Xbox App on PC receives upgrade to stream console games via Xbox Remote Play

Remote Play Key Art
Remote Play Key Art (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Xbox Cloud Gaming is Microsoft's cloud service that allows Xbox consoles games to be played on any device that supports it.
  • Microsoft has just announced new updates for the Xbox App on PC, enabling it to stream Xbox consoles directly from the console or the cloud.

Microsoft has been working diligently these past few years on a project that aims to allow Xbox users to play their favorite games no matter where they are in the world. Xbox Cloud Gaming allows users to play Xbox consoles on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Windows Devices so gamers can play Xbox games on the go.

Today, Microsoft has announced it will be taking that concept a step further by updating the Xbox App on Windows 10 PCs with the ability to stream Xbox Game Pass games on PC. This way, Xbox users can now play their library of console games on various Windows 10 PCs, even if they don't have the minimum spec requirements to run certain games. This update will be available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers in 22 countries. Now, these gamers will be able to stream the best Xbox games on both mobile and PC devices whilst taking advantage of Xbox Game Pass's features.

Microsoft also said that it'll allow users to use Xbox Remote Play to play games from console, including the Xbox One, on the PC starting today. Aside from enabling PC devices to stream console games via the cloud and consoles. The Xbox Remote Play feature will be seeing technical upgrades like improved stability, the ability to stream games at 1080p and 60 FPS, and being able to play certain Xbox 360 and Xbox Original titles. Be sure to download this new update and experience the next stage of Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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