No Man's Sky coming to Xbox One this year alongside major new update

No Man's Sky, the controversial space exploration title from Hello Games, is headed to Xbox One this year. But that's not all: Hello Games is set to deliver a major new update called "Next," which the developer describes (opens in new tab) as its "biggest update so far," on all platforms.

On Xbox One, No Man's Sky will be enhanced for Xbox One X, including support for HDR and 4K. The game will ship with all three of the game's previous updates. From Hello Games:

No Man's Sky on Xbox One is huge. It includes the initial ambitious release, and all three major updates which changed so much: Foundation brought base building, freighter ownerships and survival game mode; Pathfinder introduced vehicles, online base sharing, and permadeath; Atlas Rises added 30 hours of story, a new procedural mission system and a visual overhaul.

As for the "Next" update, Hello Games is staying mum on exactly what's included. However, the developer describes it as the "next step on a longer journey" for it and the No Man's Sky community.

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No Man's Sky originally launched in 2016 for PC and as a console-exclusive on PlayStation 4. The game received quite a bit of hype ahead of its launch, which ultimately led to resounding disappointment as players and critics found that the game didn't quite live up to what was promised. Since then, Hello Games has fleshed out the game with three major updates, and it stands to add to that with the upcoming "Next" update.

There's no exact release date just yet, but No Man's Sky for Xbox One will be distributed by 505 Games for its release this year.

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  • If Sean Murray is involved, im out
  • Make it Xbox play anywhere if possible
  • This is massive news! I can't wait to play it on my Xbox One X!
  • Interesting 🤔
  • This is the only PS exclusive I wanted to play! Awesome
  • Received quite a bit of hype?
    Sony brought NMS to e3 every year. Same as how they're trying to push PSVR and Kojima, they pushed NMS real hard.
    "I cannot guarantee what will happen next" is all we got at every e3. Number of planets in the game == size of ulong. A programmer, under a millisecond, should've known the trick to his planet generator. There's no magic, everything is controllable, nothings' random, therefore, generate a debug planet for you to talk about on-stage should be no hassle and yet…
  • Wait. Was it at the conference in 2016? or are you simply make things up?
    By comparison MS hyped SoT a lot more...
    They are pushing a tech and trying to make it work. They are trying to innovate and try to support it? I mean it's not like how MS just let kinect die. Hardly ever supported it by making kinect games this gen.
  • The game has gotten better every patch on PC.
  • So now Xbox owners can be disappointed too.
  • They're seriously still working at this game huh? I would've called it a game similar to ET, where all copies of the game and code were buried in the desert never to be spoken of again.
  • Eh, I got over NMS pretty quickly, I'm sure it's great now but I can't be bothered slogging through the initial tedium to get to the good stuff.