New World factions: Which faction should you join?

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One of the earliest decisions you need to make when playing Amazon's New World MMO is which faction you want to choose. There are three to choose from, and while the gameplay experience will mostly be the case regardless of which faction you sign up with, it does impact a few aspects of the game. Additionally, each faction has its own beliefs and ideologies that may or may not clash with your own roleplaying goals.

Here's everything you need to know New World's three different factions, including what they stand for and how your decision will affect your New World experience.

New World factions: How you should choose

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Each New World faction has different beliefs, and if you care about roleplaying, you're likely going to want to factor them in when picking a faction.

  • Marauders: A guild of skilled fighters that focuses on obtaining glory and bettering themselves.
  • Covenant: A fanatical order that aims to bring justice to Aeternum and cleanse it of heretics.
  • Syndicate: A secret group that operates from the shadows and values knowledge above all else.

The main way factions impact gameplay in New World is in PvP. It's a good idea to consider how well each of the factions is doing in your server's territory war before you join one, as you may have a hard time succeeding if you choose the underdog. However, choosing the underdog faction can also be a fun challenge, so it all depends on what you want out of PvP. Factions who control more territory gain more bonuses to stats like crafting speed and loot drop rates, so it's easier to get stronger if you're in the strongest faction.

Note that factions also dictate what Companies (traditional MMO guilds) you can join and what people you can party up in for PvP (players from all factions can group up for most PvE activities). Before making a decision, check which faction your friends have joined if you have any desire to play PvP with them.

Note that you have the ability to change your faction once without any restriction, but after that, you'll only be able to do it once every 120 days. Therefore, it's important that you choose your faction wisely.

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