Ever since No Man's Sky launched on Xbox One, gamers have been asking for more environmental variety when it came to bodies of water. For example, oceans on certain planets needed more life forms and structures to explore. There needed to be a proper ecosystem in the depths. Luckily, Hello Games heard these requests and today launched "The Abyss" update for the game.

According to the studio, "The Abyss launches for free on all platforms today, an eerie underwater update. Explore oceans with new depth, filled with treasure and dangerous new life forms. Dive with friends, pilot a submarine around sunken wrecks and uncover a ghost story amongst buried treasure."

It's great to see that this feature made its way into No Man's Sky because it enhances immersion. Being able to explore a sprawling world underneath the waves not only gives players more to do, but it also makes them believe that the planets they're exploring could be real.

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No Man's Sky was previously a PlayStation 4 console exclusive for many years. A few months ago, developer Hello Games surprised everyone by announcing that the game was coming to Xbox One over the summer. The title blends exploration with space combat, and takes place in a procedurally-generated universe. There's a lot to do and discover in the game, and the randomness is endless.

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