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New Surface Book TV ads take time to slam the Mac

Microsoft has a new commercial campaign for its Surface Book 2-in-1 notebook, featuring professional animal photographer Tim Flach offering his opinions on the laptop. He seems to go out of his way to point out two things on the Surface Book that he cannot do on a MacBook.

In the main 30-second ad, Flach says that he likes the fact he can draw and edit photos with the Surface Book's touchscreen display and its Surface Pen directly, which he cannot do on a Mac. He also praises the high-resolution screen on the Surface Book, which he also says is much better than his MacBook.

Microsoft has also released two 15-second versions of the ad featuring Flach. You can check both of them out below.

Thanks to tanzim31 for the tip!

  • Voilà
  • I don't get how "He also praises the high resolutuion screen on the Surface Book, which he also says is not as good as his MacBook." is good for the Surface Book? I haven't seen the video though (Youtube is blocked in the office) so I am not sure if this is a typo or not.
  • Lol
  • Seems like a typo
  • I also didn't understand the word
  • To me he spoke perfect English...
  • "He also praises the high-resolution screen on the Surface Book, which he also says is much better than his MacBook." Now it makes perfect sense! Thanks for fixing it John! :)
  • He never said "not as good as my mac" He praised the high resolution screen, but when he said "I can't do that on my mac" He was referring to the type of work he was doing.
  • Finally msft is more agresive on adds
  • Which they should be, seeing that their products are actually getting better than the more popular Macs in relevant way.
  • Yes, it's about time. Hate to think that they had to wait because there were still bugs which needed ironing out.
  • It looks like they want Apple to pay for their "I'm a Mac, and I'm a pc" adds.
  • About damn time.  They let apple walk all over them with those lying mac/PC ads without a single peep.
  • Folks, It's "ads" not "adds" ..sorry don't mean to be a grammar cop but twice in 1 thread gets me.. 
  • It's an interesting ad, although I can't help but think that Microsoft is still a little too eager to let its Apple envy show (see: the wave of Surface ads that directly compare against Macs).  The more you mention your competition, the more you tacitly acknowledge that they're the ones to beat.  Focus on what you can do, not what your rivals do.
  • I like the view you have
  • Definitely smacks of Apple envy, better to let your product speak for itself, slinging mud at the competition (who they are pretty cozy with actually) reeks of desperation and insecurity in your own product. I wonder if they'll do a similar bashing one against the ipad pro, that'll be good since it outsold all Surface devices last quarter.....
  • "I wonder if they'll do a similar bashing one against the ipad pro, that'll be good since it outsold all Surface devices last quarter....."   Because people always buy the better product and don't care about logos.  /s You see this type of marketing all the time with Computers, cars etc where they point out what makes their products better.  It's for the less technically inclined people that don't always look at specs.
  • Oh look, the guy that does nothing but bash Microsoft is whining about Microsoft showing how their product is better than the competition using real world scenarios. But then you need to bring up a completely unrelated product - the iPad Pro. If someone were to compare a laptop to the iPad Pro you would be jumping up and down, screaming how it is unfair because they are in different segments. But you go completely off topic to talk up a product that was promoted by the entire (except for this one) Apple sycophant media, claiming that it outsold Surface when there is absolutely 0 evidence showing it to be true. Microsoft is attacked for not breaking down exactly how many Surface 3 vs. Surface Pro 3 were sold, how many Surface Pro 3 m3 processor vs. Surface Pro 3 i7 processor machines, and so on. But Apple refuses to break down how many iPad Mini vs. iPad Pro were sold, and somehow the media takes that as the iPad Pro outsold Surface. Even if it did outsell Surface Pro 3, you are comparing a brand new product to one that had been on the market for 6 months.  So if you want to compare sales, compare the sales of Windows laptops vs. Mac laptops. Numbers don't look so good for Apple, do they? But somehow you will try to find some reason to claim that making that comparison is not fair to Apple.
  • So you state that basically Apple was totally envyous about PCs, reeking desperation and insecurity, right?
  • As well they should be. Have you compared their market shares? -- Lumia 640 (Windows 10)
  • They're not showing Mac envy, they're showing SUPERIORITY over Macs. There's a difference.
  • I agree with your point of view but seeing as people are still under the impression that Macs are better and that Apple offers better and more premium products, MS kind of has to throw in something like the Surface Book has a higher res touch screen which Macs dont have ...SOMETIMES taking such measures is the way to go, in order to ensure people take notice, because the general consumer doesnt know what we know; so they need a direct approach. Not saying it's the best way but it's sort of needed. The fact that they have an artist demonstrating why a higher res touch screen is better to use for artists ...i think they approached it in the right way, as opposed to straight out bash Appl.
  • I'm guessing that the main takeaway that Microsoft wants the viewer to get from this ad is that there are really only two companies producing products in this category that are worth your attention, Microsoft and Apple. In that way, they discredit all other competing hardware and software manufacturers that are not those two companies (i.e. Samsung, HTC, Linux) in the viewer's mind. Showing their product's superiority over Apple's products is just a bonus. Think of how Coke and Pepsi kept pushing ads that were against each other and how that has cause most people to forget any of the other brands competing for their market share.
  • You sound like an Apple fan - not saying you are, but you sound like one. For years we had those get a Mac ads and the Apple fanboys cheered them, they claimed that it was driving people to the Mac in droves (it didn't), that it showed people how much better Macs were than PCs (usually the commercials were faults of Macs and Apple, but they blamed Microsoft/PCs for it), how much faster Macs are than PCs (even calling Macs "supercomputers"), and so on. Then Microsoft released the I'm A PC commercials. The Apple fans tracked down Lauren and harrassed her for appearing in a commercial and being an actress. They claim that the ads are full of lies. They say the ads are not fair. They whine that the ads are being mean for attacking Apple. They complain that Microsoft has to use Apple in their ads because they are beating up on Apple with their little market share. Apple and their fans are like the little children who try to bully the other kids, while being ignored. When the other kids finally get fed up with the little gnats and fight back, then they run home to mommy crying how mean everyone is towards them.
  • Since when is being a fan of a quality product has become a bad thing? Am I a fan of Toyota reliability? you bet your ass I am. Am I a fan of Apple fluid Eco system design? Of course! Who started that "fan boy" nonsense trend, and why do people follow it? How come no one says "Microsoft fanboy" or "Androisheep", even though most people in other camps are just (if not more) as "fanish"    
  • Well what other computer should the surface be compared against? Might as well go after the one that everyone pandered to and lusted after, and that they can show it up is exactly what they should do. Its just a shame they sat on their hands when the mac/PC ads so blatantly lied to get more sales.
  • It's not apple envy, if you choose to believe the ad, it's a real person's real opinion, so I think it is just that the photographer usually uses a mac, and so he is saying, wow, this is so much better than what I usually use[, my mac]! And not actually Microsoft bashing Macs, it's nice that it's also very true :)
  • Indeed. Getting tired of this surface vs mac nonsense ...
  • Well I can't afford a Surface Book but I'm still excited about my Surface Pro 2 I just won on eBay coming today. I think it will be perfect for my needs. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Good deal
  • You should be. It's an awesome device! Missing mine while waiting for my SP4.
  • A relative of mine has a surface pro 2 with 8 GB of RAM. It is a good product but it has some software bugs. Just the other day a video was playing in the background while the screen was locked. Weird... The power button also doesn't wake it sometimes. When you are using it for work it shines though. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Every device, no matter how shiny, benefits from blasting on a new copy of the OS every few years. And I don't mean upgrading in-place, but a complete wipe-reinstall. Most problems including yours will most likely vanish.
  • Maybe its a little agresive... Ive always thought that microsoft is about impowering people... Not impairing anyones idea of some specific product.
  • "I also love on winter days, how my surface book hotbags so I can keep my hands warm". 
  • Still trolling here after all these years huh
  • Are you implying that macs don't get hot?  Or is it because your mac is off most of the time?
  • I don't like these ads. It's like calling names .... like little children. Please grow-up MS.
  • Grow up? I don't think you have been properly introduced to business in the 21st century. 1st off, it's not even Microsoft staff that is in this commercial. This is a customer. Second, Microsoft needs more ads like this because awesome products like the Surface Book deserved to be showcased and marketed. Loosen up a little man... Posted with the Nexus 6, Nexus 5, or Surface Pro 3
  • While the first two clips are true, considering all MacBook's lack a a clipboard mode and pen / touch capabilities, the third one is tad bit of a reach --- as he says you can't get this sort of compting power on his Mac? Well, MacBook Pro's actually do OFFER higher "computing power" specs in the form of a quad Core i7 option.
  • True. True. If they are pointing out differences, stick with the obvious things. Like the fact that everything about the screen is amazingly ******* fantastic.
  • The ad is probably referring to the powerful discrete graphics card option available in the Surface Book, and certainly in the version Flach was given to use.  That is NOT available in any portable Mac hardware that I am aware of, though I could be wrong. While I am generally not a huge fan of ads that directly mention competitors for the purposes of comparison, I think it makes some sense here since their explicit purpose is to get the attention of people who 1) still think Macs are the best solution for graphics/visual arts professionals; and 2) think Apple hardware is hands-down the best that money can buy and Windows devices are just cheap hardware. At this point, Microsoft is trying to get back mindshare and mentioning the competitor is often the best way to do that.  Apple did the same thing with I'm a Mac/I'm a PC ads when they were trying to take advantage of the iPod halo effect.  This is far more classy than those ads.
  • That is NOT available in any portable Mac hardware that I am aware of, though I could be wrong
    Yep, you're wrong.  Most Mac notebooks above the base model version include separate graphics cards.
  • Not in this form factor.
  • I think it is supposed to be "on my Mac." The way the sentence is typed, it totally changes the meaning. Also, I agree with everyone else for the most part. Being this aggressive with comparing it directly to a Mac isn't playing nice. But at the same time, the Mac owners are hearing "but is it as nice as my Mac?" in the back of their heads as they watch the commercial, then the commercial says "yeah, better." So it makes sense, but is kind of unnecessary if you really do your homework. Keeping my fingers crossed that the next work computer is this. Then, maybe the next studio computer can be a PC tower that we build! Please, please.
  • Hmm what if they made a version of a SurfaceBook, where all the hardwere would be in bottom part and top would be a screen and a battery wirelessly connected to the bottom a simular way HP can connect wirelessly to the extender. They would eliminate top weight problem and a connection to the gpu. Just an idea.
  • And you just drag the keyboard/battery part to every meeting and every location with you in a backpack.  Why not? Good excersice!!!!
  • Cann't do on my Mac! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Better they don't slam mac. Ppl ain't gonna change they also need another option.
  • I need a Surface Book in my life. Too good.
  • Although more sophisticated it still seems like the wrong approach. They shouldn't be comparing themselves to a Mac because that's more validation. Instead they should just describe a feature as one no other device either has or has as complete. No mention of brands prevents drawing attention to another brand.
  • The last comments "Can't do this on my Mac"  "This is brilliant to me".  They sound cut too much.  They need to get him to say this in one go.
  •     The only thing he can't do on his Mac is get BSODs 5 times a week, and it's not even Womdows lol it's the surface book. Just read what people write about them.  Great idea, and I applaud Microsoft for trying, but man.... What's up with the quality control???   (But at least they are innovating. If I have to hear Johny Ive's  pretentious "sweet" voice in the background describing how everything has change in a phone that looks and acts identically to the previous model, I am. Going to throw up).   
  • There's a reason why they're targeting the Mac and not the iPad Pro. The Mac is a legacy product line -- of course a newer touch-based system will have advantages.  But the iPad Pro absolutely demolishes the Surface Book in day-to-day use.  It has a much richer ecosystem of touch-based apps, so you don't have to use a cludgy old Win32 app with a pen and hope for the best.  It has support for numerous applications that have yet to arrive on Windows.  It's cheaper, and it includes LTE connectivity on all major carriers.  The Apple Pencil beats the stuffing out of the Microsoft stylus.  The iPad Pro's battery life is vastly superior.  The iPad Pro is thinner and lighter. And so on.
  • And yet the iPad Pro didn't win tablet of the year like the Surface Pro 4 did and, per the video review (either by CNET or another tech site, can't remember) they were able to do about 80% of their work on a Surface Pro while it was much lower on the iPad Pro. Yes, the iPad Pro is better day to day for average consumers but as a professional grade machine, it isn't even close. And if you want to talk about art, the stylus and programs that Windows doesn't have, the Surface pen is still excellent (this is coming from an actual artist), accurate, has interchangeable pen tips and is half the price of the Apple Pencil. Please wake me up when Manga Studio, PhotoShop, Illustrator and other programs that iOS only has pale imitations of make it to the iPad. Also, let me know when the iPad gets usable ports, the ability to use Micro SD cards, and the proper ability to manage the files I create on it instead of telling me, "well, there's an app for that."
  • No. They didn't compare it to an iPad because one is a laptop and the other is tablet running a mobile operating system. One is made a for touch whereas the other is made for trackpad etc.
  • They mention Mac because they're trying to get Mac users to switch to Surface, or at least add a Surface to their stable of devices.  If they didn't mention Mac then Mac users wouldn't even pay attention because Mac users tend not to give PCs a second thought.
  • a surface 4 with the option of the keyboard from the surface book with the battery and gpu inside:)
  • Hey I'm a PC, but my notebook is a Macbook Pro i7 w/2gb dedicated video. It's the BEST windows notebook I've ever used and more stable than the many windows laptops I own in my business. I'm a power user and my notebook really gets put thru the paces. When I'm ready to upgrade, I'll probably move to the Surface Book. It's priced in line with my MBP and it seems to have superior features too with the touchscreen and Stylus its a winner! I also own a Surface Pro 3 as a tablet and convenient PC, but I'm looking forward to having one unit for all occasions. Now if we could get Final Cut to run on Windows then I'd never touch a Mac again.
  • Lol. I don't know what Microsoft is talking about. Or may be they don't know themselves. Looks and display - excellent. But what am I gonna do with it if the screen won't even turn on after sleep. Yeah. !! After replacing 1 surface pro 4 and 2 surfacebook I went Beck to my 2009 macbook pro. And surprisingly that thing worked better than a $2300 machine. So they should fix the own issues before trashing somebody else.
  • The SHADE!
  • Look pretty cool