Static IP option finally arrives in a new update for a few Lumia phones

A new firmware update for the Lumia 625, Lumia 925 and Lumia 525 started to roll out just over a week ago for a few users and with it came a small, but useful feature: static IP. The ability to set one's particular internet gateway and IP details is something nuanced, but essential for some users on various networks. Windows Phone's ability to support static IPs is as far as we know dependent upon the phone manufacturer as the OS itself does not have this baked in.

The firmware itself is slight, coming in at just 18 MB. It bumps the revision number from 1425.0002 to 1425.0003 on most devices, bringing the new static IP option, network+ option and some bug fixes, according to reader of the site Vinod K.

So far, it seems only phones with the Lumia Cyan update and Windows Phone 8.1 are getting this new firmware, and it is limited to select Lumia 525s, Lumia 625s, and Lumia 925s including those in India with carrier Aircel. Last week, we had numerous tips from users about such a firmware update, but in lacking specifics i.e. what changed, there was just not much to report on until recently.

Presumably, other Lumias may get this update too, although it is not clear if the new features extend to the full range of Lumias or is just limited to those in emerging markets.

Is the ability to set a static IP a feature you would use on a Windows Phone?

Thanks, shubham, Mohammad D. and Tanay S., for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

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  • What is the use of static IP????
  • that is maybe above you but their might as well be people who manage IT that rely on static IPs. For example if you dont want a DHCP server to run the Dynamic IP Ranges for you
  • Yesss and whenever we want a specific ip from router. Thats it. Other ref are not related to this feature
  • Routers can usually always set these static IPs for you. And it is better that way in 99% of cases, otherwise it may give away the static IP you configured on your device while you're not connected and then there will be a conflict when you get back. However I understand that in very edge cases the only option is to set it on the device.
  • ^^^ This, exactly. Much better to have the DHCP server serve a static IP address based on MAC address if at all possible.
  • What is gateway??
  • I'm one such person that uses static IPs at work and I have to make a reservation for my phone which is the lamest thing ever next to my screen time-out maxium of 5 mins on my 1020 so when I want to pick a song from my playlist when I am driving I have to unlock my effing phone!!!! It is always these little annoyances that makes me look back to the iPhone from time to time..
  • This is something I'm curious about. When you set it on your device there is always the chance of the router giving away that address when you're not connected and therefore causing a conflict when you get back. Does your work not offer an option to set it static on the router?
  • I'm wondering the same thing..
  • Useless setting. It will just cause aggravation when DHCP conflicts arise. Static config should be done through the router. Unless India has a special network feature unknown to the rest of us.
  • Exactly, but they want to mese with the network, it will be fun!
  • static config is useful when you disable dhcp in the router, that way it's easier to set up new devices on the network for portforwarding for example, so you only have to set an ip and subnet instead of adding the mac address to the router's reservation list (no need to login on the router's config)
  • OK. Let's run with your scenario. Say your nextdoor neighbors are also aware of the network settings, and each of them have 10 devices in their households. If everybody is using random assignment, the possibility for a conflict greatly increases. With public Wifi... the odds for conflict, manipulation, or theft of bits increase even further. An to your point about disabling DHCP and portforwarding. If your using a layer 3 switch or puch panel, sure DHCP isn't always necessary. But we're talking about phones which only connect to wireless router or WAPs. The feature is superfluous.
  • This isn't useful for you. Maybe network admins have a use for it, in which case this boosts the "business" side of WP.
  • Some ordinary people simply cannot understand, that smartphones are effectively mini handheld computers. While those ordinary people use these computers only to take selfies and share it on facebook, for some other people these are work-related devices. Especially for field-engineers, who can do all kind of troubleshooting with such a phone. Testing TCP/IP connectivity on some restricted VLANs, where there is no DHCP server, such manual IP setting is a lifesaver. In the past, WP8 could simply not be used for this task due to Microsoft being a jerk and not enable this feature for the consumers (since WP8.1 it is documented officialy on MSDN that the feature exists in the operating system, but has been disabled by MS for all consumer-sold device) Another good example is the VPN support. While the majority of people will never need or require such feature, making WP8+ a business-friendly equipment, proper VPN support is a MUST. Of course, those ordinary people will never understand, that the device they hold in their hands is much much more capable of doing all kind of IT related job, then they could possibly ever imagine. By the way, I am sh*tting my pants immediately, if Microkia does not release the firmware for all their SIMlockfree devices. There cannot be any excuse on the planet that would justify not releasing it to the 920/820 family. This is a totally software-related thing, it cannot be lied that any new snapdragon chip is needed for this.
  • What is DHCP
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It is very simply put,a predefined range of ip addresses. If your computer is DHCP configured, it will simply grab the next available ip in that range. A Static IP is just that. You get your own address. Static IP is important because it can be used for location and unique identification purposes. Think of the numbers in an IP address as your location. With the last two digits being you're house number or in this case your computer. In an enterprise environment just by knowing someone's computer ip address should be able to tie you to the user and exact location in the buildings or complex. On a phone, I'm not quite sure of it's importance.
  • Okay thanks
  • Actually, that's not necessarily true.  If you set the DHCP range to only provide the range .100-255, for example, that means you could leave everything from .2 to .99 available for static.  Typically, you'll see this used for things like printers, but I could think of a very few very limited examples why you'd want to assign specific static addresses to unique users. 
  • carlson03
      "Convenient if you have a DHCP server and it quits responding...set a static IP to get to the network....but I would probably use a laptop for option though!" With attribution to carlson3 for pointing out, the only logical reason for static ip on phone is if you get locked out from your router, a laptop is inaccessible, and you are unable to reset the router yourself. PSA: Configuring a router through a 4 - 4.5 inch 480p screen induces cringes and is not recommended for the sake of your health.
  • static ip is useful to connect the phones to wifi hotspots created via laptop using virtual wifi router. it doesnt work without static ips
  • Oh no it's not useless ! Try asking a student of a college where they give a (actaully seen) 120 MBps WiFi, but only on static IP.
  • Exactly the point... What are you doing with your 480p phone that requires that sort of bandwidth? You'll require at least 1Gb down/up to get 4K content and stream your life in 2160p, DD 5.1...
  • Yep, spot on. I understand that in some very rare situations there is no other option. But setting a static IP on your device should NEVER be the first choice.
  • It's a way to make Wi-Fi private without using password. My school used to share Wi-Fi this way - when you just connected you weren't able to use it - you had to type some stuff to make it work.
  • This is the worst security action I've ever heard of ... This is even less secure then using MAC address filter (which is not useful at all).
  • That's not what Static IPs are.
  • Pretty cool feature. I wonder if IOS and crapdroid have static option.
  • Yes, Android supports the ability to use a static IP.  I'm not sure about iOS though.
  • Both support since long. My phone has been the subject of ridicule since long on this point, I suffer so much, miss out on super high speed WiFi due to this in my hostel. I hope it changes soon. @iitk
  • At home I monitor all connections going in and out. Every device has a static IP which makes it easier for me to manage it. Cell phones may be, computers and tablets may be in, printers and other similar hardware go from - It really is just for labeling and managing. Especially when you start to have ports open for services you need running. I don't even work in IT, I still find it useful.
  • However you set all the static IPs the correct way (on the router) right?
  • I'll run a website from my pocket.
  • No it is not like that .. It is just for Wi-Fi users to take the desired ip from the router.
  • Dang!
  • Doesn't the first pic look fake? See the location symbol.
  • Nope just moving, screenshot is in the middle of the animation...
  • Okies
  • Is it coming for Lumia 820 Lumia Cyan Update 1
  • I mean, if we knew, we would have mentioned that.
  • Lol, there's that sarcasm again, classic Daniel
  • It's true.. I mean, who is he asking this question to?
  • What I was trying to ask is that will I get any after Cyan updates when I am on Developer's preview(Update 1) with Lumia Cyan.
  • Same thing vivek :)
  • yes I got it on my 720 with DP
  • No dude, the article doesn't mention preview users
  • Yes you will. I got one in the UK, Lumia 625/Cyan Update 1
  • Ohh! Thanks for the update.
  • After the preview for developer's program, it all has got really confusing.
  • i sent this tip like a week ago... does anyone read the mails??? its been time since i got his option on my 925
  • Some are reporting that they got it with Lumia Black update
  • Yea will consider new firmware when i ll get cyan.... Poor pfd user :D
  • Is available since always in the Argentina FW as far I know. At least months ago, static IP shows at Black here with 720.
  • Convenient if you have a DHCP server and it quits responding...set a static IP to get to the network....but I would probably use a laptop for option though!
  • Sole use case scenario.
    Spot on chap, very good form
  • Yeah, would be a killer on your eyes though!
  • Not only in India, In Bangladesh we also got a new firmware update for 525.
  • We need cyan update for PFD users
  • Samsung's have had it for a while though it never worked(my guess is it was for their repair centers use)
  • Do you actually know how to & why to use it ???
  • It allows you to set your favourite DNS and IP addresses by favourite I mean the one which gives you the best network speed or connection. Everyone doesn't know it but your Network provider do have some Ip DNS and Ip addresses on which your Network will work the best but they don't generally provide you until and unless there is a need like in a case where your Internet is not working properly. MTNL in India generally provide the Static addresses when their system is not working under dynamic ones.
  • Yeah I do but my service provider has history of blocking this kind of thing back during the good ole days of 5.x 6.x wm
  • It's been available in the preview and cyan update for some time now, but nice to see it shows up in the public now!
  • WPCentral is too fast to cover this news:-P
  • I don't know y Microsoft laying on bed without releasing CYAN update for PFD (bit locker issue)
  • Even Lumia 925 got this
  • What the hell are they doing. It should be for every single phone. Its so confusing when the provide specific updates. This is a needy feature, why is it carrier specific or device specific or even country specific. It should be available for every single Lumia.
  • I don't have it and I'm on a Lumia ICON running DP WP8.1 update (8.1.1)
  • Ya u r right vivek
  • Yes! Its really confusing when they deliver updates for specific phobes.
  • Mine already came with this on Lumia black firmware.
  • What happened to the users who are on Preview for developers program. Are they getting the Cyan update or Microsoft still do not have any word even after 2 months of roll out.
  • I've had this option on my 920 for months and its also there on my new 1020. I think it showed up when I first put 8.1 or 8.1.1. Not sure how long its been there but its for sure been there since 8.1.1. I'm on Rogers in Canada...
  • Looks like Rogers users have had it and not known it was significant for some time!
  • Still we didn't get cyan update vivek, really its irritating
  • Oh! That is frustrating from Microsoft.
  • Got the update few day's back... You guys should check forums more often... :)
  • I'm not sure it's needed, but best to have it available. With MS Devs knowing the value of this feature I guess it's one of those " why didn't we have this before". It's not for average day users
  • Another useless update. No significant change. Only experts know, how about us ordinary users.
  • L1020 on Rogers, have had the static IP setting for ages, I think it was there on black firmware.
  • I think they just busy in developing Windows 9
  • In the meantime Verizon hasn't released Cyan. As soon as they anounce a successor to the 1520, I'm out. Verizon can't get away with this.
  • @Daniel I think it has nothing to do with Aircel as there's no carrier branding in India... Pls reconfirm and update the article
  • I found it very useful. I am using a broadband connection. ISP gave me a Static IP, User Name and Password. I am using my Broadband Connection with a Wi-Fi router. Without a Static IP support I always gets logged out on my Windows Phone. So it is very useful if it is coming to all Lumias
  • So 525 is getting this but 520 not? Why is that? :\
  • I've had the static option on my 920 for a while, Rogers/Canada
  • i haven't got this update yet!
    Lumia 525, Cyan and 8.1 Update 1 are all there!
  • It's a basic thing for a device with a network connection...I got really surprised when I realized Windows Phone doesn't have it (going from Symbian to Windows Phone).At least Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Symbian can do that.Windows Phone must have that, too!
  • would this make me change my IP address to appear as i'm in another country ? 
  • people get this wrong, you have a thing called LAN(Local Area Network), it has lots of IP for you (from to, number may be different by your setting, normally it should be 100, reserved for Wi-Fi itself) There is 2 types of IP thing, static IP vs dynamic IP static IP has 1 specific IP (eg: you set at 95, your IP is Dynamic IP give you the next available IP (eg: 10 people join A Wi-Fi, you get 1(starting)+10(total people)+1(you) Good things about static IP - you won't encounter faulty connection (like "Can't connect to the following Wi-Fi" bug), if your setting has set for high speed for specific IP, then you get faster connection Good things about dynamic IP - doesn't erase other people data (when someone connected A Wi-Fi get, and he disconnected, it still reserved for him, some people use it to track who used their Wi-Fi[like me]), you don't need to write a IP (some Wi-Fi setting set 200 to 500 as public IP, while 2 to 199 for company employee, so you wont enter the wrong IP and cannot connect to the internet)
  • Sounds like a feature an Android user would boast about ;) "Sure, your phone is nice, but can it triple bypass a static IP dual sim multi bandwidth dhcp and trcd a dngp? No? I'll just stick to Android then."
  • I have that option since amber on my 720
  • I've had that on my Rogers Lumia 1020(in Canada) since at least 8.1 update 1(we don't have Cyan yet)...
  • God who still uses a white background on their WP? That just hurts my eyes just glancing at the one pic
  • at my firmware from the first time i flashed Cyan already
  • I recently checked my lumia 925 for update but it is showing your mobile is updta something like this...i am runing lumia CYAN
  • I got the feature a week back in an update
  • I've been waiting for this feature for a long time. Finally it's here.
  • In lumia 1520 brasil, lumia cyan and gdr1 updated the static IP shows too. DP
  • Who uses thos static IP?
  • Got it ....lumia 625 wp8.1+pfd
  • This is awesome! Finally
  • I really wish Microsoft would include this in the OS as I really would like this ability on my ATIV S Neo.
  • I've had this on my 1520 for a bit now. Maybe it came with the Cyan update?
  • I have this on both 920 and 1020 bought from Rogers Canada(I dont have Cyan..jst 8.1.1 DP) ... I saw it in Wp8.1 update i guess..
  • 1424.0003 on my 625, no update either
  • I need DNS setting very very much...
  • I badly need this settings! Please make it available to all MS!
  • So you walk into your friends house with your static IP set and cause all sorts off issues there.. I get the use for a static IP for stationary devices but for mobile devices I fail to see any point or advantage. Instead I really only see issues and potential problems in using a static IP.   Get a proper router which allows you to set ranges for both static IP and DHCP..
  • So I get updates on my phone but need a wifi to download and I dont have wifi, I use a laptop and create a wifi hotspot but WP cant connect, my nexus 7 works just fine since I can set static ip for it. now my WP will get wifi too. the phones are smart and supposed to save money and not require you to spend on wifi n routers etc,
  • I'm thinking the opposite scenario: I walk into my friend's house with a wireless network but without a DHCP server. Without the ability to manage the IPv4 address, I can't connect to his wi-fi.
    It's a real-life scenario and I like more to have this option and never use it, than not having it at all.
  • This is on my Ps vita sence it came out,and now I few Windows phone will get this function ,It is abig shame
  • Pretty useless unless you're playing with the network... Just thinking if you have forgotten to turn it off. . .
  • I hope this will come to all cyan lumia devise
    This feature is very usefull for it worker
  • I have had this on my Lumia 920 CV since... well I don't remember... Amber & GDR2 maybe? It wasn't there when I bought my phone, but was added later with one of the updates last year I think. Or maybe I'm wrong, cause I have a terrible memory lately! LOL
  • When I needed it most, it wasn't there but now it is when I don't need it
  • go to corporate vpn,no dhcp,and connec to to internet.and to wait almost 2 years for such essential feature from a microsoft is a know,not everybody uses their phones just at home,some work at heavy it enviroments where there are much more strict i would say this option is essential and long overdue
  • I haven't got the update on my Lumia 925 in Sweden
  • Great! Finally can start to use Netflix on my 925.
  • I've been waiting for 3 years.. Finally, Microsoft. That takes tooooo loooong.  Now go add one more feature: Network share access... (SMB). 
  • This a feature of WP 8.1 that has to be customized by a carrier or Microsoft for the coutry varients, according to So everybody with WP 8.1 could get this feature. Not limited to Lumia and has nothing to do with the firmware. It's just OS. Stephan
  • It's not even a 8.1 feature, the option for OEMs has been there since the Tango update. I've had it on my Samsung ATIV S since 8.0 with a registry edit via WPH Tweaks. Also had it on my Samsung Omnia 7 with a registry edit.
  • This is a feature that should never have been customizable by OEM or carriers. Somebody at AT&T decided that I am too stupid to know how I want to configure my network. Managing their own cellular network is one thing, dictating how I manage my Wi-Fi in my house is ridiculous.
  • Not on Lumia 630 :/
  • I didn't have these settings iam using Lumia 1520 with Lumia cyan and update 1
  • Available here on my L 520. Argentinian CV / Cyan WP 8.1 
  • I have had this on my 1520.3 for sometime
  • I had that feature since the first dp release of 8.1 on my 925
  •   Apart from that there was minor lag in OS , sometimes the Phone was getting stucked , whichgit solved with this Minor Update.
  • Happy to hear this, but i guess there is nothing to do with the 'AIRCEL OPERATOR' here, because in INDIA updates are not carrier specific but country specific, means in INDIA you get update from one vendor, that is Nokia (now Microsoft).....and as always the xx5 models get the updates first, so for rest the update must be on the way..... And i really need this static IP.....thanks for the good news...!!!
  • U r absolutely right.mine is BSNL I got the update..
  • was waiting for this since long, it helps you connect to wifi hotspots generated by laptops via  virtual wifi router
  • What's the download size?
  • 17mb
  • Steam chat app will be awesome with this! No more constant logging in because of IP changes.
  • Actually the useful change I see is to change DNS address whatever you like. Last summer there were some protests in Turkey and government banned Twitter. People were changing DNS's to access twitter, except WP did not have the option (iOS and Android had). I wish MS implements it without having to change all the settings (I mean, connect to WiFi/carrier and be able to change DNS independently)
  • You make a valid point. You should know that any device that supports static IP addressing also support custom DNS entries as both pieces of information are necessary and input in the same place. Take another look at the picture for this article. You'll see DNS towards the bottom.
  • I should have been clearer. In iOS and Android implementations, you do not need to define a static ip to change DNS (I took a screenshot, please check here: ) You can change DNS while having DHCP.
    WP implementation would work for WiFi, but what about mobile networks? Please refer to my OP, it shows you never know when you need it!
  • Ooh man!! I need this feature badly on 1320...
  • what else do you have in this update ? 
  • Now that everyone who doesn't know jack about TCP/IP has made that fact abundantly clear, I will ask why this hasn't existed in WP always, as it has in every other device that connects to my network. Yes the instances are rare, but if you need a static IP and can't assign it, your device is useless.
  • mobile +sim (cellular+sim) had option to select 2G/3G/4G but after the update it only has option to select 2G/3G
  • I have same problem...
  • I got Static IP, but my Wi-Fi Sense went missing.
  • REALLY need this for 920
  • Nothing here. Lumia 925
  • It is a feature I have been complaining for a very long time about.... I spotted a Lumia 620 with that ability way and wasn't even running CYAN that drove me to ask Microsoft lots of questions about this missing feature and all they did was direct to uservoice site to air my frustrations.... It's very annoying Microsoft constantly wants ppl be beg them for basic features via uservoice... WE DON'T NEED TO BEG YOU TO INCLUDE BASIC FEATURES. YOU'RE MAKING MONEY OUT OF US FOR PETE'S SAKE. I've asking for this feature a year now. I can't browse on any Wi-Fi network that requires a static IP.
  • Static IP has been on Lumia for long time now. Only a few phones from some carriers had them though.
  • For many this will be useless however for the sake of feature parity, it is a must have. Also windows mobile supported static IPs :P. I have a two router set up and this will be useful as I wouldn't have to lug around a tablet or laptop to check on the router if there are any problems. Never the less it is always best to make changes via a ethernet cable.
  • I've had this since cyan, 1020
  • this is not new. I have Static IP from ever in my L620.
  • Yes I would use this! I've been asking for this from day one. I was shocked when I found out Windows Phone didn't support static ip addressing. It has never made sense to me. I expect this to be rolled out to all Lumia phones.
  • I have been waiting for this feature. cant wait to update. One other thing please MS should change our bluetooth settings. It annoys to keep taping the screen to recieves files. We need a bluetooth folder in our phones.
  • Finally! So glad I switched to a Lumia. Still, it's not on my 930 yet but I'm sure it's coming. I can finally re-use those UserVoice votes.
  • Does it include Cyan for DP?
  • DNS! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (double post, sorry)
  • For regular Joe User this doesn't matter, but for development environments that require closed networks using strict IP ranges for various reasons it will be really helpful. It's another tool in the toolbox, which is never a bad thing.
  • Already have this option on my Lumia 520 with Cyan (Canada)
  • Anyway to set proxy's SOCKS host and port on Windows Phone?
  • After this firmware update my Lumia 625 not showing 4G. Only 2G and 3G options are there..what to do?
  • Is this update available for Lumia 720 in India??when wil dis update launch for Nokia Lumia 720 in India?
  • I have this on my Lumia 1520.3
  • I need a static IP in order to whitelist it for server access from my phone for when I travel, so this would be great (Lumia Icon...). Verizon offers a dedicated IP on business accounts for $500.
  • Was the update part of the WP 8.1 update or a seperate update?
  • i would love this for my 520. like one user commented, sometimes your dhcp on your router might have trouble connecting your device, thus resulting in a reboot of your router to get it to clear the dhcp ip's. but if you can set a static ip on your device you can connect right away, bypassing dhcp and holding off going upstairs to reboot the router. lol.
  • I have lumia 925,  currently working lumia cyan 8.1 then i have lost some options like( static ip , word sugetions) after denim update pls help me...... 
  • Hi
    Would you please temm me how i get this firmware update , i mean how to download it  & install it because i've issue to connect on my roter so this new featur may help me
  • same here dude
  • i have lumia 625 but not static ip settings display