New Xbox One Avatars reportedly launching April, preview release imminent [Updated]

Work has been underway on an overhaul of the Xbox One's Avatars system for some time now, following its first unveiling back at E3 2017. These player-designed digital characters were once a major aspect of Xbox Live and this latest revision is expected to debut a fresh new look, integrating them deeper into the console.

Updated March 14, 2018: Xbox platform Corporate Vice President, Mike Ybarra, has taken to Twitter to state the new Avatars will "ship when they're ready." Stating no firm date has been set internally, we'll have to wait for official word from Microsoft on when the feature can be expected.

After being delayed beyond their planned 2017 release, Microsoft has been committed to delivering the refresh in the coming months. A new report from The Verge now expects the next Avatar overhaul this April, with sources indicating a preview release for Xbox Insiders later this month.

First look at Microsoft's gorgeous new Xbox avatars

As previously announced by Microsoft, the upcoming Xbox Avatar overhaul will bring a variety of new customization options with increased diversity. The Verge reports that Microsoft is also looking to open an accompanying Avatar store in May, with plans for support from third-party developers too. This may also tie into the new Xbox "Career" system, featuring Avatar loot crates, that we reported on last year.

This new Avatar system can be expected as a part of the upcoming Xbox Spring Update, which also adds support for 1440p displays, FreeSync, Mixer controller sharing and much more.

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  • It's sad to know MSFT having to first introduce Avatars but others caught up with it as fast as they can. That's why Mobile needs to be put first, advancements start from there.
  • wow im excited....they look great
  • Need more facia hair options than before
  • Especially for girl avatars
  • Loving this! Cannot wait to see what comes up in the future.
  • I hope they'll release together with new avatar games.
  • they had the perfect opportunity before, but most of the avatar games included their own avatars to choose from, they did not use the one from your profile.
  • Yeah!!! I say Yeah!!! Happy dancing to 80's pop rock
  • I am praying this does not come out half baked and then abandoned by ms because there wasnt enough user engagement. Big fan of ms, but not blind and unfortunately this has been the death cycle of many of their products. I am liking Phil Spencer though, so hopefully he saw that 2017 wasnt feasible and is giving as much time as possible to the team to make it the best it can, and most importantly to coordinate with the rest of the xbox team to actually take the Avatars seriously. Team fighting seems like an ingrained culture at ms....  
  • I guess it's not just finish the avatars ,but integration, right now there are no avatars anywhere in the dashboard, no games for them ither.  what's the point of having a 3D avatar, just to have a mugshot next to your name.   if that's the case, it would definitely not be used by the majority.   My guess is they're trying to figure out how to integrate the avatars before releasing them?
  • Makes sense.