New Windows Central Cortana 'I know things' limited tee - One day left!

Reminder: Just one day left in this campaign!

It has been exactly one month since our last clever Insiders tee shirt for Windows Central. This month we're celebrating a combo of Halo 5 and Windows 10 Mobile with a minimalist Cortana tee-shirt!

The shirt comes in five color choices ranging from bright blue to dark grey and there are three styles to choose from, including:

  • American Apparel Crew - $20
  • Gildan 8oz Heavy Blend Hoodie - $38.99
  • Teespring Women's Premium Tee - $22.99

All proceeds go to supporting the site including the development of our new universal app, which is nearing the public beta stage. So help our community and also grab a fun Cortana shirt that will certainly raise an eyebrow or two. (Remember, we don't get the full cost of the shirt as Teespring takes the majority).

Update + India: For those in India, you now have two options available for special pricing in that country:

I Know Things Sweatshirt (Rs. 1,250) with 10 days left to buy

I Know Things Tee (Rs. 750 ) with 10 days left to buy

The sale is only going for nine days (November 15) so make sure to get your order in before then otherwise they are gone for good. If not 100% satisfied you can return the shirt for a full refund or exchange.

Order your limited Cortana 'I Know Things' tee from Teespring now

Shipping is worldwide ($3.99) although stay tuned as we're doing our usual India-only offer too to keep costs down in that country.

From the Windows Central team of writers, thanks and we hope you enjoy it!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Awesome!
  • Sounds creepy actually. " I know things, like your password and social security" LOL
  • She knows all about your browsing history.... ;)
  • Cortana sees all. And she is not amused.
  • Nice, How much is shipping particularly to Australia?
  • I think it's the same $3.99 for the first shirt everywhere.
  • What the what?
    Shipping+handling (11,49+1,43)€ =/
  • $7.99 shipping to the UK :(
  • Okay
  • Its AUD$15.99 for the first and then AUD$7 for each item after. I was going to get this but I'm still waiting on my Like a Boss one. Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Well that's bollocks then. I was tempted by $3.99 shipping, but will pass at $15.99 + a bogus $1.33 extra "handling fee".
  • Isn't better ask some one in there to make for you instead to buy from them? Will be cheaper than
  • "All proceeds going go to supporting the site" sometimes if you like a service you will pay a bit more to know that they can continue to run because of your contribution
  • Yes, but we're not going to pay over 4 times the shipping cost than US people. Even with the exchange rate it should be $5.50 shipping, not $17.32
  • Its 8.99 for sweden so not really 3,99
  • Getting that hoodie!!
  • Brace yourself for a new comment
    'Why only in India?'.
    Btw thanks for supporting my country. :)
  • Its usually "when in India"
  • That's what he meant
  • Well, from recent news and changes we can clearly see both Microsoft and Windows Central are supporting Indian mobile market. So no need of "When(wen) in India". ;)
  • So awesome that they are sensitive to differences in wages in some parts of the world vs others! I'm considering the hoodie.
  • Yeeee!! Getting the blend hoodie
  • Great for Indians
  • These look nice, but I must resist buying more shirts.
  • I'd get one if I hadn't already ordered this one. Last chance!!! Pure Android shirts, hoodies and more! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • bring it in India
  • Did you read the article? They're specifically discounting them for that ONE country!
  • From where we can order this
  • Windows central store.
  • A full stop at the end would have made the sentence look more beautiful and definitive. I know things. But great tee otherwise!!
  • Shirts! Shirts! in :v
  • I buy sweat shirt...
  • How much would this cost totally including shipping charges to India?
  • wait, we'll have separate sale on redwolf.
  • Waiting :)
  • Redwolf?
  • Hope in the end it's affordable in India!
  • I will be ordering one at the beginning of next week.
  • Can't wait for the India-only offer! I've been particularly waiting for a Cortana t-shirt :D
  • Got it, but they said your order will be on or before December 9. Wow so long!! And I paid $12.50 for shipping :-(
  • Definitely going to buy one maybe lolzzz!!!
  • "when in India"
  • Why is the only purple item the Women's shirt? I want a purple hoodie!
  • Are you packing some moobs? If so, just order the women's top ;)
  • these tshirts look better than previous ones. Harish bring these to India...:)
  • Coming soon. Just figuring out the details.
  • Are u getting the hoddie or only tshirts ?
  • Awesome! I'll probably buy one when you release it in India. The WC logo is looking really nice. (y)
  • For the hoodie is their more color selections?
  • There* and yes there are more colors to choose from.
  • When in india.
  • Read the last 2 lines plz
  • When in india?!?!?!?!?
  • Thanks for India supporting Mr. Daniel RubinoWhen it comes to india, I'm definitely gonna buy that hoodie one
  • Same here :)
  • New Universal App.. Wow. I'll try my best to buy :)
  • Please make the hoddie available in India along with tshirts ...
  • I liked the color which joe belfiore wore.
  • I would love a hoodie if i wasn't so broke right now :(  
  • Daniel, if possible try to ship windows phone and accessories to India. Also Global!
  • They should start making Cortana back cover for my lumia 640XL. That would be awesome ;)
  • A little off topic but isn't a new windows 10 mobile build(10568) out??
  • Did you get any?
  • It's asking $12.50 for shipping (India) :( total $32.50 :(
  • Will wait for the India-only offer :)
  • Pay to advertise for Microsoft woooo!
  • Really cool. I'd use it gladly, but then why to show off something that's not yet available in my country, Brazil?
  • Too Exited!!!!!!!!!! Hey Dan, when its coming to India??? Pl bring it here fast......
  • Sexy!
  • I need that hoodie. Like right now
  • Virginity protect !
  • What does "I know things" mean?
  • It's pretty literal.... Don't look into it too much
  • But Dan, Will it have the words, "I'm afraid I'm not available to help in your region" in India?
  • Heck yes, I love my dino cat hoodie, getting this fo sho
  • Just ordered the black t-shirt, can't wait for it to get here!
  • They look lovely
  • I got the first shirt (cat on the unicorn) in a medium, which is what I normally wear. This one however was really (too) tight. Would this shirt be the same fit and therefore should try a large this time? (it would be the regular t shirt, not women's or hoodie)
  • How is this not infringement? Are y'all secretly a Chinese company? ;)
  • I want that "Xbox Off, Xbox: I am afraid I cant do that Dave"
  • So, if I buy the shirt, do I get the app for free? What if I've already purchased the WC app, do I get a free shirt?
    What's up with that, Dan? Or is ad-revenue down because of ABP?
  • App is free and ad free. The cost for us to develop the app? Not free. That's why the tee shirt.
  • Got it. Almost swear I remember buying an ad-free version back on WP7. Will the app be available on iOS and Android also? Both iMore and WC are available on Android, but only WC for W.
  • The new app has a different approach. What you knew of old is going away. And it will be only on Windows. We already have a good app on Android that's being updated frequently.
  • All of the Mobile Nations Android apps are excellent. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Shipping is $12.50 for me... you said $3.99 in article. Something wrong?
  • It's like One more, get less
  • lol +75tb
  • Indonesia?
  • Indonesia, a Southeast Asian nation made up of thousands of volcanic islands, is home to hundreds of ethnic groups speaking many different languages. It’s is known for its beaches, volcanoes and jungles sheltering elephants, tigers and Komodo dragons.
  • Daniel, can we get the same colours in the mens options as in the womens options? I realize some men are uncomfortable wearing anything other than blue, black or grey but there are those of us that would love to have the hoodie or t-shirt in purple, pink and all those other so called "girly" colours.
  • I agree!
  • My freinds already tease me by the name of Cortana as I had prepared a presentation on Windows Phone. Now if I wear this shirt, I'll become a butt of jokes xD At least the purple T-shirt should have had the Cortana's rings of matching colour.
  • I have an "I simply [Excel Logo]" and "I'm running for [Office Logo]" and people get it! One can never get enough Microsoft-related shirts lol - Getting the dark gray shirt to help development ;D
  • Waiting for India only offers.
  • how much is shipping cost to Kuwait for the hoodie?
  • Already we cant buy at my country (turkiye)...they are just news for us no more...if you find solutions about shipping we can buy
  • When I change the shipping to international I get: Shipping costs €11.49 for the first apparel item and €5.00 for each additional apparel item. Not the $3.99/3.99e quoted on the post. The higher cost would go way over the tax limit in my country. Can you get a partner company in Europe to ship inside Europe? No taxes of dutys for trades insinde EU.  Would love to support you guys but there is a limit (shipping + taxes + dutys = more than t-shirt itself)
  • Hoodie looks good!
  • When in India? But anyway this shirt promo seems faster Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • i wish it was collared t-shirt so that my HR has no problems me wearing it at work.
  • If you would make your own logo less ... "missplaced" looking then i would concider buying those articles. Just make it a watermark logo without the bright pink, thanks. You could then make it bigger on the back as it would be less in your face.  
  • Love the shirt but the tagline is a bit arrogant imho - how about doing the same shirt but with "just say know" on it? I'll only take half the royalties!
  • What's the india only campaign? And is it running parallely or will it begin later, I'm interested in buying the cortana hoody
  • You guys should make couple with seems faster and wen in india. lol.
  • Ordered!
    My android version is on the way.
    Can't wait to get this one too. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Could have used WC logo in white with transparent windows rather than pink. :| Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hmm, sounds like bad subtext given all the previous privacy discussions... I mean, it all blows over at some point, but then stuff like this inspiore some (such as myself) to recall, "why does this wording not seem good...."
  • They are asking for 14 USD shipping to Denmark, instead of the 3.99 USD mentioned in the article.
  • Color me ordered... The last T feels so nice I had to have another.
  • Ordered! Would have been better if there was a long sleeve T option but I think these are nice nonetheless.
  • Daniel you should print the Cortana icon with White & a semi-transparent White Gel inks for a really nice tonal garment effect.
  • Where is made in communist china or Made in USA?
  • Anyone now these sizes for uk?
  • hmm.. on my phone the innner circle is the lighter one.  Why is it reversed on the apparel?  
  • Is it available in India
  • And these are composed of what materials?  100% cotton?  A blend?  Inquiring minds want to know.
  • Wish it were a poly dri fit type shirt, don't like wearing cotton.  
  • Hmm... I'd get one, but a few things would need to change: 1. Put the "I know things" front and center on the front side 2. Put the Cortana circle on the back, and make the outside ring (lighter blue) semi-transparent, as it looks on my phone. Opaque doesn't look as good, iMO. 3. I'd really like to have a different color shirt... grey would be awesome
  • Alcohol, drugs, and hookers
  • Buy me one lol
  • Hey Cortana! Do you know why all of a sudden I'm receiving spam Skype requests in the Notification Center? Why would MS allow this kind of abuse to occur? They don't really respect my privacy, do they? Cat got your tongue?
  • I think someone should do a T-Shirt/Hoodie for Surface Book owners.  On the front, you'd have a Windows Logo, with "Happy, Deluded Surface Book Owner".  On the back, a simple FUTC. For those who can't figure it out, TC would stand for Tim Cook, I'm sure you could figure out the rest...
  • i want one!!
  • Which ones are available in India?photo please.Are they the same?
  • Check out the link.
  • If there is ever a Cortana shirt or sweatshirt without words on it. That's what I would buy.
  • If you have any left, feel free to send them to me :d i'm totaly into that hoodie but i'm kinda low with thw cash right now, too bad :/
  • New love for India from WC..I like it
  • Ordered the black hoodie. Shipping to Denmark EUR 11.50 ... quite ok, but I'll probably get crucified with customs tax.
  • Have you got the cease and decease letter yet from Microsoft LOL
  • Would be amazing :D but i dont think that msft care about.. Its all about marketing.. WP should be sued for.. A C&D letter would make my day perfect
  • Would love to have the option to get larger sizes.
  • Try find a place that works doing it... Will be less expensive
  • Ordered Two Hoodies !!!! Yuppieeeeee from India :)
  • Loser.. You could ask anyplaceinthere to make one.. Would be less expensive
  • 1250 ₹ for one hoodiee is quite cheap in India bro with no shipping charge
  • When in India...i buy sweatshirt
  • Better to ask a friend that works doing it to make for free.. Is way better...
  • So today I use Cortana and noticed that she called me "Chief" instead of "Shawn, my master" as I programmed her to call me.
    I thought maybe my kids got into my phone and jacked with it but now I see that Microsoft changed it to "Chief" for some reason. :-/
  • Now that i had ordered and received both the "I Know things" Hoodie & T-shirt, the cloth quality is good but the printing is not that good. the cortana logo printed is so big i cant tell you it looks ugly circle. Moreover the sizes i ordered i.e. XXL are not proper even the same size XXL for Hoodie is small and T-shirt is big. Why this variation.??? Secondly i ordered Steel grey color T-shirt but i got Olive Green color (wish i cud attach photos here). i Hoodie the stiching is crossing in between the windows central logo and looking very bad. i had complaint at makemymerch also, dont know if it is right to comment about it here. Actually got really dissappointed as i ordered clothes for the first time online. hope you laision with some good manufacturers next time.!!!!!!!!!!!!