New official WPCentral app patch available

You may have noticed a new update for your official Windows Phone Central app appeared earlier this week, followed by another one this morning. In the interest of keeping our readership informed we thought it best to let you know what these minor patches are for, but if you'd rather just get on with being up to date you can grab the update here in the marketplace.

The brief changelist and a little information on what's changed can be found after the break for those of you who enjoy technical details!

Essentially these patches are both fixes to our new media based code which we introduced in v4.3, whereby articles with multiple YouTube videos will now let you chose which one you want to play rather than only letting you view the first encountered video. A couple of discovery errors and one important issue where the app would crash if it was used in a region where YouTube is banned/blocked have now been fixed. We've also removed the native player as a change on YouTube has stopped our methods from working.

Now when you chose to launch a video you'll be presented with the option of either using YouTube's mobile website, or using an app on your phone. Windows Phone 7 users unfortunately this limits you to only the Microsoft YouTube app, however Windows Phone 8 users will find that you can launch videos in any app which implements the YouTube uri schema, right now that includes myTube and Metrotube but we're sure more options will come as developers realise the potential of the uri schema.


  • Fixed link discovery issues
  • Removed native player as the hack will no longer work
  • Added fail safe to play videos through mobile YouTube site
  • Fixed crash caused by YouTube being blocked in some countries

As always we welcome your feedback, and if you're having any problems with the app you can now visit the official app support forum we've set up with the help of our awesome forum ambassadors. In the support forum you can look for existing bugs in the thread list and either contribute to them, or start an entirely new thread if you don't think your issue is already there.

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Jay Bennett