The Nokia Amber update for Lumia hardware is already loaded on new Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 units. The update is expected to hit other Lumia Windows Phones soon, but before then we've been teased at a pre-release build running on a Lumia 920. If you're out the loop and are still eagerly awaiting to have the update installed on your Nokia Windows Phone, be sure to head on past the break to check out what's new. 

We've previously looked at what's coming in the Amber update for Lumia smartphones, but here's the quick walk through of the Amber update on a Lumia 920:

We're looking at glance screen settings, always-on clock, double-tap to wake, Smart Camera, Data Sense, FM Radio and Lotus Notes Traveller account support. Unleash the Phones notes that they're using a near-final build and we can all expect to see the Amber update roll out within the next few weeks.

via: Unleash the Phones