted here. What's you real point here? You can't fault WP Central for Nokia's hard work in generating news. You don't really think Samsung has any real skin in this game with their Android success, do you?
  • **inductive**
    Which is done by using two coils of wire mounted really close, one has a current running through it, which induces a current in the second coil.  So no direct contact.
    Conductive would be what we already  have, power being conducted through metal contacts.
  • If wireless charging is the main selling point then I'll take a pass. Honestly I'd much rather use a ubiquitous micro USB charging cable that I can share with my other devices and with my wife, than have this extra puck thng cluttering my already-cluttered home. How does this save space? The main thing I was looking forward to was Pureview on a Lumia and now the leaks are saying only 8MP, which would be a huge let down after all the social media teasing from Nokia. 
  • Get your wife a lumia, then you can share it. As for pureview I would recommend you read the tweets that happened today.
  • I read those tweets and can't say that they make sense. I thought the main feature of Pureview was the ability to use a large sensor to take reasonable-sized photos with "lossless" zooming. If the camera is only 8MP, why is such technology even needed? If great Pureview photos can be taken on an 8MP camera, then why release the expensive bulky 808 with a 41MP camera? Why don't they release Pureview as a software update so that the 8MP Lumia 800 can take decent pics? Sounds like they might try to slap the Pureview brand on a midling camera with some software enhancement. 
  • Pureview has _nothing_ to do with sensorsize besides being able to process the data that comes off it to create some stunning and very advanced results. No doubt we'll see larger sensors, and different methods for getting image data from Nokia, but PureView can be used to enhance the results of either. It is someting no other company has and rest asured it has been patented from teh first bit to the last. The technology will be a huge asset and money machne for Nokia in the coming years.
  • This is what happens when you don't know what you're talking about.
  • I had a palm pre back in the day and LOVED the wireless charger.  That said, it wasn't the only way of charging it.  You could still use a micro USB cable if you wanted (and on all the leaked photos, there is still a micro USB port at the bottom).  I don't think people realize how great it is to not use a cable though, you don't realize how annoying those cables are until you stop using them and need to go back.
  • That's one of the things I miss most about my Pres, very excited to see this coming to WP8, hopefully they have an 'exhibition mode' equivalent!
  • But, is she wearing those new Nokia shoes? Is she the sister of the lady on the bike? I gotta know!! They better reveal all tomorrow.
  • LOL
  • Is the wireless charger included or optional (at a premium price, I'm sure)?
  • Man you know that sh*t is not going to be included. It will definitely be an upsell. It'll probably retail between $80 and $100.
  • More like $20-$30 like here and here
    And with more phones supporting it we'll see more choices and lower prices. The technology is not at all complicated or expensive.
  • Seeing as how the charging is standard, I see powermats on clearance all the time. May not be as pretty but it'll work.
  • If Nokia WP8 hardware do have wireless charging I would hope Sprint get the Nokia WP8 Line. It was REALLY CONVENIENT when I had my Palm Pre. If not I'll just get one unlocked if I have to.
  • Man in all honesty I dont know what your still doing with Sprint....I know they are cheaper but their phones are also cheaper, one WP7 device in two years...pathetic
    I left to ATT and now proudly enjoyed my HTC Titan and Lumia :)
  • So she puts firewire, usb, charger and ethernet cables into the basket? Wireless everything?
  • Why if there's more than just wireless charging? The gal is throwing away ethernet, firewire and usb cables... What if?
  • Well Windows Phone 8 does support extensive backup, including messages/apps data and more, to your Microsoft account so I guess the USB connector can go too.. ;)
  • Wireless camera functionality to snap pics and start video record from a Bluetooth headset? NICE... Perv shots galore! *tear*
  • Doesn't this imply more than just wireless charging? 
    I hope these means more than just wireless sync carried over from Zune.
  • Awesome. The 920 is looking to be a fantastic advancement of the platform. Inductive wireless charging is a killer feature and I really can't wait to see the announcement tomorrow. WTG Nokia. Nicely done and thanks for listening to me. I'm as giddy as a school girl.
  • Samsung Should've taken notes because it iseems Nokia is going to deliver the goods samsung couldn't..
  • From the video, it seems there is more than just wireless charging... 
    We will have to wait and see.
  • well, we know there's wireless headphones and speakers, along with the Wallet Hub and other NFC features. 
  • I just went on a cross country trip for work. Had too many wires annoyed the hell out of me.
  • Sadly, the girl on the bike isn't being used in these videos.  She rode RIGHT off the pier, was rescued by pirates and is now hunting for lost treasure.  YARRRR!
    I'ma just pop sleeping pills and wake up for tomorrow.  Anyone else? :)
  • be careful not to take too many :D
  • May 9th past us awhile ago! Where's the event?
  • It's not May 9th.
    It's 05 Sep 2012
  • I think he's implying the way the date gets reported by the OOSA residents is to us Europeans the 9th of May. I do like ripping on the yanks for not being able to tell the date properly.
  • Yeah, that used to get me too. I think the US is the only country that puts dates month/day/year. Even Canada is day/month/year (which honestly makes more sense to me). I just use the military way to eliminate confusion (05SEP2012). My friends in other countries and the US can follow that. Just like wbdillworth wrote.
  • Can anyone send the chick with the wires over to my house
  • Nokia should make a movie out of all these leak videos. I want a wireless charging dock for the car though.
  • Wireless charging? How does that work?
  • LOL at Firewire 800. What is this, the early 2000s?
  • I know, right?
  • With Nokia making a big deal about the 5th it leads me to believe they'll announce something amazing, maybe something better then pureview or better then the leaked images. I cannot wait!
  • Seriously can't wait for the event tomorrow =D
  • I'm looking forward to tomorrow for Nokia as the "920" peaks my interest but, I am more interested to see what HTC has to offer before deciding on a phone.
    And you ask why?
    1. The Lumia 900 was a VERY buggy phone, makes me question quality control. The first high end WP7 device and they had to give everyone $100 because of the issues(and that was to save from a PR nightmare).
    2. I have owned 5 different HTC devices(including my old WM devices) and besides little issues here and there, they have been great devces.
    3. Most HTC devices gets a unlock before Samsung or Nokia models do. Can you even get a Interop unlock for a Lumia 900 yet ?
    Unlocking a device to be able to use all the cool homebrew stuff is important for me, so it's a deciding factor based on history. It also will come down to what Verizon carries anyway.. 
  • Interesting that when the 808 came out, all sorts of ill-informed said 41mp? why? and argued that they should have just called it a 5mp cameraphone......and that it was bad marketing./naming....... until it is revealed, isn't it possible that its more than 8mp (say 20mp?) but is "reduced" to a 8mp "perfect pixel" photo? and 8mp is just for marketing to stop the masses from being confused? Perfectly possible considering the idiots around the place. All will be revealed soon enough :-)
  • Did anyone else notice the firewire and ethernet cables? Im tipping the wireless charging pad to have nfc and/or bluetooth to work as data transfer as well.
  • I hope they have an option with cable plug because I'd like to use my phone while charging too.