Nike+ releases extended ad with Kinect and Windows Phone app

A little bit of a hubbub is making the rounds this morning of Nike+ supposedly "announcing" a companion app for Windows Phone for the new Kinect game coming this holiday October 30th.   

But of course we knew about this way back in June during E3 when Nike released the first trailer and literally showed a huge Nokia Lumia with the Nike+ app flowing through the pivot screens.

So why the excitement? Blame it on the internet's short-term memory and a slightly revised ad coming out last week.

Nike+ Kinect Training with a Lumia back in June

Around July 30th, Nike put out an “extended” version of the ad with a new voiceover that states “and with the companion app we can send challenge reminders, track sessions and keep you connected to your friends” (It's at the 1:41 mark if you want to fast forward).

Otherwise it’s the exact same ad with some more game footage.

We should note too that we saw Ice Age 4 this weekend (and it was awesome). Before the preview started, Regal cinemas played this whole ad during it’s "pre-show countdown entertainment". No doubt it was kind of fun to see Windows Phone so huge on a screen and not an iPhone or Android in sight. That version of the ad has "AT&T" emblazoned on the phone noting that's it's a Lumia 900 with "Windows Phone" on the movie screen.

Nike+ Kinect Training is coming “this holiday” October 30th but it at least should make some fun times in front of the screen. Having a companion app is also certainly welcome.

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The Nike+ app for the Xbox 360 game was shown back at E3

Although if you were really serious about exercise, you would already be using Ubisoft’s Fitness Evolved series which is a fantastic Xbox 360-Kinect exercise system. It has had a companion app for Windows Phone since last year—but you already knew that, right?

Besides a Nike+ app for this Kinect game, we’re still waiting on getting a companion app for their Fuelband. Currently iOS has that app which can sync with your daily stats for the tiny wristband and Android is slated to get it soon too. Windows Phone? No word on that front which is a shame. We’re rocking that gizmo which is a sophisticated accelerometer that measures “activity” (and estimates caloric burn and number of steps walked). Hopefully Nike+ will get around to that one soon or this new companion app can also tie into your Nike+ account for even more bio-statistics.

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