Nokia Amber update previewed on Lumia 920, said to be nearing release

The Nokia Amber update for Lumia hardware is already loaded on new Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 units. The update is expected to hit other Lumia Windows Phones soon, but before then we've been teased at a pre-release build running on a Lumia 920. If you're out the loop and are still eagerly awaiting to have the update installed on your Nokia Windows Phone, be sure to head on past the break to check out what's new. 

We've previously looked at what's coming in the Amber update for Lumia smartphones, but here's the quick walk through of the Amber update on a Lumia 920:

We're looking at glance screen settings, always-on clock, double-tap to wake, Smart Camera, Data Sense, FM Radio and Lotus Notes Traveller account support. Unleash the Phones notes that they're using a near-final build and we can all expect to see the Amber update roll out within the next few weeks.

via: Unleash the Phones

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I heard it all before...
  • exactly.  I don't want to hear about "coming" and "soon" it is like a broken record from the WP7 days.
  • Still waiting on the 'coming' WP7.8 for my ATT Samsung Focus!!!
  • Do the WiFi trick. You'll get the firmware as well.
  • Download the seven eighter software from windows phone hacker its very easy, or the wifi trick but it is more difficult. I updated my Samsung focus with seven eighter
  • As Rick says, please try the WiFi trick, i'm sure you will receive the update ... 
    Best regards!
  • If you haven't figured out how to get that just give up and go home...
  • No, he has a right to be upset.  Users shouldn't have to research workaround methods to trick their phone into upgrading to a long ago promised update.  When WP7 was first announced, a solid upgrade system was one of the promissed benifits over the fragmented crap shoot of Android.  Boy did that turn out wrong...
  • I agree with you but for the most part, regular users don't give two shits about updates. They have these WiFi tricks to circumvent certain limitations that they know techies will be able to follow or do for their loved ones.
  • Whats WiFi trick?
  • Good luck with that.. I was waiting too until I forgot 7.8 even existed...
  • Use seven eighter. I did it with my wife's AT&T focus flash and it was easy as click click, wait, done.
  • Let it go.
  • That's right! Besides, "within the next few weeks" still sounds like a long time. :/
  • anybody remember Mango?  THAT was how you do an update, and with the "Where's My Update" page putting heat on carriers it made the updates actually happen.  I KNEW that once they took that page down carriers would return to their old ways and I was 100% correct.
  • When carriers say "take the page down or we wont sell your phones" there ain't much even MS can do
  • Except the reason for this change is supposedly at the request of Nokia who wanted time to add their own (Amber) changes to the GDR.
  • Mango was amazing. I hope 8.1 brings as many new features, bug fixes, and freshness to our beloved OS
  • Weeks = 2 months -_-
  • Yep, pretty much
  • Was that for me ??
  • He replied to you so I would hazard a guess yes.
  • Your hazardous!
  • Well that's WPC's wording, not Nokia/MS, I reckon we'll have the update by second week of August from the other rumours flying around.
  • I agree, few weeks typically is about 6-8 weeks. It'll be the fall by the time I see this update.
  • Exactly. THIS on the heels of the story on how slow MS is with updating Windows Phone.  Time to release the stories from writers of  "Sources Say" magazine. lol.  We have been hearing August was the timeline so we'll see.
  • MS did release GDR2 in April/May, so it's not totally their fault this time. Nokia have been concentrating on getting new hardware out and prioritised getting GDR & Amber onto those devices over updates for existing handsets.
  • +1840
  • How is the camera in Amber vs. Before 920 Amber and the 1020?
  • 928 please...
  • +928
  • Verizon will be last as usual.
  • I'm betting Verizon will have this update by December..
  • Screw that, I'm going to start calling Verizon and bitching.... I want FM radio during baseball season so I can listen to games and not have to pay MLB $40 per year, never mind that there is no Windows Phone app this year for MLB...
  • December yes.. but which f*****ng year? And before anybody thinks its a joke, lets think about that for a second.. knowing how lightning-fast updates and useful improvements are coming to WP (NOOOOOT!)
  • Exactly, 928 released under a month from the 925 and 1020, yet no amber...should've been released with it imo
  • First I'd heard that the 928 didn't come with Amber, I assumed it did like the 925. Nokia should've waited to release it with Amber like they did with the 925 for sure.
  • a stable one for the lumia 720... faaasssttttt.
  • Lumia 620 please ;)
  • Is BT 4.0 coming in this release too?
  • Ofc Daniel only listed a few things that stand out there are loads of other improvements and features ;)
  • Only for lumia's 520, 620 and 720. It's what I heard about.
  • Its coming to 92x, 82x as well
  • Its coming to all Lumia phones we have the same soc !!!!!!
  • Nice!
  • Yes
  • Good :D
  • I must have some form of intuition. Woke up at 1am last night and just felt like there might be some news on my 920 gettng getting the amber update. So I went on a bing frenzy last night looking for any updates lol
  • There's "news" nearly every day, just never anything official.
    Seems it's in the hands of the carriers now at least.
  • Hands of the carriers? I have an unlocked device (Lumia 720). Bought it unlocked in store. So in what hands am I then?
  • Nokia's. Stupid question.
  • Good, considering Jo Harlow originally said July for this
  • Technically she is right. Samsung and HTC have released the update. Nokia is taking longer because they added more features.
  • Interesting considering she is from Nokia :)
  • Actually she is from Microsoft
  • Jo Harlow EVP Nokia Smartphones. Must be a different JH you're talking about then?
  • You are right my mistake.
  • Yes but first has some dire consequences just look at some htc users
  • Quite true :)
  • Lol did you send that to me ?? xD
  • What is with you? Not used to people replying?
  • Yeah seriously, that guy sounds creepy.
  • True
  • Enjoying it already!
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  • I thought the word was puta
  • Puta= bee-utch, I think.
  • Actually Lumia is a Finnish word.. A non used word that comes from Lumi that means snow..
  • Oh please...if you say Lumia to a Spanish (I Am Spanish) he will think about Light, lighting... That meaning was used more than 200 years ago... So stop this bullshit
  • I'm just repeating that was said in a previous article posted on wpc. My bad
  • Could be, but I speak Spanish and I've never used that word. Might mean prostitute but that's not the way it's commonly said.
    "prostituta"= prostitute. Bing translator doesn't know what Lumia is either
  • Es puro pedo que lumia es prostituta, never heard of lumia before Nokia named their phones that.
  • tal vez el nombre de la prostituta era Lumia y es donde ese hijo de puta empezó el rumor.
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  • Either way, it leads to something hard in your pants.
  • One has an option of a 2 year contract (US)
  • No. It doesn't. Or atleast shouldn't... lol
  • It's not Lumia. It's Lumi, and its slang and only used in Spain. I'm from Madrid.
  • And what does it stand for?
  • Rich, noticed this 920 has Data Sense - I presume it's the non branded version. I believe the 1020 (on AT&T) does not have sense and I imagine it would then be the3 same for the at&t versions of the 920 & 820. Have you heard anything otherwise?
  • I remember in the event it being mention that the 1020 will have Data Sense and that the carriers might not be too happy about it (jokingly said)
  • So, is Data Sense available for unlocked (=> No Branding) 920s too? or what?
  • Dont hold your breath
  • For carrier free phones...yes
  • Show me the proof
  • Data sense is a carrier opt in/out feature. If there aren't any carriers then its an opt in thru Nokia itself, example carrier free phones sold in India come w/ Data sense out of the box, i dont have one so i can't confirm but someone who does might be able to, as i have read it many times in articles/forums over WPC
  • But still something like data sense is basic which Microsoft does not provide me woth
  • I have the unlocked 920 in India and I don't have any Data Sense in it.
  • I have read site members mention about having data sense on their factory unlocked 920/820s running pre/ GDR2 firmware so may be some Lumias are running slightly different firmwares
  • My carrier free  820 came with data sense right out of the box. OS Version: 8.0.10211.204
  • Nope. You are wrong there. I have a 920 and a 720. Both do not have data sense. And yes, both are unlocked and bought in India.
  • I pretty much hope for Data Sense on unlocked Phones. ATIV S and 8X did not include Data Sense, maybe its a Lumia exclusive thing? (Im talking about unlocked phones not carrier branded)
  • My friend with gdr1 has got data sense.. Weird... India.,
  • Can wait to put my 928 inside Amber. She'll love it so much~ (´▽`*)
  • how do you know that your 928 is a "she"??
  • I think it's just what you prefer :p
  • He's talkin' 'bout Amber! She will love having a 928 shoved up her arse! Did I just made the last thing up? Oops..
  • Speed it up! We need her to com!
  • cmon amber you freaking bitch ive been,waiting for too long
  • As someone said above 2 weeks = 2 months. Lol
  • She's so naughty! Taking so long to com!
  • This wasn't funny the first time you said it.
  • Suck !!! 620, plz
  • I have the 1020 with this pre installed. Before people being to comment, I have now reset this phone 2 times. It was initially setup from backup, reset and setup as new and again as new last night. Known issues.
    1. My capacitive buttons don't always stay lit when it should. Many times, I press them and they are still unlit.
    2. Over 7 GB of "other storage" . Can't seem to get rid of that. I only have last month of email from one account synced. 10 music albums, 1 movie, about 200 pictures. No video or audio podcasts. No downloaded YouTube videos. Makes no sense to me.
    3. I sync this with an iMac. The hi red pics go into iphoto, but when I sync the event back to the phone, only the low red pics show up in the albums. My habit is to sync with iMac, then delete camera roll from phone, then sync the event. So after synching the event, I can't edit the hi res pics any more because I took them off the phone and they don't sync back. (this is just fyi). Maybe a windows phone connector app update will fix this. Other than that, I am very happy with this phone and the features of amber. Especially the peek feature in glance and double tap to wake. (less wear and tear for the power button)
  • Can't you just drag and drop those high res pics to the phone. I sort of don't get why people like synching these days when its easier to just drag and drop files. At least thats the way i see it.
  • 1. Pressing them doesn't always make them light up.
    2. This sucks.
    3. Putting hi res photos on your phone scales them down I believe.
  • 7 Gigs of other? :/ how many Gigs of Offline Maps do you have installed? Go to Strage check it´ll tell you... Always had the same issue with my 920 and some day i found out it was just map data, that made the other storage look big.
  • GDR2 also fixes WAV audio playback and repeated notification sounds while on a call.
  • Oh cool, that's good. It was so weird getting 3 noties while on a call
  • Great! Now would they release it already!
  • Not sure about that... I think I received a notification on my 1020 while I was on a call yesterday and it still went off like crazy.
  • For WAV files does it happen to be Free PBX voice mail? If not does anyone use free PBX and have GDR2? Thanks in advance.
  • I want it for the eight twenty two...
  • There is no peek option in glance screen?
  • Update your display+touch
  • My 820 is starving for Amber...especially Glance an Radio, hopefully improved camera performance too :D
  • +820
  • +829
  • I really wish something could be done about the horrible call quality when the phones get hot. I have had 5 920's and my bro has had 2 and whenever the phones get really hot from like using a chat app or a game outgoing audio in a phone call is terrible. All cracking
  • I can't wait I really think I need it, last couple of weeks I noticed my Lumia start to act buggy and that was a little shocker
  • Last time we got news didn't it hit the same day?
  • Is the Smart camera you are talking of the Smart Camera pro?
  • Yep and also pro camera will come soon. :P
  • Then when August comes, it'll be pushed back to September..
  • Lol it won't come just because your so negative :)
  • C'mon guys! Release the update 
  • Release the Kraken!!
  • what about video seeking?? Wasn't there talks about upgrading it from those buttons which we use now ??
  • Anyone
  • What's video seeking? Do you mean search?
  • He means like ff or rewind instead of just the two buttons which skips 30 seconds and rewinds 10secs.
  • Soon, coming soon, very soon, almost released, nearly done, nearly released.........................................
  • you forgot "in a few weeks"
  • Of next year
  • Lool +1 (i see what you did there :P )
  • Upcoming, on the way, slowly rolling out, within the next few weeks, ready for release, exiting beta, right around the corner, any day now, by the end of the year, sometime this summer, around the holidays... tired of it!
  • Lol
  • Cool! Oh wait...I've been hearing this since June...
    Ah lets not forget the "all-mighty" carriers that always get a final say over this for no logical reason whatsoever. So...September. Maybe. If everything goes well.
  • You mean December :P
    But yes August is not the true arrival for for some of us
  • I'm guessing that a release in the next few week means the end of august. 
  • Nokia counters please come back Microsoft doesn't care about me lol :/
  • Now that was a feature I'd like to see back!
  • Come on already, its almost the time for GDR3.
  • Lol so true
  • Yeah now I fear GDR3 will hit the 1020 & 925 this year and others "in the first half of 2014"
  • Nah they will release new phones hopefully a phablet with the grd3 then 5 months later the other we will get
  • Wasn't 8.1 coming around this new year? At this rate, I fear it will be postponed to 2015 and by that time other OS's would be light years ahead of WP.
  • WP9 (or 8.1 whatever) was delayed to 2014...somewhere in 2014...
  • In what universe is 8.1 equivalent to 9 :/
  • This is bad. Not that there's any chance but hope they will speed up to keep WP inline with Windows.
  • Will there be a fix for if the phone from nokia get Bricked? (like the HTC 8X), or had it something to do with the HTC 8X firmware when they released GDR2? Cause I don't want to have a 1 month old 920 getting bricked :/. That would suck
  • I don't think there will be problems
  • I hope not hihihi
  • Worst case even if there is any you can always reflash it using NPS
  • i wish my phone get bricked!! so i can throw it in nokia cares face!
  • For some reason I found this hilarious. To be fair, my experience with Nokia care has always been pleasant
  • It's called "being passive aggressive", look it up. If you're not satisfied with your phone, return or sell it.
  • Please come out this week. I leave for vacation next week, don't want to update it right before I leave.
  • Enjoy your update-less holidays ;)
  • So long the "few weeks" is...
  • I get Nokia related updates pretty fast, here in India. Carrier independence is worth something:D
  • This is absolutely utterly ridiculous that two. . ."TWO" phones come with this firmware and we current Lumia owners are still waiting for this update. I am speechless, this has been out for months! What the hell could possibly be holding up the show. This is laughable, what a joke. Go go gadget phone
  • Well you're rather feisty, aren't you.
    We're all out of patience and are eagerly waiting for it, but these are first world problems, so calm your titeejs.
  • Carrier testings and regional testings. Microsofts' "one update source to rule them all" idea was just a dream from the start.
  • The next few weeks! This is insane!
  • for 620 where :( 
  • FYI, Lotus notes traveler works pre-amber update, source: I have it currently setup on my L920
  • What about the pro cam?
  • im having the same question.
  • I don't see much benefits from this 'Amber' update. First time I am not excited about a new Nokia related update
  • Well someone does someone doesn't, but it is adding some cool new features and some that should have been there form the start. 
  • this soon thing is now irritating me, just let us know when, break this suspense thing.
  • I've been using Nokia phones for almost ten years. They never do that. You may get the month but not the exact date.
  • I can't find the glance settings on my 1020... Can any one help?
  • Check under "display+touch".
  • hah.. next few weeks?!? enough already!
  • All this situation about updates for WP devices IS NOT NORMAL!
  • If the 920 is getting BT 4.0 from this release, can we expect Fitbit and co. to finally release proper apps for our devices so we can take advantage of BT 4.0 and use all those little activity monitors? 
    Its slightly annoying that I still need to whip out the iPad or what have you just to be able to sync my device :(
  • I own a 1020 and the other storage problem is really a issue that needs to be addressed. I reinstalled all of my apps from backup and synced my usual number of songs to my phone, about 2,500. And the phone is eating storage out of the box! By the time I finished syncing everything apps, music and all, I only had 2.23 GB of available storage left compared to 8 GB on my 920. I reset and manually downloaded all of my apps, but the launches from a fresh reset with 2.60 GB sitting in the other area out of the box. IDK, but main question is, does the 1020 actually ship with Data Sense installed, because I've search everywhere on my phone and I haven't located it. Yet instill I keep hearing how GDR2 ships with Data Sense, but haven't heard it mentioned in any reviews! Am I missing something?
  • Tell me something. Does that prevent you from installing new apps? I heard that it gets deleted if you force it.
  • It doesn't prevent me from installing new apps, but the setup and everything on my 1020 is the same as my 920 and the available storage after I reinstalled all my apps and music is 2.23 GB compared to 8 GB available on my 920, because the "Other" area keeps growing. Right now I have 3.49 GB sitting in "Other". How do you force delete, because those storage cleaners and shrinkers are garbage? Keep in mind, auto upload to skydrive is turned off and I only have the map for Connecticut installed on my phone and that map is tiny.
  • People are saying that if you fill your phone up, the other storage shrinks constantly to the point of 1-2gigs. That was what I meant. I can't really know for sure though, I don't have GDR2.
  • 2,500 songs? Geez.
  • So...
    Where is Nokia Pro Cam?
    Will be able for 920?
  • Can't wait for new updates. :D
  • I'm scared to update. When I try to update, I end up having to get another phone due to me getting stuck on gears! I can live without!
  • Then your phone will be forever stuck in the past.  When it comes out try the update if it bricks then there will be ways to fix it.   Ther are threads here ion WPC to help get it unbricked.  Sheesh   get a backbone!
  • Will smart camera come to phones with 512 Mb ram?
  • No. Possibly not to any phones under 900 series.
  • Even i thought that,but newly announced Lumia 625 has 512 Mb ram and it has smart camera,So i thought this update includes smart cam,either through amber or through an update to app.
  • Smart camera will come to all lumia phones, 1 gig phones will take 10 pics at 1 second and 5 mp pictures, 512 mb lumias will take 7 photos in one second and 1 mp pictures, nokia has told that few weeks ago
  • Hopefully EE in the UK are as good as their ads say they are and push the update out as soon as possible. If not then Kevin Bacon will soon be sold under bacon in the supermarket.
  • The amber update is incredible I have it on my 1020 and this phone is 25x better than my 920
  • Your Amber experience is just a little bit different you 1020 user you. I have the L925 and its not really any more exciting than before. Minor UI changes. I am a happy camper tho
  • I hope others were able to listen  I had no audio on the video and some overlay add for a download program stuck in the middle of this video What a collossal waste of time 
  • "Your phone is up to date. Last checked 2 seconds ago" Damm you phone, damm you!
  • Mean while i'll play with my new iPhone....
  • Man your so cool.
  • New????
  • What a bunch of whiny, pessimistic, little retards some of you are.
  • I cant believe some of these post are from actual WindowsPhone users...
  • C'mon Nokia .... Buck up ... You're disappointing your consumers!!!!
  • Wake me in 8 months when WP8.1 arrives. Even GDR3 looks boring to existing users unless they do back-port some of the 8.1 stuff.
  • AnyBody knows the exact date(or Month)....?
  • It would be nice if there had been some narration to make it clearer what we were about to see. 
  • I hope this will fix the low volume issue. :'(
  • Volume segregation, background apps, portrait lock mode are very much needed :) 
  • Can we change the color temperature for our screen and will we be able to set Smart Cam to launch automatically when we press the shutter button?
  • On L822, I don't get any text underneath the Software Release section...
  • Amber is overrated nothing exciting.
  • Nokia owners/Fans like myself when people compare apple to windows!! BUT!!! Apple says there will be a software release on a certain date and it happens. Why as Nokia/Winows phone users not have this??? Sorry but if you want customers happy get organised, its the most frustrating thing being told coming soon........ few weeks time........ Nearing final build............ A date that is all we want!!!! PS- Love my 920 thankfully..............................................
  • All i want to hear of amber is battery improvments, nothing else.
  • Every few days i go back to using my Note 2 cause of battery really annoying me as its so bloody poor!!.....Then i miss the 920 and go back!!!! Help, Nokia has a hold on me!!