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Windows 10 Mobile Redstone update rumored to bring touchscreens and 2K to Continuum

Microsoft is reportedly planning to improve the Continuum feature in Windows 10 Mobile with its upcoming "Redstone" update. The unconfirmed report claims that the update will add support for using touchscreen monitors with Windows 10 Mobile smartphones when they are connected to a Continuum-based dock.

The report, from, also says that Redstone will support 2K monitors for Continuum features. Finally, the story claims that the update will offer better quality settings and improvements for Continuum's wireless features. Microsoft has yet to confirm any of these plans.

Previous rumors about the Redstone update claim that Microsoft will break it up into two parts, The first part will be available for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile users in the first half of 2016, while the second part will be released in the fall of 2016.

Source: WinFuture; Via: Myce

  • Keep it on microsoft. I believe many will find it useful
  • I was thinking this morning, if continuum supports touchscreen monitors!
  • You should've thought of it earlier... ;P
  • Hope the update brings a more pc like feeling for continuum like wallpapers, screensavers.
  • What do you mean? Continuum already supports wallpapers for the desktop?
  • Honestly we don't need screensavers, we need true draggable and stackable windows, Windows Snap, and full drag-and-drop between apps, and way better File Explorer. We don't need Continuum that only run apps all maximized without even Snap function. That's not much difference from working from a tablet connected to TV/Monitor. 
  • I upvoted this so hard it reverberated through the whole house...
  • I'm still waiting for text and call notifications on the PC.
  • This!
  • Me too! :-\
  • 4K and multitask will the next.  :-)
  • Multi task is way more important than 4k but I guess we need to give a chance for tech to catch up first
  • They need to up the resolution. It looks jaggy even on a 1080p screen. Compared to the 4k I am used to, its offensive to the eyes.
  • Some people and their first world problems init
  • Exactly. Poor Africans are stuck with a 360p Posted via the Windows Central Beta App for my Lumia 950 XL
  • Yeah, since Continuum is more aimed for productivity, a true desktop-like environment is a must and should be done first and complete if I we're to choose which is important. Most hotels won't have 4K TV and not alot of people have 4K monitors yet. Though I would guess implementing 4K would be easier to implement, so if that's not going to slow down what's more important then its a good thing we can have soon too.
  • Not my thing, since I don't have a phone that supports this feature
  • Think a bit ahead, your next phone may support continuum, and you could be happy for touchscreen support
  • LOL.
  • Me either and I have a 950XL. Got my free dock, used it once, found no use for it aside from novelty before and it's back in the box gathering dust.
  • Chris, sell it to me. Put it on ebay or something and ill take it off your hands.
  • Get it out the box and use it as a additional charger.
  • Seriously would buy it from you
  • Wow, I use it almost daily. I absolutely love it.
  • I have three monitors at work, one of them has the dock and my phone. My 950 XL spends more time in Continuum that not.
  • You guys clearly don't work in the defence industry where everything IT is locked down to an approved, certified list of peripherals, encrypted USB use, etc. I'd probably make use of it at work if that wasn't the case, but then we all have Surfaces anyway so it's no different to a large phone, taking it with us to meetings and on the road. It's whatever works for you, I guess.
  • Great news!
  • I'm all for innovative features. But I really hope Redstone brings with it the polish that was there in WP7 and WP8.
    Things used to always work back then. Always.
    No resuming, loading, jittery animations. Even on 512mb RAM phones.
    The store didn't work like a skinned webpage.
    The tiles didn't randomly disappear. There was visual consistency throughout the OS.
    The music app wasn't feature-rich. But it wasn't buggy either. The music section in volume bar didn't behave weirdly, with stutter animations.
    The web browser wasn't the fastest, but it supported copy paste. And tabs didn't randomly give up loading. Nor did web pages randomly flicker.
    Cortana/Bing was an integrated experience. The voice command triggers were instantaneous.
    These are only a few of the many instances.
    Good features are always welcome, but not at the cost of usability.
    Anyway, here's hoping that Satya's strategy works and we finally become the viable third ecosystem, with greats apps and a great experience.
    EDIT: Sorry for stating it the wrong way. Copy Paste is present in Edge. But it behaves weirdly, rendering it useless most of the times. For e.g., you just can't paste a URL copied from the address bar in Edge. Other times you can't paste copied text into textboxes in Edge.
    Other than this, one more annoying behaviour is that Word Flow keyboard input (swipe-to-type) doesn't work in Edge's URL/Search Bar or the Store.
  • Just hate that stutter in the animation while skipping songs from the volume control. Makes me cringe.
  • Ellen from the Groove team said it will be fixed in upcoming OS update
  • Oh thank goodness.  I've all but stopped using Groove because of that.
  • Well finally they realized what's something been an issue every since of W10M. I hope they will fix the back-end issue where the Audio stack of the OS crashed that prevents user to play any audio in any app, only device restart can fix it temporarily.
  • Man I hate this too. Also find a few other bugs in Groove. Sometimes the playlist will get to a song that just refuses to play and has to be skipped. Sometimes music stops and Groove crashes randomly. Playing music is a real hassle sometimes. 
  • And you didn't have write a long ass comment of problems back then.
  • Pretty much everything that I went to Windows Phone for has been removed. I agree, that's really what I want. I like the greater functionality, but the fit and finish is definitely lacking at the moment.
  • Good points. Though copy paste works in edge it is just inconsistent with the rest of the OS (same with the mail app). You just need to press and hold on the webpage where you want to copy/paste.
  • Yeah I just did it this morning, when I pay my water bill I have enter my account number every time, so I keep the number in one note and copy and paste to the web site in edge
  • What? There's no copy paste? Ok, I'm sticking to wp8.1 for a few more years until w10 has at least the same features wp8.1 has.
  • There is copy/paste in Edge. Who said it's not? You need to long press in a text field and a menu appears with paste option. They just have moved ahead of paste from the keyboard feature. Many people don't know about it.
  • The issue is the actual User Experience aspect of it, means the usability issue of Pasting in W10M is inconsistent and unpredictable. Past function in the keyboard was actually a better implementation since contextual, user already tapped the text box and there's already an object already copied so why not show a Past button to tell the user its ready to past unless user doesn't wan to. Holding down the text field to paste is a usability downgrade from WP8.1 implementation. It gives additional unnecessary steps to the user especially when the previous version of OS provides more predictable action. One thing is a fact I can say is that we got so many nice and useful features in W10M, but it sacrifices a lot of great usability aspects from WP8.1, not to mention we also lost some handful of nice features too. W10M became as worse as Android of old in terms of usability when Windows Phone used to be praised with it despite the lack of apps (which was really the only main problem).
  • It has copy paste... No idea where you got that from. W10m has more features than 8.1.
  • Amen to that, altough many of this glitches don't happen to my 930, there's horrible battery life in itself... Just hope my next phone be the Alcatel... Not so sure 950xl, since is way to expensive...
  • My, how quickly we forget all the things we complained about with Windows phone 8.1. If I cared enough I could easily compose a Windows phone 8.1 list ten times as long as the list you just posted about W10M. Things did not always just work back then. Remember the resuming...bug?
  • That's why i specifically mentioned WP7 and WP8.
    Didn't say WP8.1, did I? ;)
  • Re: Pratham Sarwate,
    Very good list.
    Thank you. I wish/hope someone at Microsoft has a list like this one.
  • YES!
  • So is this the gateway to Continuum in cars?
  • That'd be nice.
  • Very good comment
  • Uhum! This is nice!
  • Great idea!
  • It already works with installed screens that have the input for it.
  • Touchscreen continuum?
  • Zicoz, YES! While many here will have already heard my diatribe for what "touchscreen Support" will bring to Continuum in the vehichle, I just have to say it I already have the fancy amps and speakers in the truck. But I will no longer need the Kenwood, or JVC, or Pioneer head unit. I ONLY need a touch screen mounted in a sweet Double Din chassis in the dashboard. No more Apple or Google or Microsoft "compatability" concerns. The W10M device IS the navigation, music, video, phone call, text...... And Hey Cortana is there to assist if you want to do hands free instead of touch sceen. These guys already have the form factor figure out  (​ ) But I ONLY want their chassis and monitor! Windows 10 is so under appreciated for where it is going to take us. I understand that though. It's under developed and missing the polish it needs. But the framework and pardigm shift of what it brings to mobility is being revealed right before our eyes. Wicked cool stuff. And finally, there is no App-Gap in this context. :)   
  • You forgot to mention FM radio and hopefully AM radio in the near future.
  • I'm 60 years old. I have forgotten way more than you can imagine. :)
  • This was the first thing I thought of while reading the story.
  • So you dock your phone in the car and continuum pops up on the 10" built-in touch screen and rock and roll it is ☺
  • Here is how I imagine it will work. You plug it in and it launches the "Driving mode" and uses the touch screen as the monitor. Then apps universal apps like Groove, Maps, Radio etc can be launched and they all have a UI that is tailored for the car screen.
  • Well since the Continuum existence, it was gateway to have dedicated UX for cars (similar to what CarPlay and Android Auto does). This is kind of missed opportunity for Microsoft as we still don't have a car infotainment solution from W10M devices. Since they kinda miss it (this year), they have to take advantage of MirrorLink since its a standard, also better because its a standard. Handful of cars already support of MirrorLink, we just need more cars to support it. If Microsoft release a W10M for MirrorLink and help car manufactures to push MirrorLink, they will at least have a foothold to car infotaiment systems.
  • I found a use during the live outage this week. Since the one is almost useless with out being able to sign in. I launched the wireless display app and I was able to watch Hulu,Netflix,YouTube etc
  • A phone with an intel x86 processor that's able to run legendary apps. That would be ideal and simply revolutionary.
  • If you don't mind a 2 hr battery life. They need to get an x86 emulator in there for continuum mode
  • Lotsa companies are working on improving battery life and seeing success. That will not be an issue.
  • You think an x86 emulator will be easier on the battery. That's apps running in an emulator running in the OS.
  • What's the problem if both the dock and your phone are plugged in??
  • Nah, x86 is starting to delineate bad vibes.
  • Desktop continuum mode would mostly be docked, so battery life wouldn't be effected all that much
  • That's what I meant about emulation Either way only in dock mode
  • @kwajr, forget emulation. Windows on ARM is where it's at :P.
  • Nope
  • Two parts of Redstone for Destkop: this year. ​First part of Redstone for Mobile: "early" next year. Second part of Redstone for Mobile: "soon" after "early" or "late" next year.
  • Nope.
  • I want a Continuum dock with a battery built in.
  • That'd be interesting.
  • But why?  You need the fast charging for phone.
  • I want something a bit different.  A battery-powered monitor in an SP3/SP4 form factor including the adjustable stand.  No processor, memory or SSD, just a big battery, some USB 3.0 ports, nice touch display and GPU to support it.  Just plug a Continuum phone in and rock'n'roll
  • Exactly, and the monitor's battery could also charge the phone while away from power, etc. The monitor would be the continuum dock, power supply, and monitor for the setup, and it could also accept the SP3/SP4 form factor magnetically attachable keyboard. Cost would be WAY less than SP3/4 because of no needed CPU/GPU or SSD.  I understand some people would argue that for the amount you'd have to carry, you may as well buy a SP3/4, but this puts all your stuff on one device, and the cost is substantially lower doing it this way. Save a lot of money, keep the productivity, especially if/when we get the x86 processors and legacy apps support with continuum.  I do want to see a decent front facing camera on it for Skype video, etc.
  • Here you go, GeChic, sorta. It's powered off USB so you could power off a battery pack. I power my ASUS USB monitor off a battery pack. Can't use the Asus with continuum, yet. Maybe they will include DisplayLink drivers at some point.
  • @Svenj that's a nice little device, but you still need to carry the dock. I'd prefer one wich offer everything that dock offers plus the screen, battery, keyobard+touchpad or keyboard+ slot to store mouse and MS arc kinda mouse
  • Why do you need a battery, in a device that plugs into a mains powered screen? This dock is clearly aimed at static screen/mouse/keyboard use. Or if you want more mobility, just use Continuum over Wi-Fi to a screen that has Wi-Di, or DNLA or whatever.
  • Get a battery pack and only carry the heavy sucker when you need to.
  • Given that Mobile release is already delayed 4 months or more, first half of 2016 for Redstone part 1 will probably be late 2016 or even early 2017. And there were rummors that it'll be skinned one.
  • What if Redstone is the official W10M release!
  • Hope not.
  • The Redstones builds are not in Insider Phones yet.
  • Mind-blowing Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It is NOT delayed four months. There has been rumors on a w10m-release... But nothing final.
  • Nothing will b grt without apps...there are a lot of fake crap apps in store...after acquiring nokia MS changed every nokia named apps to Lumia....and now these apps are being ignored...apps like creative studio, story teller etc. hasn't got win10 support yet. No exclusive apps for win10 yet. Donno what MS guys r thinking..!!
  • They are busy making "iPhone Pro" phones by building quality apps for rival platforms. It's business after all. They want profits. If they get no profits from WM, they'll simply scrap it.
  • Which logical of course, and im sure that if wp/wm stood alone it would have go our of business long ago.
  • cool Microsoft and its love for teasing, the hardware says it supports 20 something but they prefer to sell it to us supporting 10 something cause of software, keep the hype train yea
  • Talking of new features, what did they do about the survey for landscape mode for start screen live tiles?! On w10m.
    The survey was initiated by Gabe Aul and had a great response... :x ?
  • Those orange tiles look good.
  • This will be amazing. Once we start getting more information, we'll need to determine what chipsets it supports: Elo, EETI, etc
  • Cool cool cool!
  • Is there is a like Windows 10 non-tablet mode? Hope the make it in the future updates because if the do it will get even more productive Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's the reason for eternal delay on releasing W10M. Soon new version is ready so no point of releasing the old one.
  • While this is good RUMOR, I honestly thought it already supported touchscreen and similar resolution if not better than the phone's native resolution. Especially on the octacore 950XL.
  • External Touchscreen support requires both a USB connection from the Monitor to the OS, as well as the drivers. So the 950XL will have HDMI and USB3.0 connections to the monitor using the dock. Currently you CAN make the actual physical connections via the dock, but the W10M OS doesn't have the native drivers. Nor does it have ethernet adapter drivers. I suspect some of that is coming too. Continuum is barely started. It's not going away and it is going to get more and more powerful.
  • Displaylink have specifically said they support Windows 10 mobile and Continuum. So hopefully soon those things can be enabled.
    Vote for this feedback if you want to put it on the teams radar.
  • Upvoted. Thanks
  • Thanks for feedback! I have to upvote this! Thanks!
  • Why always focus on continuum? Bring something for older phones...
  • Of course they're working on other stuff too. This article just happens to be about continuum.
  • Hope so. Because Redstone is planned to be focused on Continuum. And if they're rumored to release touch screen and 2k functionality till Fall 2016, I'm afraid that's the only thing we're gonna see. I personally want improvements to the mobile experience, Edge (who doesn't want that) and PC like UI for continuum.
    Maybe Fall 2017 if we're lucky. Who knows. :p Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Touchscreen is literally all I need to start my project of Continuumizing my computer.
  • Call me when something actually happens. I can't get excited for unconfirmed rumors of possible features for an unstated half of an update that doesn't have an announced release date. We have, like, 3-4 "maybe" statements behind this, so I'll stay skeptical, given how things have been cut and delayed left and right by MS.
  • Either you make the flagships that support continuum ultra powerful with say 8 GB of RAM, or bring continuum to low and mid range phones. At least one among them. Do it, please.
  • 8 gig on a 32 bit OS does not compute.
  • Exactly. Thus the recent hiring by Microsoft for code writers to write Windows 10 for ARM? 64 Bit Windows 10 Mobile will address that sweet hunger for RAM on our LTE devices!
  • @snakebitten, look up project midori or the midori project :).
  • Will do @techfreak1
  • MS sure continues to remove some of the greatest features on every OS upgrade to the frustration of its users, 8.1 was a better performing OS than the rest with good well made features.
  • I don't know what you are doing wrong but Win 10 is the best performing version of Windows I have ever used.
  • Sorry to say alot of people says otherwise. Windows 10 Mobile as a fact better when it comes in features (if we don't count the lost ones), but stability, reliability and usability? That's still a question floating around and everybody has mixed reactions with it, thus a question.
  • 8.1 was more stable but missing a lot of features and usability improvements they've added in 10.
  • The next Continuum step would be the ability to use NFC to connect and wireless charging to stay charges; just drop it on an old-school surface table and connect...
  • keep it on MSFT !! but when Store will notify me of an updated app or available update within the action center ?? :)
  • Good btw can anyone help me i cant buy payd apps on store it gives an error from theere side, i have a 950 xl i only got problems with the payd ones
  • How about you give us Windows 10 mobile that works flawless, and than we can talk about Redstoun and Continuum and other stuff... And, then, Microsoft to finally reveal plans for future phones, budget, midrange and flagship. So that we can decide should we stay in this game with MS phones, or run away. Far, far away, and save us from further frustration. Because, after seven months of hope and waiting, all those builds and bugs, I am really tired and don't now what to think anymore. Is it dead? Is there still a hope? Are they going to kill Lumias and start with some crazy overpriced Surface phone or something like that? I don't need that ****. I want good Lumia phone, with good camera and reasonable price that I can afford.
  • Not gonna happen. Because Nadella.
  • Satya must have found a way to monetize vapourware, there's nothing else coming from MSFT
  • "When in India" comments incoming.
  • "...first half of 2016...". We haven't got the official Windows 10 Mobile yet, lol :D
  • Am I missing something on Continuum or is there no way to get sound to go through the HDMI connection? When I connect a computer to a TV via HDMI the sound comes out of the TV. With the phone the sound keeps coming out of the phone. If I'm watching a video on a TV via HDMI it is kind of disappointing having the sound come from the little speaker on my phone rather than from the TV,
  • Something is not right. I get sound through the monitor via Miracast AND the HDMI dock.
  • um, is 2k a typo?  Because 2k what we more commonly call.... 1080p.
  • Currently, Continuum supports a maximum of full HD, which is 1920x1080. The 2K supports 2048x1080, which is a modest improvement at best. It's pretty much aimed at film work, where they work in 2K and 4K, as 2K at least has the same aspect ratio as 4K.
  • better Improve win10mobile  
  • After 3 years as a loyal windows phone user today i decided to quit window platform bcoz it is going nowhere.....
    what microsoft want from us?
    It's more than 1 year when first ever windows phone 10 build was released and till today we r not able to get official WM10 update......
    Why microsoft is testing our patience?
    When WM10 will be stable?
    When we will be able to get basic apps with their best version on windows platform?
    Till today i m using L1520 as my daily driver but when i saw what a 100$ android phone of my friend can do but my L1520 which i purchased for 550$ can't do i felt very ashamed.....
    So today i decided to quit windows phone and replace it with android platform.....
    From today onwards i replaces my L1520 with samsung galaxy i can breathe in fresh air...
    I will never ever buy a windows mobile in my life...thank u microsoft for ruining all this....
    Gud byeee windows mobile gud byee microsoft
  • You can do whatever pleases you, of course. But I run W10M on my 950, 1520's and 640's. And I have about 30 phones deployed in the work force with W10M.  So while I admit that it is a work in progress, it HAS pregressed plenty ample for "some" devices. (Generally the most recent or more powerful)
  • You could've used W10M on a side budget device while keeping an Android one as your daily driver. Abandoning Android/iOS freedom & apps for the loyalty of Microsoft is a BAAAAADD idea. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nice
  • I just want landscape everywhere, start screen, notification centre....
  • @wincoffee. It's getting there, if you want a glimpse of what the landscape task switcher looks upon a system app, rotate phone to landscape and open the task switcher.
  • Viva Microsoft!
  • Would love to have a continuum app on Windows to act as a Miracast target so that I can just miracast into a Store app.
  • So... We aren't gonna see anything new on our 'mobile screens' until next year then? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • These Rumours are the least relevant . Top priority is:1. More universal apps, 2. Two apps side by side in continuum. 3. Interactive live tiles. Then 2k and touch. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • Why not just go further for floating windows for Continuum. They aimed it for productivity and give desktop-like experience from a mobile device. Another priority to add is full drag-and-drop between apps, not just within an app. In my case is 1. More Universal apps (and Project Centennial or native x86 apps) 2. True desktop-like environment as it should be 3. Windows Snap (not just 2 but 4 with all resizable) 4. Full Drag-and-Drop between apps and system 5. Interactive Live Tiles 6. Complete UI polish and usability 7. Better File Explorer 8. 2K support 9. Multi-desktop Task View in Continuum 10. Touch support for Continuum
  • I would agree, but: 1. the price of the device would be in a whole new category to support these features and be out of most people's reach 2.hardware can't support these features in a mobile device (Look at Mark Guims review of the kangaroo. Even it can sometimes barely can manage the process power of a full windows pc in a small form factor with regard to performance. I don't see it being a good experience even though it might technically be possible to support full windows 10 pc on a windows 10 mobile device. Then whats the point of making it for the average person if the productivity is hindered by performance). 3. In my experience floating windows and touch support are not a good combo. For touch you need more coarse touch elements that are easier draggable. snapping windows is user friendlier for touch than floating windows. Floating windows would be more convenient on a dektop category device with a mouse. 4. In my view I see my wishes as more realistic goals to improve the overall experience of continuum on mobile without compromising the performance too much for windows 10 mobile. I would be satisfied with that. Yes, full windows 10 on a mobile device would be the ultimate dream, but I think thats still 5-10 years down the line at the rate windows 10 is developing now.     
  • 1. There's actually flaw in my comment in this point being the most priority. Still its really a priority since Continuum usefulness depends from Universal apps. Project Centennial where regular x86 recompiled and package similar as Universal Apps in an app container, essentially making them Desktop apsp converted into ARM architecture, pretty much the Office in Windows RT. About the native x86 desktop apps, its just another popular idea that can make Continuum truly useful, its got a huge challenge though like the optimization and the dependency requirements of those desktop apps. It doesn't just require the OS of supporting x86, it needs all those necessary components that in the first place wasn't included for mobile because of legacy code and inefficiency for mobile use. 2. It does and Microsoft done it already, Windows RT. That OS is essentially a recompiled and optimized Windows 8 for ARM CPU architecture. Its got a SAME Windows Explorer.exe that runs on ARM, which seems all the features are possible with it. Of course it wasn't much useful because of restrictions imposed and the nature of different CPU architecture. x86 apps can't run on ARM period, unless you at least recompiled them for ARM. Windows RT even run on Tegra 3 SoC, yes it wasn't have a great performance but it was doable. Technically the experience could be better with latest SoC we have and further optimization. Also sorry if I didn't specify, but it doesn't have to be same Windows Explorer shell, it just needs W10M Continuum desktop shell to be as good as the regular desktop in terms of functionality. We don't need or ask to have all those legacy features and other non-essential functionalities. Having a real floating window just like a real desktop environment should handle by ARM SoC fine especially it will be still less bloated than the full Windows Explorer shell that we use in Windows 10 desktop. So full desktop-like exprience is doable, sure it will be technically challenging but not impossible. Windows RT manage to have full desktop in Tegra 3 several years ago. Also touch for desktop experience are optional interaction, just like what we already do in regular Windows 10. It will actually at least bit better since if it all runs with Universal Apps which are designed to be touch-friendly than the regular x86 legacy apps. This issue is a different sort, it should not hindered what Continuum desktop aiming to be. 4. Drag-and-drop is very important feature especially when we deal with mouse interaction, heck even touch. Its hard to imagine really not having this when you're aiming for productive use. Even web supports drag-and-drop these days (which Edge didn't have at its first release). Especially when you have at least Windows Snap, having drag-and-drop isn't optional requirement or else the environment would be a half-baked vision.   I honestly don't wish to have Windows 10 running on a mobile device as I'm also aware of the issues came it with. Full Windows 10 isn't ready to be on a phone even technically it can happen. But that doesn't mean we just let W10M be half-baked with implementations that they themselves started the vision of desktop-like experience on phones. If they let Continuum like that, then honestly it will be just as good as a gimmick. Lastly, we all want to be reliable and have good performance too and I think its also possible to achieve that soon. As I said they almost have it on Windows RT which was actually way more bloated than W10M, yet it manage to be near usable. It will be better in W10M since it won't even have lagacy code from regular desktop shell, W10M would have desktop shell on its own which should be more optimized by design.
  • Wow, did not realize it did not support it yet.
  • Just make the darn OS stabile = im happy.
  • 1920x1080 / 1920x1200 is what's commonly referred to as 2K (in the same way UHD is 4K). I'm hoping they mean 2.5K (2560x1440 etc)
  • I'd be happy with stability, good design, and design consistency. Until they figure all that out, I'd prefer they layoff the new features.
  • I would be willing to get a new display dock adaptor thingy if I could drive mu 3440x1440 ultra wide at native. I would even accept native at 2K with black bars on each side for max sharpness. I would use it a lot more at native res.