Check out how IT pros use the Surface Pro 3 for work, home, and play

While the smaller and less powerful Surface 3 officially goes on sale May 5, Microsoft isn't done with marketing and advertising for the older 12-inch Surface Pro 3. The company has published three new videos to its Surface YouTube channel that show how the Surface Pro 3 is being used by IT professionals in all walks of their lives.

The first video shows how US-based Enterprise Strategy Consultant Jeff Roach uses Surface Pro 3 to run a full version of Windows 8.1. He can also write on the display with the Surface Pen and save them to OneNote. Roach says that both his wife and son own Surface Pro 3 tablets as well.

The second video shows Sweden-based IT Stratigist Magnus Haglund who uses the Surface Pro 3 to connect to legacy PC systems that otherwise would not be able to be used on a non-Windows tablet. Haglund can also use the Surface Pro 3 to be productive even on his 4.5 hour commute to work. Away from his job, he uses it to help with "blowcarts", which is a go-cart that replaces an engine with a sail. He can map where he can and cannot operate his blowcart with the tablet.

Finally, the third video shows Norway-based Alexander Solaat Roland, who works as an IT pro for a municipality with 2,500 employees. He hooks up the Surface Pro 3 to its docking station so he can use it on two big screen monitors at once. He's also a computer engineering student as well, and uses the tablet to take written notes and save them to OneNote.

Source: Surface (YouTube)

John Callaham