Next Battlefield gets first teaser, reveal expected May 23

Electronic Arts has dropped the first teaser for the next Battlefield game, through a cryptic page surfacing on the publisher's domain. While the existence of a 2018 Battlefield title has been known for some time, efforts are scaling for an upcoming reveal.

Heading over to, a barebones webpage greets visitors, alongside the date May 23, 2018, and the hashtag #battlefield. Likely indicating an imminent reveal, we can expect details on the next Battlefield title soon.

Digging through the webpage, we've managed to discover a couple other teasers of the next title. The most notable of these is a mysterious white horse image, as pictured above. We also found modules referencing purchases, indicating that preorders are soon on the way. For now, details mostly end there – but what's more striking is how this webpage was first discovered.

For some time, Battlefield 1 easter egg hunters have attempted to open a mysterious "zombie door" found in the game's multiplayer mode. After unwinding the complex puzzle, the community revealed a mysterious room inside. Inside this room lays blood-splattered walls, beds, piping and a framed painting of the white horse. Listening to dripping water pipes, morse code was eventually decoded, pointing toward this domain.

For now, we'll need to wait for new information on the next Battlefield from Electronic Arts. While numerous leaks have indicated a Second World War setting, we're yet to hear official word from its publisher. In the meantime, mark your calendars for this mysterious May 23 event.

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Matt Brown

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