New 'products and services' teased for Build by Microsoft executive

We're at the IFA Global Press Conference in Malta where Microsoft's General Manager of Developer Experience, Bryan Biniak, has delivered a special session for the gathered press. With Build coming next week there was never any chance we'd hear about new products here, but in passing he did at least give a massive tease that "new products and services" will be discussed in San Francisco.

It may sound like stating the obvious, but with the cycle Microsoft currently finds itself in there's no reason to expect new products to be launched in the middle of the Windows 10 build up. There's no hint as to what any of it may be, but our ears certainly pricked up on hearing it. Additionally we're told we should expect to start seeing HoloLens creations start to surface in the coming weeks.

Build is Microsoft's biggest event of the year with its developer focused sessions accompanied by a press conference where we'll no doubt hear about what's been teased today. Windows Central will be live throughout Build, so make you sure join us for that!

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  • "New" probably means "recently announced" products, such as HoloLens, Visual Studio 2015, and obviously Windows 10.
  • New means devices with Windows Hello !
  • That's one of the big things I am very excited for!
  • Surface pro 4 maybe:/
  • Maybe an 8 inch Surface Mini!
  • Flagship Surface phone and new Office
  • Unicorns too
  • And of course cats.
  • Hmmm Maybe
  • I need a 7" or 8" Surface Mini which weighs around 0.6 lb so I can hold it with one hand.  It has to support Surface pen and wifi 802.11ac.  Now we are talking. :-)
  • New apps For iOS and android and a flagboat lumia 340
  • Coming soon*
  • Google: We give out your data
    Apple: You'll give us your money anyway
    Microsoft: Coming Soon
  • Well put
  • This is too true. I'm starting to hate all 3 options.
  • Coming soon, but not Your region.
  • This!
  • New Lumia :)
  • I don't think more superior flagship...  Microsoft may not produce the successor for LUMIA 1020. 
    So I hope NOKIA will produce smartphones that better than LUMIA 1020 (41MP). 
    Maybe with 50MP and superior innovation also great design. 
    While I like the concept Windows phone, but if the NOKIA
    will produce the successor for LUMIA 1020 with ANDROID version 
    I will leave WINDOWS phone and had to use ANDROID phone.
    If MICROSOFT or NOKIA not produce any successor for LUMIA 1020
    i will stick with my old LUMIA 1020 forever. And for this year,
    MICROSOFT only will use maximum 25MP on they flagship phone.
  • Jeez chill dude...a 1020 will be definitely coming...thats called Project Unicorn you know...Microsoft's imaging chief Juha Alarakhu had hinted at it during MWC if I correctly remember the interview WC had posted
  • I hope you have the right info, because Windows phone nothing special after many applications have been given to all other platforms, 
    such as Cortana, Word and more. The only reason for me to buy a Windows phone now is the ability of the camera and Pureview technology. 
    If Microsoft does not produce smartphones that better than Lumia 1020 before 2017, I will switch to android. 
    Because Nokia may produce Smartphone greater than Lumia 1020 later in 2016. If Nokia or Microsoft does not produce Lumia Smartphone greater than 1020,
    then I will remain with the Lumia 1020.
  • Isaac lee ishida, it wont be "Manufactured by Nokia" but "Designed by Nokia" as they will most likely be licensing out the brand name to an third party probably a ODM. As this way they don't have to deal with the associated over heads of manufacturing. However things could change between now & 2016, where Nokia may decide not to go down the licensing route or go back into the smartphone market.
  • How would Nokia produce a phone better than Lumia 1020? They don't have any manufacturing plants or anything. They will do what almost all Android-producers do... Lease their name to a noname company.
  • He did no such thing.
  • While there may never be a Lumia 1030 or 1040, I garuantee you that the camera in the 940 and 940XL will be better than the 1020. 
  • Microsoft may have had a huge loss with the Lumia 1020 to justify never launching its successor because even flagships today can't match its camera! In fact I believe if they keep exactly the same sensor but bump processor power it could reach it full potential! I just wish I have access to their info about sales, market, investment and revenue of 1020 to understand why!
  • Good bye bye bye bye bye
  • Grow up. Nokia has no potential to build another (windows nor android) flagship phone. If some new phones come out under the Nokia branding they will be developed, produced and sold by the likes of Foxconn or some other company like that under the license of Nokia - like the N1 that has still not seen any market outside of China. In the attempt to sell the Here division of Nokia the Finns make it pretty clear that their focus is on network products and not on consumer devices.
  • N1 is designed by Nokia, but produced and sold by Foxconn.
  • And the 1020 is designed, manufactured, marketed and sold by Nokia.
  • Past tense: was! Almost all the people who did the 1020 and other phones now work either for Microsoft or in some different position within Nokia or in an altogether new environement. Nokia does not have a (Smart-)phone division. Start believing it, Nokia is not the same company that has produces iconic phones for well over a decade. Read what Nokia says about there technologies business: it says it all, they want to license technologies, patents and - yes - also the Nokia name. May we see Nokia smartphones in the future? Very likely but those devices will not have the same ingredients as all those phones we all used over the years.
  • designed - yes. Engineered - no. Heck they don't even sell it and give customer support - all in the hands of Foxconn.
  • Do you do large prints of your images?  41MP is useless unless you're doing that.  I have photographer friends who think it's silly that people equate higher Megapixels with better pictures.  Most photographers use 10-12MP unless they are going to be doing large prints for customers.
  • Yes, I need 40MP for a variety of uses in photography and advertising ... Lumia 1020 much easier for me, and I took Micro-sized image picture with it. Pureview technology is also very helpful to me, I not sure how you use your camera. But so far no smartphone camera that can compete 1020. I've made comparison with large I know what the outcome is.
  • isaac, ok that makes sense.  I guess the portability helps rather than carrying a large one around.  I have the Lumia 830.  The camera is really good on it, but I don't really take pictures much.  But it's good to have no doubt.  I've seen reviews where it outperformed most of the other phones like iphone 6 and samsung ones.  It really does have very accurate picture quality.  Although what I find weird is that Lumia Camera 5 seems to make pictures worse than Microsoft Camera.  It seems to alter the image after it is snapped and it looks completely different.  When I snap the picture the preview still looks good but then it processes the image and it looks entirely different after that stage, and not as good.  I keep everything on auto though.
  • I think the software for Lumia Camera is now very disappointing. I have a Lumia 830, but after the update is quite severe camera performance.
  • I don't know 830, but usually what you see in camera's screen is a jpg image, which the camera has processed to look good, even if you shoot DNG-only. When you look at the original DNG/RAW image on you computer, usually it looks like sh**, because it is the image what your camera's sensor sees, without any of those corrections made by your camera. The benefit of a RAW image is that it has much more detail than a jpg, but you have to edit the photo and make lens corrections with a decent photo editing program like Adobe Lightroom. If you don't want to do that, it is better shoot jpg.  
  • If you remember your Lumia 1020 history it was all about extreme crops of your photos so the 41 mpx came in handy.
  • I've not seen anyone claim anything about MP, 41 or otherwise? They believe its the best (or one of the best) phone camera sensors and would like a successor to that model phone. Improving it could be as simple as having same sensor, better soc etc
  • This. I get compliments on my 1020 photos all the time, mostly from friends with iPhones. Hoping a successor comes out otherwise it'll be hard to give up the camera.
  • I'm not a pro photographer, but love taking pictures with my 1020. The ability to crop and zoom and still have a great photo is awesome. I would take a 10xx with a 42+ megapixel camera and updated internals any day.
  • Cause its all about the MP four a good photo. /s
  • The Lumia 1020 was a niche, low selling product, even among the Windows phone line up. I think it was one-off, and I don't think that Microsoft will make a follow up, a so called 1030 or 1040.  I think there will likely a 920/920 successor, and a large screen variant, maybe a 940 xl or an update of the 1520, but that's about it on the Lumia flagship front.
  • I reckon they could. The 1020 didn't sell the greatest amounts, but it made a decent impact. And the publicity it stirred up was quite amazing for a Lumia at the time - even now with my 1020 I get people recognising it as "that Lumia with the massive camera". Perhaps that's something Microsoft needs to get the Lumia brand out there further. If it did happen, I could see it being called either a 1040 or something along the lines of '940X' - lining it up as part of a flagship class could help sales as well (although as a 1020 fan myself, I'd prefer to see 1040).
  • Last I checked the Lumia 1020 had the sand market share as the 1520 in the USA. So if they make a successor for either one of them then they should for the other one as well
  • Nokia will not make or produce phones as they don't have the ability anymore. A third party will make the phones and stamp Nokia on them.
  • Maybe Cortana in India?!?!? ;)
  • Cortana is already in India...just change your language to UK or US English and you should be good to go
  • Yeahh...change the well as location and then the store items change from Indian rupee to yeah...definitely in India..
  • No need to change region Keep every setting to India except the speech language which should be English (United Kingdom) and you're good to go.
  • Nez99, Here you go.
  • I heard Indian Cortana is called 'Wen'.
  • When is the build?
  • 29 April to 1 May at San Francisco
  • Thanks.
  • The Surface Pro 3 has been around for a year now hasn't it? Maybe a Surface Pro 4 will be announced with new chips?
  • That's what I'm thinking.
  • A worldwide Bing please...suface for more markets along with the Band...and probably a mid ranger Lumia if no Flagship...Surface Pro 4 should be launched alongside Windows 10 in an exclusive event along with the Flagship...i guess we have to wait till IFA Berlin in September for Lumia 740 n 840
  • Probably Lumia 740, 840, 940, ...
    and 650 XL.
  • I would like to think so...but these are not coming out now
  • 650 XL? Are you on crack? 640 XL isn't even out in most places.
  • The Lumia 535 wasn't either but now we have a 540
  • The 535 had much more time out than the 640 has had.
  • A Surface Phone???
  • We would love that right...would be the perfect flagship
  • Microsoft "Lumia Surface" Chills.....
  • Just... No. Why mix two brands?
  • No to a Lumia Surface. Yes to a Surface Phone. The Surface line of devices are Microsoft's high end devices. So Microsoft's high end phone should be a Surface Phone with an intel processor, 32gb or 64gb of internal storage and pen. I am really looking for the high end 8 inch Surface Mini with an intel processor, 32gb or 64gb or 128G of internal storage and pen. Let the Lumia line of devices be for Microsoft's low to medium end devices with ARM processors; low budget devices.
  • Much better to keep Lumia for phones and Surface for tablets.
  • Can't wait. Build should be something special.
  • Mighty HoloLens!!!
  • Can't wait for more Hololens!
  • Successor for the 1520 with fingerprint reader and pen support.
  • Meet the Lumia 840 XL. :)
  • 1520 would be 940XL
  • I dont think so. I think that the 9xx family will be saved for the Hero Camera Phone. And I don't think MS will make a phablet with a so big camera. I think is more logical that they will made a Lumia 840 being the Lumia 930 successor, with a bigger version, the 840 XL, being the Lumia 1520 successor.
  • Boy, I hope you're wrong.... Everything you mentioned is exactly what 1520 fans hop DOESN'T happen...
  • I'm thinking that the 940 will have the best "normal" camera, with the same one in a 6inch xl model to replace the 1520. The 1030 will come in at 5.5inch and feature the top notch camera to shame all others.
  • If MS is following their Lumia 640 XL strategy there wont be any 1xxx anymore. And that is good.
  • Successor for the 1520 with fingerprint reader and pen support
  • I doubt it. But if so I hope it doesnt feature the SD810 qualcomm soc. This thing has major problems in regards to clocking and heat. Arstechnica has a good but shocking article about this.
  • The problem was with the early batches which Samsung was previously going to use. Apparently they fixed it with later batches.
  • Well this test shows that this issue has in no way been fixed. The thing you have pointed out was just a rumor. The SD810 is flawed and its shocking to see that its overall performance is worse then last years socs like the 800/801 and 805.
  • The next 1520 Just needs to be at least 6", have the best camera technology, and shared hardware from the highest end Lumia's......
    That's not too much to ask.
  • Recycled names, products & services......
  • Like "The Microsoft Lumia Screensharing for Windows Phone HD-10"?.. :P
  • No flagship to join the mobile market from Microsoft this year, no hope for next coming years
  • you are just plain wrong, do you live on the moon or something. MS themselves have already said a flagship phone is coming with the release of windows 10 for phones.
  • If they are bring flagship in front of the world, otherwise just simple talk.
  • If its not flagship, not interested. Your latest numbers reveal you need a signature device to drum up interest in the US.
  • If they don't at least announcea flagship release sometime in the Fall season, I am abandoning ship! Tired of this coming soon mantra.
  • Problem is, if it is announced during build and the hype would just die down in the following months.
  • True, but an even larger problem for them is that even the low amount of users on the platform are beginning to leave, particularly those who were users of the original WP7 and WP8 flagships from a few years ago.     Those folks are abandoning ship and mostly leaving for the iPhone. In fact, at Apple Stores, you can now trade in your Lumia device and get $50-$150 discount towards an iPhone 6/ 6 Plus.
  • do all you guys live under a rock for most of the year and just pop your head out to write useless crap. Microsoft have already said flagships are coming with the release of windows 10 for phones.
  • Predictions: - Microsoft will unveil the new Lumia 740/745 and 940/940 XL - Release dates for Windows 10 and Windows Phone 10 - Release date and pricing for Office 2016 and Office for Mac 2016 - More HoloLens material   BTW... When in India???? :p
  • You guys are thinking too deep for this event. It's called "Build." It's pretty obvious that Microsoft is going to start marketing towards the construction industry and introducing things for everyday builders. The Smart Hammer with four sensors to track your fitness, to indicate the integrity of the nail you are using, to tell you at which angle the claw needs to be for a one-pull rip out, and a sensor for weather. Plus the rumored Smart Bricks, the Lumia Measuring Tape, the Windows Windows and the anticipated Microsoft Surface Planer RT. They might even hint at the HoloBoots with Holographic Steel Toes..... Dropped an I-Beam on your foot? That's ok because the HoloBoots will make it appear as though your foot is A-OK & the pain is just in your head. When in India some would ask? November 18th at 9:00am local time.
  • You have quite an imagination. :P
  • LOL!
  • Just let us dream... Lol.
  • They will announce more transparent tiles for windows phones and Xbox one. They'll do it a very spectacular way. That will be the next Build.
  • I bet they're gonna announce three, that's right - three!, new accent colours! Coming summer 2016 no less! You read it here first! Woohoo! Such excitement.
  • Yaaaay /s.
  • Not just plain accent colors but with variation of shades too! How exciting!
  • If the wait until worldwide availability is > 1 month, I dearly hope it is not a flagship.
  • I hope they announce flagship with intel processors  
  • Exciting times :)
  • Hey, why the window's store are using downloading over wifi?
  • Windows 10 for ios and android.....
  • Lol, yeah probably...
    Lumia devices running Android.... SMDH
  • This year build seems like it's going to be a disappointing one. No new flagship phone announcement, looking forward for my S6 coming in the mail next week....
  • Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Seriously, People whingeing if they (MS) announce it to early and others whinge if it's not early enough!..
  • Exactly. I don't know what to think anymore, I'll just wait for Build now.
  • Build is a developer's conference, not a consumer electronics expo. It's going to be completely awesome for it's intended audience if only because of the HoloLens stuff.  
  • Keynote not press conference.
  • MS needs to announce their flagship (940) just one day before the new iPhone announcement. So they start to sell it one day before the new iPhone start to sell I think this could be a great strategy
  • Microsoft is going to stay far away from a new iPhone announcement.  They're smart enough to know that their offering would get drowned out by the media noise around Apple. I wouldn't expect to see any device release from Microsoft until the November time frame, at least a month away from any 'iPhone 6S' release. The wild card is W10 Mobile.  Right now, it looks very pre-Alpha, and is very broken.  If Microsoft can't meet their deadlines, there is an outside chance that a Lumia flagship slips out to Mobile World Congress 2016.    Of course, these are just my theories and opinions, so grain of salt and all that.
  • If their flagship slips another year, WP will not exist.  It is already on Blackberry style life support, market share is slipping, units shipped are low, all cheap devices, zero margin, sliding revenue.  Trying to ride out these low end derivative junk phones is kiling WP; I sort of expect Nadella to shift resources entirely to Android and Iphone app development and admit Nokia was a $6 billion write-off. 
  • There was a Motley Fool or Bloomberg opinion piece some time earlier, that theorized that Nadella *would* eventually write down the Nokia acquisition.  Since it would give a pop to the Microsoft share price, the article proposed that Nadella was keeping his powder dry until the stock needed it, but that it was inevitable that Microsoft will wind down their Mobile hardware business, and simply offer W10 Mobile to any interested OEM partners, for free, and be done with it.  
  • When is BUILD taking place again?
  • Build: April 29 - May 1, 2015. Build Tour in São Paulo, Brazil: May 21, 2015.
  • I think it will be a final version of project Spartan ;)
  • Android flagship! Lumia Nutella.
  • "1540" "940" "940XL"
    6.2" 5.2" 5.7" screen
    Photovoltaic display (solar power/charging)
    "1040" camera dual flash with flash output
    8.0 MP FFC
    Available Camera Grip with battery
    Dual stereo speakers
    Available Surround Sound "Grip" with battery
    SD820 SD821 SD825
    4 GB Ram with full "PC" multitasking
    4000 MHA battery
    2 MSD card slots
    2 MUSB card slots
    Biometric scanner for "Hello"
    Anything else❓
  • I think you're already going to see Microsoft insiders try to tamp down expecations of what to expect at Build. I wouldn't be shocked if they don't say anything about a Lumia flagship device; in fact, you can probably say that the Lumia 640 *is* the current Windows Phone flagship. Due to its unfinished alpha nature, we probably won't see much about W10 Mobile, other than a couple of video concept demos.  Why show stuff that doesn't work yet and is months away from even a working beta.    Of course, this is going to cause consternation amongst those here, but hey, it is what it is.
  • you can be surprised how quick a mobile os can go from the current build to a very smooth operating system, they are still very much on track for a summer release of windows 10 for phone. and with that you are also getting new devices made for windows 10 and not just from MS.  
  • The Lumia 436.2?  A low end, low spec phone being released by a low-end prepaid carrier with customers in a small archipelago in latin america?
  • Affordable shipwreck.
  • woohoooooooo  
  • Flagship Lumia hopefully, I'm also looking forward to W10 for Xbox and more news on Surface.