New 'products and services' teased for Build by Microsoft executive

We're at the IFA Global Press Conference in Malta where Microsoft's General Manager of Developer Experience, Bryan Biniak, has delivered a special session for the gathered press. With Build coming next week there was never any chance we'd hear about new products here, but in passing he did at least give a massive tease that "new products and services" will be discussed in San Francisco.

It may sound like stating the obvious, but with the cycle Microsoft currently finds itself in there's no reason to expect new products to be launched in the middle of the Windows 10 build up. There's no hint as to what any of it may be, but our ears certainly pricked up on hearing it. Additionally we're told we should expect to start seeing HoloLens creations start to surface in the coming weeks.

Build is Microsoft's biggest event of the year with its developer focused sessions accompanied by a press conference where we'll no doubt hear about what's been teased today. Windows Central will be live throughout Build, so make you sure join us for that!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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