No Man's Sky developer is working to fix PC issues with a larger QA team

No Man's Sky developer Hello Games is working quickly to fix the many performance issues and bugs in the PC version of the space-based survival sandbox game. It's even bringing in a new QA group that's larger than the game's regular development team.

In a post on the game's official website, Hello Games head Sean Murray stated that the large number of players, plus the amount of time in their average play sessions, has been much more than the team had anticipated. He said that the team wanted to "sincerely apologise" to No Man's Sky players who have been experiencing issues. Here's just some of what it is doing to fix the current problems.

  • We've brought a new QA team on board today (larger than the entire Hello Games team!). This will complement the existing Sony QA team.
  • We are working on fixes for the most critical issues, which will be in a patch in the near future.
  • We will be moving to a ticketed support system next week, and have hired someone to manage this starting Monday.

There are also some workarounds to common issues:

  • If you believe you are stuck, or can't reach your ship, be aware you can jetpack forever whilst pushing against any surface
  • If you have made a mistake – you can revert to any of your two previous saves in the Options Menu
  • If you have left your ship somewhere inaccessible, you will be able to summon it from landing pads or beacons found at most buildings or points of interest (marked by question marks)

Murray also addresses issues with people who pre-ordered the game who have even unable to access their extra ship:

In most cases so far, the player has either not redeemed their bonus correctly from the PS store or from the Options Menu. Also sometimes players have received the bonus, but the name displayed in-game was incorrect. The Alpha Vector ship is named Domanish S84 in-game, and (in the US) the Rezosu AZ65 is named Final Shadow XIV in game.

Finally, he also talks about some player who did get their pre-order ship, but later got stranded if they bought or transferred to another ship that does not have a hyperdrive:

In most cases the player is actually able to continue (107 of the 135 reports emailed so far). The game already detects the player needs a hyperdrive and directs them to a nearby NPC who will give the player the hyperdrive they need. Some other players were able to resolve this issue by restarting their console.

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  • "We've brought a new QA team on board today. This will complement the existing Sony QA team." So they did not even have a PC QA team??? That is hard to believe for a $60 game, but it would explain why most people can't play the PC version at all because of the bugs. That is incompetance for you right there.  
  • And having a QA team larger than your dev team is actually not the good thing that it sounds. Sure they will find lots of issues but the dev team still needs the time and resource to fix them.
  • My thought exactly. Clearly the console version was the focus. Probably pressure from Sony.
  • Says it all, they only had a Sony team and guess what the PlayStation is fine.
  • They said they weren't expecting a huge pc outcome so they figured that they could pick up the here and there's. I don't blame them. At least they are trying to make it right.
  • Maybe they should of accessed their steam account to see the number of pre orders. Bet they are fully aware now of the number of returns. It would be even worse if steam were not sticking to the two hour rule even when rejecting games due to performance issues.
  • too late. this game is a flop
  • I really do hope this fix this. This game has really some potential in it.
  • What is wrong with these developers recently???? PC is meant to be the Master Race, yet here we are with another game being made unplayable because of bad porting, bad development or because of low expectations, it happened with Batman: Arkham Knight, Quantum Break and now this, I hope they don't carry on this trend!!!! I don't understand how they keep releasing these games when they are practically broken on arrival, anyone would think games companies would learn a lesson from the Arkham Knight fiasco!!!! I'm hoping Deus Ex: Mankind Divided won't suffer with any of these problems!!!!
  • They are following MS beta guidelines. MS fired it's own QA's long ago.
  • No they didn't. They merged the various QA teams and not as many were needed. But hey, let's keep telling everyone the same thing over and over again.
  • It's been happening since the post- "Crysis" era
  • The dumbest thing is that they allow for a wide range of resolutions, but the aspect ratio for PC is locked at 16:9 - so nothing else works right.
  • and they wonder why we have piracy
  • It's sad they didn't get it right from the start for alot of people. But to be honest, my underpowered system with an i5 3330, a palit geforce gtx 750ti 2GB, and 8GB ram, is running pretty smooth. Only when the game first came out it showed a .dll file was missing, so i fixed that, then i had to restart once to fix framerate issues, but since then i have enjoyed at least 10 hours of smooth gameplay.
  • Had a look at the game and IMO it's really a "My First Sony" version of EvE Online with much more shallow and limited gameplay options and way to cartoonish GFX for my taste. Also, unlike EvE, you do not have the trial account option. WIthout the possibility of playing before paying it's not even a consideration..
  • Yeah, way too cartoony for sure. No thanks.
  • This happens when producers like Sony and other bigs have as first target making money and not the customer satisfaction.
    These are the results.
    We have triple AAA games with high price which doesn't work and they are developed mainly for consoles, with all the limitations in terms of gfx quality and gameplay.
  • This still won't fix the issue of the game being empty and plain boring.
  • its not boring or empty, its just not your taste :) for me The Division or Destiny is empty, repetitive and boring
  • From what I've heard, it's a big, empty universe. The space stations only have one inhabitant to talk to, which seems empty. Planets have few life forms to interact with. Most of the planets are somewhat similar from what I've seen. Granted, some people WILL still enjoy that. But it still seems like a limitation.
  • AHA so you just heard of it... but never tried?? So why are you writing an opinion of it?
  • I can tell you that's wrong. Sure there are empty planets. But the last two I have been on had great flora and animal life. Traders streaming across the sky. Awesome crystals and light. 3 out of 6 have been great. That's not bad when you can just jump to another planet. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They should drop the price, and ensure anyone who buys the game for PC now that they'll get the DLC for free, then fix all this in a DLC that brings the total price back up to $60.  
  • the price will drop automaticaly... after some time... but not now... on my PC everything is fine and I am not alone. OK, a lot of people have some problems but thats normal
  • How is it normal for a lot of people to be having problems?
  • Normal?
  • New normal of Microsoft platforms.
  • They said that they had no plans for DLC.
  • But also said it will be free updates. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The console version has alot of issues too.