New Windows Phones headed to the 2011 MWC?

While the 2011 Mobile World Congress is still about two months away, rumors that we will see some new Windows Phones announced during the conference are surfacing. Leading the rumors is the ASUS E600.

The E600 is still a bit of a mystery with very little detail being leaked on the companies first Windows Phone 7 device. The phone is rumored to be heading to AT&T and dispels any rumors that ASUS was shying away from Windows Phone 7.

Other potential new phones making an appearance at the 2011 MWC could include one from Acer (the other "A" manufacturer), the CDMA phones (Trophy and 7 Pro) and a GSM 7 Pro.  We keep hearing Acer is going to join the Windows Phone 7 crowd but have yet to see much movement.

We're also expecting more details on the Windows Phone 7 China launch at the 2011 MWC. This will also generate new phones from Lenova, ZTE and Huawei that could be showcased at the 2011 MWC.

Source: Digitimes, via: unwiredview

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  • All rumoured new devices are seemingly headed to at&t. T-Mobile US really does not seem interested in WP7 at all.
  • TMobile doesn't really seem to be all that interested in anything. I am surprised that TMobile has something as good as the HD7. They always tend to suck at having a good selection of phones. Hard to tell whether it's because of TMobile, the manufacturers, or both. It wouldn't hurt if TMobile did a little business- and "power-user"-oriented marketing.
  • attractive
  • Rogers recently posted about recieving new WP7 phones, including some with keyboards. I wonder if this is alluding to that? I would expect the phones to come before that though...
  • Wheres the Front facing cam DAMIT!!!!!
  • Where is a CDMA WP7 device with global roaming?!
  • CDMA is pretty much only used in the Americas, so there's not much demand for CDMA global roaming.
  • I think hes referring to cdma phones with gsm radios for the row generally not with NA gsm frequencies for 3G
  • I think hes referring to cdma phones with gsm radios for the row generally not with NA gsm frequencies for 3G
  • The front face of this phone is very nice; the back plate of this phone (from previous photos I've seen) is horrid! I wanted this device when the photo was leaked a few months back, but if there are no changes made to the back of this phone, I will wait for another phone design that has WP7.
  • The plastic ridged squircle home button was enough to turn me off to the design. It would have been gorgeous with a flush button that matched the brushed aluminum.
  • Meh, I don't think what you're describing would be more appealing. I like the design they have. It might have been cooler of them if they made it a flush LED accent border, instead of the black plastic ridge, but what they went with still looks great to me. Also, where are the pictures of the back of the phone? I don't think I've seen it.
  • This link ( doesn't show the back of the photo, but the embedded link to PhoneArena does. I think (hope) those are really old photos and that the actual product, especially the back, will look better/different when released.
  • Yeah, that is pretty rough, but the fact that there wasn't any Windows Phone branding brings some hope that the pictures aren't of the final product. Still, more than likely, I'd get a case for it anyway, so that part wouldn't be a deal breaker for me.
  • Fingers crossed for HTC 7 Pro on Verizon....
  • no big red sucks.