New Skype Insider build includes TwinCam feature: 2 cameras, 1 person

Skype (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Skype Insider build 8.80 is out in the wild.
  • It packs the new TwinCam feature, wherein you can have two camera feeds per person on your call.

In case you've been devoting 100% of your video calling energy to Microsoft Teams, don't forget that not only is Skype alive and well, but it's still getting brand new features via its Insider builds. And Skype Insider build 8.80 is out now, meaning you can get in on the latest utility from the video calling platform: TwinCam.

TwinCam enables you to have a second camera feed running during your call. Here's Microsoft's brief guide on how to enable it (assuming you have the Insider build):

  1. Start a group call on Desktop/Web, with 2+ people joining the call
  2. Then, on your mobile device that has the same Skype version installed (Skype Insider app in this case), log in with the same account
  3. (3.1) Join the ongoing group call from your Skype app OR (3.2) Click the TwinCam button on Desktop/Web and scan the displayed QR code (hover your phone camera over the QR code, to scan). It should redirect you to your Skype app on your mobile device
  4. Then, tap the 'Start TwinCam' button

Skype Twincam

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

You can check out the Microsoft forum post for more details on TwinCam, including nuggets of knowledge hidden away in the comments section. For example, an Insider on Windows 10 claimed they were unable to see the new feature and asked why only Windows 11 Insiders received it, with a Microsoft employee responding to that person by saying, "it's coming to you very soon." The moral of the story: Always read the comments!

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