No LED API available for Developers

Hussein over at got in touch with Brandon Watson via Twitter with regards to LED (flashlight) API support in Mango for developers to use. While fairly obvious, it seems as though developers will not be able to manipulate the LED due to no API being available.

Then again, do we need the API? Microsoft could release a free torch app that would use the LED backlight in favor of "white screen" apps currently available. 


Rich Edmonds
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  • HTC has their own flashlight app and it works really well. I don't see why other OEMs couldn't do the same.
  • There is already a perfectly descent HTC torch, if the other manufacturers follow suite, there is no need to have more than one.EDIT: damn you, person above me who types faster :P
  • meh never really used it with my other White screen saver on my S-Amoled screen is bright enought...i used it this morning to get dress lol :P
  • Walk of shame?
  • nah, lol . i just wake up before my G-F and i dont like to wake her. or i should say she doesnt lki it when i wake ( by turning on the lites in the bedroom )
  • HTC has a flashlight app that uses the LED. It doesn't work on all HTC devices, such as the Mozart, as it has a Xenon flash. I don't see why other OEMs aren't releasing similar things considering how popular they are. Edit: Damn the first two typing faster than me! :D
  • HTC has their own.....nevermind.
  • Does this mean devs can't use the LED for notifications for their apps?
  • When I first glanced at the title of this post I immediately thought of the LED that BlackBerrys have. Man - that is one thing I do miss. I loved having custom LED notifications set up for different events. I could glance at the LED and know if I have a new email, text, missed call, new voice message, etc all without having to actually unlock my phone. Wish they had that for Windows Phone!
  • I think your confused on what an LED is. It's referring to the camera's flash bulb. How would that tell you that you have texts or emails? Pulsing Morse code?
  • LOL - No not confused as to what an LED is... Have you ever seen a blackberry? It has an LED on it that flashes when you get a call or email or text... The title of the post led me to believe that there was some discussion around the API to controlling an LED on your phone. Some HTC phones have an LED on the front of it - like Blackberry. I wishfully thought there may be an API to control that bad boy - that's all. When I read the whole post I understood - was just saying that when I read the title that's where my mind went...Sigh - why did I get thumbs down for that ?
  • u can see all of that from the LOCK SCREEN!!!
  • My point was that you could see it WITHOUT having to pick up the phone. Which is nice if you're in a conference etc and your phone is sitting near by...
  • Question: Why is HTC the only manufacturer that propose the Flashlight????Why LS is unable to propose a real flshlisht? Why Samsung is unable to propose it?White screen is simply pathetic...
  • Don't need it because the Microsoft app (Avatar Gadgets) is free. I only played with it a bit, when they first made it free but I think it had a flashlight app as well right?Edit: I checked it out... it's a white screen app.
  • It's built into to all Windows phone 7's NOW, just not called LED flashlight or anything fancy like that. The best part is, you don't even need to unlock your phone to use it. Just turn the camera on, switch to video, turn light on and start videoing. Once done, just delete the video or like me, I was able to video down a dark wall (remodel) I couldn't get my head close enough to get a good look down and was able to use the video to watch it back. Win Win right there!!
  • That's just pathetic...being forced to video something just to use the flipping light? No, the API MUST BE RELEASED for the LED activation. Before Mango, I unlocked my Focus and used the HTC app with great satisfaction on my device. I used it frequently. The "white screen app" is NOT bright enough, contrary to what some feeb said.
  • Agreed. This is simply ridiculous. And its not like it would even cost them anything or take money from MS.
  • I may be wrong, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that HTC was granted exclusive access to the LED specifically so that only they would have a flashlight app. Perhaps MS is now bound by that agreement. At any rate, couldn't someone make a "broken camera" app, wherein only the flash works, and stays on? Perhaps it's more complicated than that.
  • I released a Mango App called "White Light" to the marketplace right now. It enables the flashlight trough focusing. It's not the perfect flashlight, but works reasonably well (and it sets the screen fully white for those without flashlight, but this can be toggled with a touch).If, one day, we get a direct LED interface, the app will of course get updated. Till then, this at least works.
  • Thru focusing... Dang thats clever!If only I had thought of that first :)