New Zealand Telecom offering Nokia Lumia 800, Lumia 710 for $0

As we're always on the hunt here for great deals, it's nice to find this one from New Zealand Telecom. They're evidently offering a $0 down package on either the Nokia Lumia 710 or the Lumia 800.

The fine print states that you need to sign up for "Talk & Text Anytime or Smartphone $60 plan or higher for 24 months" for the Lumia 710 deal or an $80 plan for the more pricey Lumia 800.

If that sounds like something for you or a companion, head to their site to get more details.

Source: New Zealand Telecom; Thanks, @fraserzhu, for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

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  • I signed up for 24 months for both my Wife and Daughter on Orange UK and both got the Lumia 800 free with a £26 monthly contract.
    This was actually a good deal as an existing customer had I gone the normal upgrade route I would of paid £150 for each phone. Instead I exercised the gurantee that all existing customers can benefit for new customer deals...Sweet.
    This will of course not stop my daughter dropping it down a toilet. At least the phone is pretty well sealed against the accidental spill.
  • Hahaha what a travesty it would be to see a Lumia 800 at the bottom of the dunny! :P
  • In Vodafone NZ, only black and cyan lumia 800 is available at the moment, and white will be soon. Lumia 800 is $399 with smart85 plan, and retail phone price is $899, $799 for the first 50 who buys it online. I'm tempted to get this phone but I'll either wait for lumia 900 or an Apollo device.
  • I didn't realise Vodafone has the cyan as well, on the website it only shows the black one for sale.
    The Telecom deal is pretty awesome since the handset discount is normally only $400 with the $80 plan. Flatmate is thinking about getting one and joining the Windows Phone camp.
    Finally there's some momentum here in NZ!!!