New Sea of Thieves video describes what the pirate-themed game is all about

Developer Rare and publisher Microsoft have released the first video in a series that will offer more info and gameplay from the upcoming Xbox One and Windows 10 game Sea of Thieves.

The new video features Rare's Executive Producer Joe Neate and Design Director Gregg Mayles discussing just what Sea of Thieves is supposed to be all about. In short, if you dreamed of becoming a pirate, this game will likely be for you, as players take on the roles of the sea-faring bandit. Players will be able to look for treasure, battle other ships and much more. While the game is online and does involve other players, it's not intended to be a massively multiplayer game. Players still have the option of going out on their own to create their own pirate legend. The video also shows some new gameplay footage.

Sea of Thieves is due for launch sometime in 2017 and will be a Play Anywhere game, which means Xbox One buyers will get the Windows 10 version for free and vice versa.

John Callaham