A quick look at what's new in the Lumia 925 and the upcoming "Amber" firmware update [Updated]

The Nokia Lumia 925 has only just been released in China (as well as other markets) and while we've been able to get some hands-on action,  technology website WPDang has taken the new Windows Phone for a test run, probing for new functions of features in the Nokia "Amber" firmware that comes pre-loaded with it. Amber is Nokia's codename for the next minor Windows Phone 8 system refreshment which is known as "GDR2".

Aside from the standard update from Microsoft, Nokia has also packed in some of its own additions intended for Lumia phones only.

The OS version on the Lumia 925 is 8.0.10327.77. But when popping into the extra+info panel there's now a large "Lumia Amber" under software release, which should be blank on existing Lumia hardware. Component versions listed on this panel have curiously got nothing on what's listed on current Lumia Windows Phones.

The expected "double tap to wake up" feature can be configured in the display+touch panel of general system settings. Under the "touch" tab there is now an additional checkbox to turn the double tap waking feature on or off. Meanwhile the display+touch setting has got a new tab called "glance", which is the lockscreen clock feature. There are two options, the first is to kill the lockscreen clock after 15 minutes (off, 15 minutes or always on), and the second dims the clock during night time (this can be set).

The account and email settings of Windows Phone has received some update love too. Aside from Google, Nokia, Outlook, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Sina Weibo (this is only available for China folks), in Amber you can also add IBM Notes Traveler accounts to your phone.

With the Amber update loaded, you can now enjoy the "flip to silence" function (picture on the left, bottom toggle) which HTC has been building into its Windows Phone from day one. The option is hidden under "audio" settings (the setting panel thrown in by Nokia, not the generic "ringtones+sounds" from Microsoft).

Nokia has also added more wallpapers to Lumia 925's picture library. Of course the wallpaper files work perfectly on Lumia 920 also, the two of them sporting exactly the same screen resolution after all. If you are interested, WPDang extracted the pictures and shared over their SkyDrive here.

Finally we move on to Smart Camera. You've been waiting for this nice little app for quite some time, haven't you? I won't talk any more about what it does again, since you folk should have read aplenty about it already here on Windows Phone Central. One thing might come as a bit of a shocker though: with Lumia Amber firmware, it has been confirmed that the Nokia Smart Camera can replace the standard camera app. If your phone is bumped up to the Amber firmware, go to the system settings interface, switch to "applications" tab, and find "photos+camera" under it.

There will be a new dropdown list letting you specify which camera app to launch when you hold the shutter button. No more finding and opening separate apps. You won't even need to fumble with camera lenses. Hold the camera button and wake your phone from hibernation straight into Nokia Smart Camera. Neat, isn't it? Sadly we will probably not be able to do the same to other camera apps such as ProShot. I think can only be done by OEMs, who are allowed to work more magic than your average developers in the Windows Phone OS.

The color profiling in screen setting appears to have been altered slightly too. Earlier screenshots only show nonsense colorful doodles for users' reference in adjusting the saturation and temperature of the screen. Now apparently users are allowed to fine-tune the screen color to pictures in their own picture libraries.

And that's about it for now. We will keep you updated if any other new bits get spotted in the new firmware.

Source: WPDang


Hello again, Chassit the monkey does listen (if not so attentively, sorry). You guys are asking about FM radio, well it is there in Amber. Look at this:

Yes, that's radio under podcast.

Kane Gao
  • When is this phone coming out in the US, like 2 months after they announce it? Move faster T-Mobile/Nokia!
  • Yes the big EOS announcement is just a few weeks away. Why would they make the 925 available to T-Mobile after an announcement like that? I wish they had just made it exclusive to T-Mobile like what they did with the 928. Geez!
  • It is exclusive to T-mobile.
  • Not exactly. The 928 launched in the US for Verizon only. The Lumia is exclusive to T-Mobile only in the US. That's why we're still sitting around filling out pre-registration forms to find out when we get it.:)
  • Of course when T-mobile finally gets a high end Lumia they take the longest to release it. Its supposed to be out in June and its almost over! For all this time being taken the 925 better be bundled with something good on T-mobile...
  • Yeah, like what... T-Mobile TV?  :-/ I agree though, why is it taking so long? I mean I'd LOVE to believe it's because their getting the 32 gb version. But it's more likely to be they need time to strip out all the cool stuff listed in this article.
  • "Its supposed to be out in June and its almost over!"
    That was for the European launch, which has already happened. There was never a timetable for the US launch, only "after the global launch".
  • It's very unfortunate that they will release the 925 so close to EOS announcement.  This will probably keep the 925 from selling very well and T-Mobile will blame Nokia and further distance themselves from Nokia/Windows Phone.
  • Yeah no. EOS isn't for everyone.
  • It's not but will probably still hurt 925 sales.
  • EOS is only being announced on July 11th. It probably won't be available till fall. 
    I hope right before the 11th NL925 sales start. Anyway, I'm camping at my local tmobile store, kind of like an isheep
  • Yup, and offer nothing better than the 521 from here on out.  Can you tell I've been let down by their WP selection?
  • Yes. I really blame Nokia. Your phones will sell on every carrier. Please get out of bed with AT&T and give us last year's rehashed version of the 920 while AT&T gets something new and groundbreaking. The 925 couldn't have been released at a worse time save for the fact that T-Mobile customers(like me) who have seriously been waiting for a Nokia flagship finally get one to call their own.
  • Which weather app is that?
  • Weather flow i use it its swish
  • Cheers
  • No problem dude
  • I need this!!
  • I want this!!
  • I might try it!!
  • I can't have this! Wait, I can! Still have tmo account but will close them. Maybe save for one.
  • Kind of bizarre that the guy named his 925 "Rick's 920".
  • He probably restored a backup from his 920.
  • does restoring a backup reinstalls apps no longer published ? like Microsoft's YouTube app
  • Nope :(
  • Lol I still have it :D
  • When will 920 get update for it?
  • Now that is the Question to the Ultimate answer of Life, the Universe, and Everything. Hence, the answer is 42. On the other hand, if it's not available by the 12th of July, nokia and microsoft will face my wrath.
  • Why the 12th?
  • It's a day after Nokia's July 11th event where they will launch the 41MP EOS device.
  • How about control of the app notification ring tone? (preferably ability to set it per app!)
    Or mark as read on delete in email?
    Or push deletes and read status without having to sync email.
    And I guess the notification center than didn't make it in to 8.0 because they didn't have enough time still isn't ready.. wonder how much time you need to add this basic feature?
  • Also show all flagged messages in inbox irrespective of the "Download email from...past two weeks or two months" settings! A flagged message should always be visible, be it a day old or a year old!
  • Here here! And "All Unread" reguardless of when.
  • So swiping to the left to "FLAGGED" is too difficult?
  • You didn't understand. I meant ALL flagged messages should be visible at all times regardless of how old they are...obviously they will sync to the 'flagged' tab.
  • I prefer to use the live tiles for notification, but re occurring notifications (banner +sound) if unread until read or dismissed like JDB Facebook app is perfect.
  • Give us custom sms/alert tones PLEASE!
  • This!
  • + 925
  • +41MP
  • I love the color profiling options! I could never understand why companies wouldn't allow users to adjust their color levels and white balance. I can't wait for this update!
  • I'm with you can't wait. Only thing that will make this even better is if they would come out with full custom colors for the live tiles.
  • Oooohhh good point! I would love that too :)
  • Anyone know what updates MS is bringing to the table along with those mentioned from Nokia? Thanks.
  • +100  I have a 920 but I'm really more interested in what MS has fixed or changed.  "Other"?
  • What abt fm radio update
  • Yeah .. +925
  • +720 I'm eagerly awaiting this feature!
  • Just a quick reminder, if you want the ability to launch lens apps from the camera button (such as ProShot), please vote for the feature here! http://windowsphone.uservoice.com/forums/101801-feature-suggestions/sugg... I guess I'm gonna have to bug the good folks at Microsoft about this at //build next week :)
  • This, this and this.
  • Keep bugging them until they give in. and don't let them use the excuse "it's too dificult" because Nokia did it.
  • Can you tell me why the hell Ms takes so long on its developments?!!!
  • I've often wondered this same thing....
  • Because they are a huge company with multiple levels of teams that need to review them (which is why the restructuring is important), and because there are OEMs and carriers that have to approve and test it too. Be grateful since compared to Android and iOS, we get our updates at much faster intervals.
  • Doesn't really matter how fast the other companies are handing out updates (Android is still faster on that point, btw). The problem is WP is behind in several areas people care about, so you have to move faster to catch up. If you're starting from behind and continue to move even slower than the competition, you're just shooting your own foot. Microsoft needs to move faster with WP, bottom line.
  • Just highlights how weak the update is on Microsoft's part and how they themselves are the real problem with WP. Take away all the Nokia additions and you wouldnt even notice any difference after applying this. Why bother releasing an update and not add any substantial features? What a wasted opportunity.
  • Agree 100%.  
  • Yeah, seems like Nokia is doing more than Microsoft at this point. Hopefully will see something at 8.1.
  • From my understanding, Microsoft have (almost) nothing to do with the Amber update, this is a nokia thing. Microsoft has the GDR2 (and probably GDR3) and WP 8.1 (blue). GDR2 should be rolling maybe with nokia's Amber update or shortly afterward, tbh, we can only hope.
  • That is my point, what the GDR2 update brings is laughable compated to what Nokia is adding. People with HTC and Samsung phones are going to go through this update and wonder afterwards if they update actually added anything. Then its more waiting for GDR3, then even more waiting for 8.1.
    WP is behind in functionality, pathetically behind in marketshare and Microsoft just plods along as if everything is ok. The Other storage issue is still there unfixed for a lot of devices and nothing from MS. Meanwhile the company they duped into going WP exclusive goes through tough times because the OS isnt competitive. Great OS, completely useless parent company.
  • I think the confusion is this: Amber (Nokia's update) is supposed to only be available for phones running GDR2 (Microsoft's update).  So we are assuming that this phone also has GDR2 installed since it has Amber.  But all the new features seem to be Amber features... what does GDR2 do?
    And is it confirmed that this phone is running GDR2?
  • 925 is sexy
  • Out of cuiosity, is the option to choose which App to launch when you press the camera shutter gonna be available to all OEMs with the GDR2 update ? or exclusive to Nokia ?
  • Sadly we will probably not be able to do the same to other camera apps such as ProShot. I think can only be done by OEMs, who are allowed to work more magic than your average developers in the Windows Phone OS.
  • Or M$ can release SDK to do so, although devs should adjust their lens apps (ie. Adding ↔ lens button, supporting deleting pics, front cam etc.)
  • Very cool updates!
    +1 for custom tones and better audio profiles too.
    It certainly looks like Nokia is finally getting their promised major OS integration with the ability to swap out the default camera app. Does HERE maps also override any map links? I think before they're still open in the regular maps app?
    I will definitely be back with Nokia by the end of the year, whether EOS or a Lumia 930 I don't know yet... Then again, if Samsung released an Ativ Note I'd be incredibly torn; being able to handwrite notes and doodles with a real stylus is incredibly important to me.
  • I would love to see side-by-side comparison of photos taken with the Lumia 920 prior to Amber and after Amber. 
  • Hey now
  • Will this update come to Lumia 520 or 620?
  • I'm pretty sure I heard them say (when they announced the 925) that it will come to the entire line of Lumia phones.
  • You HEARD them say? O.o
    Well, I'll be glad then!
  • I think there also one problem with this approach , the straight to lens approach that you'll need the lenses toggle there too ...
  • I remember seeing an option to pick from a broader range of base colors in WP8? Wasn't this part of Amber, or is this a different update?
  • Lol,is data sense still carrier restricted???
  • No. Coming with the next OS update depending on the carrier.
  • Billion $ question - Will WP8 GDR2/Lumia Amber fix the heating issues which many users are facing while accessing Apps/Games & 3G/4G Networks (especially on Lumia 920) ?
  • I hope so. My 520 feels like it has an Owen inside it sometimes! Lol
  • What abt other storage issue....? waiting for reply....
  • How do I download pics from SkyDrive link above through my Lumia 920? All at once?? It opens the Skydrive live website, but it's formatted for desktops.
  • Woot.
    I wish they'd update our theme colors.. I still really want the Nokia blue color! AND to have a black/white theme without that dumb contrast mode option.
    Very excited to use the Smartcam though.
  • Use cobalt. Its almost the same.
  • Not.
  • Data sense?? Would some one show light on that topic!
  • Yess me too
  • I've had the 925 for a week, and, as far as I can tell, you can't use your own photographs to tweak the colour profile.  You are presented with 4 different built-in pictures on that screen with the sliders, but there's no way to choose one of your own.
    Overall I love the phone and, to my surprise, actually find that the wireless charging cover improves its look and feel.  However, though it may sound like a small thing, I find that the colours on the screen, after adjusting the colour profile, are a bit too 'warm' for my taste, and the three haptic buttons along the bottom have a backlight which is slightly more yellow than the crisp, even white of my HTC 8X, further accentuated if I try to adjust the screen's colour profile to be a bit 'cooler'.  But these are small things.  The phone is gorgeous.
  • How is the battery life?
  • Not awesome, is my initial impression.  But I haven't paid much attention to how much I've been doing in a day compared to how drained the battery is.  I'll need to try and get a handle on it.
  • ok, thanks.  Was wondering if Amber brings any general OS improvements that impacts battery life.
    My 920 generally sees me through a day, but curious if you're able to get say a couple of days of light use.
  • "and the three haptic buttons along the bottom have a backlight which is slightly more yellow than the crisp, even white of my HTC 8X"
    This is a Nokia thing, when I first switched from my HTC trophy to my Lumia 900, I thought there was something wrong with my phone. But I guess that is just the color that Nokia chose to make the haptic buttons. I kind of prefer it now, it is a little less intrusive when using the phone in a dark room.
  • I suppose I'll get used to it. It just felt a bit less cool (no pun intended) to begin with. There was a lot to love about the 8X. And a few things not to love.
  • +1 battery life and from what you can tell after only a week, is the heating up issue of the 920 gone in 925?
  • Can someone check if Spot Metering has been added to the camera in GDR2?
  • Any idea if Lotus Traveler needs to be upgraded on the server side or is it backwards compatible with older versions?
  • Is Other Storage fixed?
    because if not, the 16GB T-Mobile variant isn't gonna cut it.
  • If this phone doesn't come out before they say when the EOS is coming I won't be breaking my contract with At&t to get it cause I won't mind waiting once I hear a date
  • Nice updates from Nokia. It will breathe a bit of fresh air to my dear L620.
  • Hey guys
    windows phone 8.1 notification and connectivity demoded 
  • My assumption would be this is someone's custom hack, not the official software. Why else make the video so crappy?
  • For all of those asking and asking their own questions: this is a write-only blogpost, none of you will get an answer to your question, its a waste of time to keep asking anything, the topic owner doesnt know what else is there, as he just stole the post from another news portal. Instead, just post your  own complain regarding those features that you personally miss and didnt see implemented in this stupid blog post, then move along ;)
  • What happened to the WP enthusiast program?
  • I think its stuck somewhere in my other category in the storage menu. Can't seem to find it anywhere. Malarkey it is.
  • What about the FM Radio update?
  • Is that backgrounds like in start screen backgroun? Or is it still the same old lame lockscreen wallpaper? Because if it is then just call it what it is, a lockscreen wallpaper.
  • I don't understand the appeal of the start screen background when you wouldn't even be able to see any of it?
  • Got me one 925!
    Woooooooo! Germany! T-Mobile!
  • Can someone confirm if lumia 920 with Amber support FM Radio, email attachment option for pdf, office files etc apart from pictures in email?
  • FM radio will be available on the 920 after installing Amber and GDR2. I haven't heard anything about email attachments.
  • Would this Color Profiling be coming to other Nokia Lumias as well bundled w/ the Amber Update??
    I own Lumia 820 so feeling lucky.. :P
  • The ONLY thing I want.....is......custom notification tones.....THAT'S IT!!!!!!!11!111!!!111!111!1!!x9-ThouSAnnANANANANANnDDD
  • More accent colors please!! What about custom ringtones for text? Custom background picture? :-/
  • I'm still waiting for the ability to edit the music Playlist. Wonder the Amber update has it?
  • I just wanna know when Lumia925 would be available in Hong Kong
  • So what does the WP8 OS update contain? (not the firmware)
  • This update support on Lumia 820?????
  • Can you select a song that's playing on the radio and download it from the market like you could on Zune HD but not on WP7
  • Hasn't any improvement with Skype integration?
  • this is random but does anyone know the what the weather app is in the first picture?