New WM6.5 ROM Leak – Almost there!

We've been following these perpetual WM6.5 leaks for a few weeks now. While the early ones were not really recommended for daily use and were more experimental, this latest build brings some stability and speed to the table.

For those wanting the deets, this is build #21169. The big deal here is that it has that spanky new version of Internet Explorer 6, including those big ol' buttons shown at MWC. It's also has more icons built in, Sliding Panels are faster and overall much more stable.

Feel like trying your luck with a custom ROM? Head on over to give it a shot. Just remember that this is advanced stuff, not at all officially and you really need to know what you're doing. Alternatively, take a peek at some of the screen shots after the break, which you can now imagine running on your very own Touch Pro or Diamond ... today even!

Thanks conflipper!





Phil Nickinson

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