New report claims Windows 10's new 'Spartan' browser will include inking support

There's been a bunch of reports and alleged screenshots recently about "Spartan", the code name for the rumored new web browser that Microsoft may be developing for Windows 10. Today, another new report claims to have even more information about Spartan's features, including word that it may have inking support.

The Verge, citing unnamed sources, states that Spartan will allow users to write notes on a web page via a stylus and then save those notes via OneDrive so they can be seen and shared by others. Those folks can even write their own notes on the page, according to the report. Spartan will also allow users to group tabs in any form, but a planned feature to offer custom themes has reportedly been cancelled, at least for now.

The story also claims that Spartan will incorporate Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant. It states:

"Microsoft is planning to use Cortana to surface information on flights, hotel bookings, package tracking, and other data within the traditional address bar. If you use Cortana to track a particular flight and start to search for "American Airlines" in the browser address bar, it will automatically display tracked flights and allow Spartan users to view the status of the flight directly."

The Verge says that Spartan will be released via the Windows Store, but it won't be a universal app, claiming that Microsoft will release a version for Windows 10 desktop users and a separate version for tablets and smartphones. However, both will have the exact features. The story also agrees with an earlier rumor from ZDNet that a version of Internet Explorer will still ship with Windows 10 for the desktop to help with backwards compatiblity for older websites.

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Once again, we have to point out that Microsoft has yet to officially confirm or deny anything about Spartan. We should learn more on Jan. 21 about the company's plans for the browser, and Windows 10, as part of Microsoft's major press event that will be held in its headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

Source: The Verge

John Callaham