New rumor: AT&T launching Lumia 900 on April 8th? [Updated]

No official word on any Lumia 900 release yet for AT&T (though there are mints floating around), but that hasn't stopped some new rumors from springing up. This one comes from a poster at the Verge forums who claims to work for AT&T. The latest date? Sunday, April 8th aka Easter:

"I'm an assistant manager with an att store in California. We are gearing up for the Nokia lumia launch and were going all out. cant say much more but its tentative for April 8 as far as I understand. I And other sales reps are having mandatory trainings on the Nokia 900 soon and that usually means its launching shortly after. You don't have to believe me but just giving you a heads up. I think early reports said April 18th so its a little earlier than that. Cant wait! we got the demo in last week and I've been very impressed with the phone. Its a sexy b---. As far as colors go we are only getting black and cyan. the white one will come when the phone performs well, like we did with the sky rocket "

Interestingly, we also have a comment from Jess82 responding to our post who says nearly the same thing:

"I work for att and were training for the 900. I've been told its April 8th."

Coincidence? The same person? Who knows but April 8th is an odd date only because we imagine many AT&T stores would be closed that day, being a holiday and all, although perhaps you could still order it by phone. Another comment comes from GB330033 who notes that Nokia is close lipped about the 900 release date on AT&T but they did reveal that it's "very soon" and we "won't be disappointed" by the release date.

For what it's worth, we have it from our verified source that the finalized software for the AT&T Lumia 900 goes out tomorrow, meaning AT&T needs to re-flash all their stock.

Of course this is the internet and anyone can say anything, so lets not put too much faith in these. Hopefully AT&T can save us from silly-season around these parts and shed some light on the issue, officially.

Update: As noted in comments by Jess82 (who also posted at the Verge), the 8th is for online/phone orders and the 9th is when stores will sell it. Interestingly, the site Nokia For Us ran a story last week noting that they heard the 8th as well. 

Thanks, Theo, for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

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  • Corporate at&t stores are closed April 8th. It is Easter. Source: I work at at&t, we don't have demo devices either.
  • I'm 99.9% sure we say the exact same thing in the post. Source: me. ;-)
  • That sounds bogus to me. Release a phone on a major holiday?
  • But most phone releases are on Sundays.  Doesnt make a difference to me I have to wait unless I can persuade the store to let me upgrade before May 6, as my daughter used my upgrade.
  • May 1st you can upgrade at a corporate store....
  • Maybe they meant you can preorder starting April 8th?
  • Seeing how Rogers already has a signup list to be notified when the Lumia 900 is available for pre-order (the pre-pre-order lol), I'm hoping for a just a (single) pre-order list from AT&T.  Currently with Sprint but looking forward to this device.  I hope AT&T's coverage doesn't disappoint.
  • Screw ATT. Why isnt T-Mobile getting ANY great wp7 devices? Ive had an upgrade waiting for almost 6 months and all we get is the Radar and 710?! 4G means nothing to me without a > 4" screen like my HD7. Stuck between a rock and a hard place over here! GIVE US THE 900!
  • I'm right there with ya bro,I too am waiting for a suitable upgrade from my HD7 and the radar and 710 are not it for me! C'MON t-mo!
  • I hear what you guys are saying I switched from sprint to get the 710 cuz my arrive was starting to give me problems can only hope for the 800 or 900 as this 710 is really awesome
  • gosh!!!! I just wish that At&t would just give us a date. I have to jump ship from VZW on the 18th!!! I need to know that I have 30 from then till the launch so I can exchange whatever phone I end up getting on the 18!.....
  • I'm worried that a lack of marketing might hinder the launch of the 900. I hope something big is being planed to build interest. Yesterday a work mate had to use my phone, and when he gave it back he said "what is that? that's cool!" IMO I think he should be aware about WP, which shows poor marketing on MS/partners. Android always markets devices before the are available, and Apple waits until a device is ready to sale to admit it exist. WP falls somewhere in between the two, showing devices early, but not marketing them until they are released. I think this approach tends to make devices old before they hit store shelves. Luckily the majority don't read about these sort if things daily, so maybe this isn't a issue. Regardless, I think MS needs to choose either Apple, or Google's, approach to marketing. Or, find a new way, whatever, just do something! Lol..
  • I just opened a new account on AT&T using my carrier unlocked HD7 from T-Mobile. I didn't have to sign a contract and they said I can purchase the Lumia 900 next month at the contract price. They made it real easy for me.
  • I guess this date is legit, I saw it on this site last week that it is april 8th too
    thank God its not apr 22nd like BGR reported, that would have sucked bad!
  • I also work for an AT&T store and I believe this is being released on March 32nd. Yes they are pulling out the stops and inventing an entire new day. You heard it here first folks.
  • {Like}
  • We wont be disapointed?  Aren't we all already disapointed??  We'lll see how this plays out
  • Either that women they are using for a hand model has small hands or that phone is massive.
  • Little bit of both. The phone, even for a 4.3", is rather large due to the polycarbonate design...bigger than a Focus S (also 4.3")
  • Hey Daniel, first off your detective skills are wonderful, i am the same guy. Anyways april 8th is an important date as WE DO NOT WORK on easter just clearing that up. This is info that was brought to my attention regarding a training on the Lumia 900. As far as I can tell and the digging ive done in the past ohhh 3 or 4 hours, the 8th looks to be online launch which means the 9th in stores. Not trying to be a smoke and mirrors poster just wanting to give everyone a heads up. What i know for sure is ATt is treating this launch as they did with the iphone and we (att grunts) are gonna be trained on them and asked to push the new handset. As i said in my Verge post, we got our first demo 900 and its sweet :) hope i cleared some stuff up. I'll be sure to add anything new that i come across in the coming days and weeks. Things are getting spicy thats for sure.
  • Thanks for sharing, Jess. I hope things stick to the schedule that you are aware of.
    Whatever the day, I'm sure we will have true confirmation a couple days earlier, as typically stores get devices in just a few days before the release date, right?
  • Somebody a few weeks ago also posted on the WPCentral forums and said the 8th would be the date that the 900 would release and said he had a friend that worked for ATT.  Again, that was a few weeks ago, so I hope this corroborate the story?
  • I asked a friend who works for att and what they've been told is that att is getting a bit behind and they wont launch the 900 until April 22nd.
  • This piece of good news greeted me today morning!!Thanks Daniel and hope it's true!
    Peace everyone....  :-)
  • Sorry, Nokia rep, that date still disappoints me :(
  • Should be legit anyways its been long enough since its announced.. Please tell me another rumor when 900 heading to Singapore. Faster lah!
  • If this comes out on the 9th , it'll be a good b'day for me :-)
  • If the 9th or the 22nd is the new date that means that AT&T is veering off their 1 & 3rd Sunday normal launch days. For eithe rof the days I would think we should start seeing some advertising pretty quick Nokia to hopefully build the excitement back up for the launch that has been lost since it was announced in January.
  • I talked to a CS rep for AT&T yesterday .. they told me that i can call on the 8th and exchange my new HD7S for the lumia 900 =) .. (its within my 30 day return period)
    yes i had to get the HD7S .. it was the only WP7 option they gave me.. i was warranty replacing a HORRIABLE galaxy s2, and 3 samsung focuses.. ( android is the white trash front yard equivellent of an OS )
    I am so not a fan of samsung anymore, and i confirmed that owning an android device sucks.
    Bring on my Nokia.