Here's what's been fixed and improved in the latest PC patch for No Man's Sky

Developer Hello Games has released yet another bug fixing patch for its space-based survival sandbox game No Man's Sky on the PC. However, we are still waiting for the promised new features that will be added to the game.

The new 90MB 1.09 patch is the first update for the PC version of the game in three weeks. The change log shows that the patche make the game better at recovering corrupted save files, along with frame rate improvements, some changes in the Discovery UI and more. Here is the full change log:

  • The game is now much more robust at recovering corrupted save files.
  • It was possible for players to circumnavigate obtaining the Antimatter blueprint using very specific steps, leaving some players stranded in their second system. This is no longer possible.
  • PC and PS4 galaxy generation more robust during compiling.
  • Exosuit messaging system no longer confuses "on planet" and "docked in station" visor notifications, removing all doubt as to the location of the player's Starship.
  • Improved framerate when scanning colossal structures such as Space Stations or Outposts.
  • Fix for some terrain resources being indestructible and therefore unmineable.
  • Exosuit messaging system now able to correctly differentiate between resource types. Deposits discovered by scans will now display as the correct element.
  • Gek Factory door manufacturing standards have been improved; they no longer take critical hits from Grenades.
  • Drone vandalism detection improved. Wanted level now increases when destroying Factory doors however powerful the players Multitool may be.
  • Pulsedrive systems now fully offline during warping.
  • Players are no longer able to open crates of any type if their inventory is full, no matter the contents, preventing loss of resources.
  • When interacting with a Terminal, it will print out the players Journey progression. Some strings in this print out where cut-off in Asian languages, these now display correctly in all supported languages.
  • Fixed an occasional bug within the Exosuit system that caused controller prompts to display the wrong button.
  • Changes to player Standing with the Gek, Vy'keen and Korvax now display correctly within the stats menu.
  • Fix for loss of resources when transferring fully stacked items between the player's Starship and Exosuit in a specific order.
  • Fix for stacking products exploit. Resources salvaged from dismantled technologies now fill inventory slots as expected.
  • Exosuit and Starship messaging system now always displays the correct number of collected resources.
  • Discovery menu improvements, including fixes for incorrectly displayed planet names and creatures displaying as their molecular structure.
  • Discovery menu now supports planets with an abundance of life. Specifically, planets featuring 15 creature types can now reach 100% completion.
  • Multitool Beam Coolant and Exosuit Aeration Membrane upgrades now increase their respective stat wheels as expected.
  • The player can no longer buy multiple products when they do not have enough slots to do so, preventing loss of both the unit cost and the extra products.
  • Japanese localization fixes. Including: scrolling text issues, overlapping prompts in the ship messaging system and Multitool names displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixed clipped text on save game restore buttons in all supported languages.
  • Fixed errant title bar on the menu screen.
  • Player Standing now updates in real time when interacting with members of the Gek, Vy'keen and Korvax races.
  • Minor fix for saves of a duration less than 2 minutes displaying as "1 minutes".
  • Improvements to various settings within the options menu, including advancements in mouse smoothing and refined gamma settings allowing for increased tenebrosity.
  • Fix for creature generation crash.
  • Fixes to prevent FPS spikes when encountering momentary performance bumps on PS4.
  • Fixed a rare issue where pressing and holding a button would cause the game to crash under specific circumstances.
  • Creature footfall now audibly echos within caves.
  • Fix for perpetual day time if the player updated in a specific order.
  • Bump shader version numbers for patch 1.09
  • Fix for a rare situation where a player's save could get stuck in a crash loop due to saving at very specific point in planet generation.
  • Improved detection of available PC CPU cores and optimised settings for low-end CPUs with few CPU cores.

Hello Games has previously pledged to begin adding new features and content to the game in the future, but only after fixing its many issues. Aside from published change logs, the developer has been very quiet in the last few weeks about its future plans for the game.

John Callaham
  • Still waiting to be added: "Excitement".
  • Hahaha, for real though.
  • I seriously doubt there will ever be new features, the devs are spending so long fixing lots of bugs that at some point they will just abandon anything they had planned.
  • I will not buy until the have an ENDING like they PROMISED​. The fact that they glorified this epic, mysterious journey to the center of the universe is so hilariously awful because nothing of significance actually happens when you get there! You're just given a new galaxy of monotony to grind through!
  • It depends on your POV, giving birth to a new galaxy is quite an epic thing. Given the very minimalist design ethos with NMS I can understand why you might consider it awful.
  • You never actually even reach the center. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm so glad it wasn't released for the XO... I would be so angry if I had paid for this. Tried it at a friends house and after 45 minutes it felt like I had already done everything at least twice.
  • So this isn't worth playing at all?
  • It's worth playing, just not at its current price point. Wait for a sale. Bought both PC & PS4 versions as pre-orders and have some buyer's remorse now.
  • Ou ouch that must have hurt. But I agree that the game will be more worth it when it's around the 30$ mark. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If only exploration and mining resources with your gun for 95% of the time is a viable option for you as gameplay, then this game is for you.
    Otherwise stay the hell away from it because you can bore yourself to death. Posted via the Windows Central App
  • The exploration is lackluster, because there is nothing truly unique to discover. It's all the same shallow worlds, with creatures that basically meander and are essentially moving resource nodes. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You would think that with the amount of problems they are having for this game, that this would be a Win 10 mobile feature they are trying to develop. =P
  • Spore is $10 on GOG. NMS isn't worth 10c to be honest, at least not for what is basically a rubbish tech demo of what was originally some nice looking CGI "gameplay".
  • Haters everywhere for this game... I paid for and actually like this game. It lets me zone out and just go do my thing without being to complicated. I played Skyrim forever and I feel like I will with this game too.
  • I feel the same way Zeroplanetz. I'm actually really enjoying the game. It only gets better with each patch release. Happy times ☺
  • Skyrim had depth to its exploration. Unique things to uncover and discover. NMS exploration is shallow. Nothing truly unique to see or find. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I was really looking forward to buying the game. So much promise, so much bullwhip.
  • Definitely a case of style over substance
  • This game is a prime example of why people should stop preordering games. Give the devs all the money before you know what you're getting.
  • I said the same thing for Spore. Then for Sim City. Then for Aliens Colonial Marines. Obviously still hadn't learned since I pre-ordered NMS during the E3 hype.
  • I stopped caring when peter molenouex pulled the same speech before hos game launched. Never trust a dev that has no history of triple A title.