New system sounds in Windows 10 for desktop brings a modern aural experience

It should come of little surprise that besides a new OS, design language, icons and imagery that Windows 10 also brings some new sounds. We are specifically referring to the alerts, buzzes, and notifications that occur when you a new email arrives, an error happens, or whatever.

The site has posted eight new sounds discovered in one of the Technical Preview builds for Windows 10. As far as we know, these are not user-ready yet, and it is not clear if the sounds are hidden, or they are just using an unreleased preview build of the OS.

The alerts all have a very similar tone to them, which is very mellow and perhaps even soothing. This observation is especially true when compared to the current default sounds in Windows 8.1.

Considering we now live in a world where our watches, phones, tablets, and computers all give us notifications, making the Windows 10 ones soft and calming in 2015 is preferred to a klaxon-like buzz.

It is currently unknown if Windows 10 for mobile shares the same sound scheme, or if it will have something a little more jarring. Regardless, like all previous versions of Windows, users can choose their own unique sounds to customize things should they disagree with Microsoft's decisions.

Our guess, however, is that like art and music, some of you will love these, and others will think they are terrible. Right now, we are on the side of liking them.

Head to to hear the embedded sound clips. It is likely just a matter of time before someone rips these to let you add them to your current Windows 8.1 machine.

Source:; Thanks, Roman, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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