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What you need to know

  • No Man's Sky is a space simulator from Hello Games.
  • It features endless procedurally-generated planets for you to explore.
  • The title has received numerous updates over the past few years.
  • The latest free download, called Desolation, adds abandoned freighters with tons of loot.

No Man's Sky started off as a relatively barebones experience, but in recent years, it's received a slew of updates that have made it into one of the best titles available on PC and consoles. Today, developer Hello Games released the Desolation patch that brings with it a number of bug fixes, but the biggest addition has to be abandoned freighters. According to the description, "Mysterious abandoned freighters floating in space and ripe for scavenging and looting in our latest free No Man's Sky update."

This should give you new ways to gather resources. We've been playing the update for an hour or so now, and the abandoned freighters are quite common in the galaxy. However, it seems like rewards are quite variable so what you get depends on your luck.

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No Man's Sky recently joined Xbox Game Pass so you can play it through your subscription on Xbox One and PC. The game is also Xbox One X Enhanced so it looks spectacular running at close to 4K resolution on Microsoft's latest console. If you haven't already, be sure to check out the game. It's a lot of fun now! According to a post on Xbox Wire by Hello Games, the Xbox Game Pass and Microsoft Store for PC launch added over 1 million players to the game.

Into the heavens

No Man's Sky Xbox One cover art

No Man's Sky

Take flight

No Man's Sky is packaged in a physical release, with all the new updates printed on the disc, so everything is in one easy location. You'll just need to download the updates to experience future content.

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