The next big Minecraft update will bring Add-Ons to Windows 10 and Pocket Edition

As announced at E3 2016, Minecraft will expose its code using text files for players to access, edit and customize their Minecraft experience. The first iteration of Minecraft's Add-Ons feature will arrive on October 18th for the Windows 10 Beta and Pocket Editions of the game across Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

Minecraft Aliens!

As part of the Boss Update, the first version of Add-Ons will allow players to download examples from, including the previously teased UFO Invasion feature and all-new Castle Siege gameplay, created by members of Minecraft's community.

As we detailed back in June, players will be able to use tools as simple as Notepad and MS Paint to customize Minecraft's mobs, and even create completely new ones. One of the demonstrations we saw behind closed doors at E3 was a super exploding cow, that caused gigantic 50-block radius bovine nuclear blasts. That would've helped us on the Minecraft stream this past Friday...

This weeks highlight from last nights stream is... well.— Zac Bowden (@zacbowden) 24 September 2016

The Boss Update will also add the Wither Boss battle, Guardians and Ocean Monuments, and console slash commands from the PC version of the game. Additionally, Minecraft for Windows 10 and Gear VR will bring updates for the latest Xbox One controller's Bluetooth stack, which eliminates the need for USB cables or USB wireless adapters when playing on your shiny Surface.

Minecraft continues to be a force to be reckoned with, and as Microsoft moves to converge each version across Xbox One, Windows 10 and beyond, it opens up a huge subscription opportunity for the company, thanks to the dedicated servers of Minecraft Realms.

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