New Quantum Break patch hits Xbox One X today

Quantum Break
Quantum Break (Image credit: Windows Central)

Quantum Break is a visually-stunning game and it looks even better on an Xbox One X. Unfortunately, the upgrade isn't the stellar experience fans were expecting. There are a lot of strange visual artifacts and lighting issues which detract from the title. At times they make the game almost unplayable because you can't see where you're going.

Remedy Entertainment was aware of these problems and promised to fix them in an upcoming patch. The studio has been working on one for the past few months and it's finally ready. According to a tweet by Thomas Puha, the Head of Communications at Remedy, the Xbox One X patch is coming out today.

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Hopefully this download will improve the game on Microsoft's new console. Considering how polished Quantum Break was on the original Xbox One, it was a little surprising to see the Xbox One X patch be this buggy.

Quantum Break is a third-person shooter which places you in the shoes of Jack Joyce. Joyce takes part in a demonstration involving time travel which ends up giving him the ability to control time itself. Using these abilities, he must stop his childhood friend from destroying the world by taking out legions of soldiers and traveling to the future to discover a way to put an end to the villain's plans.

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  • The glitches didnt make it look too bad, but were noticeable.
  • I am glad they fixed it too. This title got a raw deal from the beginning i think. It is actually quite a brilliant game and nothing is quite like it. For once the acting is mostly very good as well. Not sure if anyone noticed the girl in it is Sally from Bold and the Beautiful lol. 
  • I got this one where this flickering black pentagon-like shadow just flipped on the screen. Couldn't see where I was going. So odd.
  • Nice. The worse one I got was a scene where Beth wasnt there at all in the frame, like she didn't load. I don't even think you could see any deformity where she was supposed to be either.
  • I had one very noticible one. I was at the house where you fight all the guys in that big shoot out. Made it through all that and was on way back to car through garage and the house vanished and I was running through an invisible house trying to get to the Car lol. There were obviously walls and such I couldn’t see as the character kept stopping. It was more funny than anything else though.