Nokia Beamer allows you to share your Lumia display with another device. And it’s the craziest thing we’ve ever seen

File this under the coolest thing we’ve seen today: Nokia Beamer.

Beamer is Nokia’s upcoming app that takes its lead from PhotoBeamer, an app currently available to Lumia owners. PhotoBeamer allows you to create a QR code to share photos with other devices. Nokia Beamer goes further and lets you mirror your Lumia’s display.

That’s right, you can share you display with another phone (or any device).

Look, we’re going to spare you the description. Just take the two minutes to watch us mirror the Lumia 1520’s 1080P display on a Lumia 925. It’s the craziest thing you’ll see today, we swear.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Mind=blown Actually, this kinda looks like Apple's Airplay. Very exciting.
  • No it doesn't. Apple only does apple
  • True, but that's why I said LIKE
  • The most innovative company is nokia till date....!! ;)
  • Just wait until Apple reveals tablets today with faster processers and sharper screens. /s
  • still Nokia :)
  • but apple's screens never fare well under sunlight, man
  • But they're two ounces lighter than before!
    (I think you guys may have missed the "/s" (sarcasm) in my orginal comment.)
  • Hmm, everything they did yesterday was thanks to apple, nothing to inovative
  • simply awesome
  • This will be simply awesome for fakers. :-(
  • Hey will you plz tell me how my Lumia 925 screen connect with my laptop by using nokia beamer
  • Looks a little laggy :)
  • It uses your internet connection. The connection we had there was spotty at best, so this could be a lot smoother when you're not a network with hundreds of other bloggers, journalists, and analysists. Can't wait to see it at home. 
  • What's the purpose of sharing homescreen at home.
  • Are you the same type of person who asks why someone would text/call someone else in the same house who's far away, instead of yelling or walking to that person? Ain't nobody got time fo dat.
    Besides, it might be easier to show someone(s) something while they watch on their own handset, instead of crowding around one handset.
  • Aside from the fact this works with any device with a browser it's a long way from AirPlay's screen sharing. That allows you  to stream your phone screen to another larger screen in realtime. With my old iPhone 4S I used to be able to play mobile games on my TV.
  • So, it's use wifi connection and not internet connection? for airplay?  also is special tv needed for the airplay to function?
  • Yes, they're two slightly different technologies but the end result is I want to see what's on my tiny phone screen up on my large TV screen. I dislike Apple's insistence on forcing their users into proprietary technologies (software and hardware) but AirPlay is one thing I miss on my Lumia 920.
  • One thing you are forgetting man, AirPlay will only work when the other screen is within range of your iPhone. Nokia Beamer, working through the internet, will connect my Lumia 928 with ANY other phone (including an iPhone) all the way on the other side of the Earth. Can AirPlay do that?
  • I'd prefer Miracast.
  • good for you,keep traveling !!
  • +1520
  • Amazing!
    All that's been happening today, all of it together looks like a great setup for the future
  • ByeBye car stereo screens and tv app stores, just give me a browser! Its about time! Anything that has a dedicated OS other than phones, tablets, and PCs are dated. Now I can have my phone on everything.
  • I know. I should be able to play the Angry Birds Facebook app on my pacemaker! (The jolt every time I miss sucks, though.)
  • Powerpoint Presentations.... FROM YOUR PHONE
  • So true. That would rock.
  • Yup, I'm a frequent tech presenter and this would be cool option to have
  • Nokia have shown that feature in a promo. Ill see if i can find link.
  • That would be ace and a half! I hope this is better than photobeamer though. Photobeamer relied super heavily on net connection for the other device so sometimes photos looked pixelated even after 100% loading.
  • I was thinking the same thing and much more
  • this is what I was thinking when I saw this!  let's say you do pharmaceutical sales and are visiting an office for the first time and need to do a presentation for your products/services.  you can beam it straight to their phone and they can follow you without having to follow you on your laptop/tablet.  So this app works with any receiving phone?  That'd have to be key because most people receiving will not have Windows Phone. i wish there was more WiFi Direct as for a scenario like this, you don't want to have to ask them for access to their wireless LAN.  And doing it through a cellular network will introduce significant latency.
  • This is cool, next step would be share onto any type of screen, very mission impossible-like
  • It can be any screen with a web browser. It's good enough lol
  • Check! Now the next step is to be able to hijack EVERY screen in nearby...that would be really crazy and probably illegal
  • lol like watch dogs
  • Like Tony Stark did in Iron Man 2 :P
  • I would be advertising the heck out of WP at bestbuy, frys, Sears, Mervyn's, and everywhere with a multimedia television section, and I would have the default start screen up like on most current advertisements.
  • HOLY S***! I can't wait for this app!!!
  • Yes!  WHEN!???
  • Looking at everything Nokia unveiled today, Microsoft got an incredible deal and I wish their buy out wouldn't be approved because we all know Microsoft will immediately halt these developments.
  • No they won't, this is the type of advancements/advantages they need over the competition.
  • The history proves that they immediately stop everything and go back to their old ways. Look at Skype. They buy them and completely forget about WP.
  • Can you please leave this website with your nonsense attitudes.
  • what are you even talking about? The only reason Skype ever got on WP was because of MS's purchase.
  • They didn't halt anything. They're working on deep OS integration with Skype.
  • Your point here makes no sense. If anything, it proves the opposite. Obviously MS doesn't exert much control over the companies they acquire if it took so long for Skype to support WP.
  • Can't understand why there still exist these dumb pessimists. Everything that Nokia announced today cries "optimism for the future". This together with the Refocus app and raw support is what blows me away.
    Furthermore, as always, Nokia does not forget the entry level/lowend market. Big news also with Asha phones and Whatsapp support and the 1320.
    If anything, Microsoft's "future" acquisition of Nokia is probably one the best decisions it will ever make.
    Awesome job Nokia !!!!!
  • I'm with you outback
  • Very neat feature, just gotta fix the choppiness and we good to go!
  • The choppiness was probably from network lag. I'd have to imagine that the wifi network at the event was pretty high on usage.
  • There was no choppiness. It wasn't sharing video. It was sharing screen shots.
  • Nokia=King
  • Now THIS is revolutionary! Not some fingerprint sensor!
  • ^ couldn't agree more.
  • +1020
  • +920
  • First was 620, then he did 1020, so you can't go down to 920. Mah dictator rules. ;)
  • +S4
  • It needs to be a Lumia number.
  • Sorry...
  • :P
  • Your right! It is revolutionary! Minus the fact that apple has had this for years. And blackberry did that last year
  • wild
  • Any hope for an Apple TV-like device allowing you to mirror to any screen? I'd like to plug it into my car's headunit and put navigation onscreen.
  • minnnndd blowing
  • That's pretty damn cool. 
  • concept is great but the execution isn't that great... there is some terrible lag in that.
  • Please get this in your head, hundreds of people were connected to the WiFi connection simultaneously which is what the app was using thereby inheriting the lag based upon this fact
  • I guess people complaining about lag, has no clue what innovation means.
  • ^this
  • Uhh... That looks painfully slow. Might work for photos but as general screen sharing? No thanks. I'd rather hook it up to a computer with a USB port and use a dedicated program instead, to avoid the slowness. I can see what they're going for by supportig anything with a web browser, but with speed like this it just doesn't seem worth it.
  • Dude u shd be listening properly. There was network congestion.
  • Most probably the WiFi connection was slow at the event. Don't discard the innovation without using it. Have you seen another mobile platform doing this???
  • True.  You have hundreds of tech nerds all crammed into one space.  And each one is on a phone; facebooking, tweeting, vining, blogging, etc.  Gonna be looooooottsssss of traffic, lol
  • This is an understatement, I walked in to my office and the auto connect took 3 IP of the router and the devices fire up their background activities.
  • Yeah LOTS of people on the network there. Its a convention so of course it will be extremely slow.
  • try photobeamer on a reasonable good  internet connection and you would se that there's no lag, I believe nokia beamer wouldnt be much different
  • I've used photobeamer, playto and unfortunately in my experience since they depend on the WiFi network; the lag is frustrating. I really hope this is not the case with Nokia beamer.
  • I want to be able to plug my phone into my computer and respond to text messages and stuff with my desktop keyboard while i'm working. i feel like i used to be able to do this with WM5 in a little emulator thing.
  • Me too. This is a nice feature but I'd like to see it it one step further and mirror the phone on my desktop or give me control via bluetooth similar to blackberry bridge. I use mightytext on an android now with my win7 desktop and would love to do that with my L820.
  • If you were on Rogers they have their own service that allows you to send/receive texts on your computer without even hooking the phone to the computer.
    Im sure other carriers have a similar solution. Its much nicer using a proper keyboard.
  • Yeah, Unfortunately ATT in the US no such luck.
  • I WANT NOW!!
  • This is f**king awesome man!!
  • If they open this API, it could open up so many ways for sharing screens, perfect for remote desktop apps, teamviewer for example !
  • The NSA has this API.
  • LoL dont think so :|
  • Really? If you can do it through a web browser then someone can hack it and do it all the time. Just like opening the mic without your knowledge.
  • What are use case scenarios?
  • Mirroring photos, video or audio would be reasonable uses; or showing a PowerPoint presentation. You could also use it for remote instructional sessions to demonstrate how to use an app or do something on the phone.  It might even be possible to use this as a broadcast mechanism by emailing or posting a link and then mirroring your live camera feed (this is pure speculation on my part, though).  I'm sure creative folks can come up with some other uses.
  • This would be so cool if it wasn't laggy as shit
  • Yea I hate laggy shit too
  • WiFi problem at the event???
  • Tons of peeps on the wifi at once, all uploading vids/pics
  • The app wasn't laggy, the wifi network was.
  • You`re not the brightest person in the room, are you?!
    Did you ever took the time to think he`s on an open wifi network with a bazillion other gadgets, all of them doing tests, live feeds, etc, etc, etc?
  • I prefer see myself on the mirror.
  • Love love love it, but can't for the life of me figure out any practical uses for it
  • +820
  • I mentioned this above, but a few things come to mind: pushing photos, video or music to a real A/V setup; sharing PowerPoint presentations; maybe even live broadcasts via the "remote" sharing options.  Let's just get it and see what people come up with.
  • Yeah looks like airplay does that
  • Pulling up a whiteboard app to sketch a diagram for everyone to see.
  • I can see this as being useful if you are in a meeting and either you or someone else wants to show everyone else in the meeting a document or whatever that is on your phone. I think Samsung have a similar thing on their Galaxy phones called All Share Cast & All Share Play. But, I think that it only works between Galaxy phones. I have it on my S3 but I've never used it so I'm not 100% on how it works exactly for the S3. In fact, there might even be an app in Google Play that might allow this function to work with any Android Phone. Don't know for sure because I couldn't be bothered to look.
    This Nokia solution seems to be a lot better though because of the ability to share your screen with non-Lumia devices.
  • They need local NFC sharing!
  • Gosh ppl shut up about nfc
  • Didn't BlackBerry already include this feature in BB10? I haven't watched the video to see if its the same idea or not.
  • Amm no please stop mentioning them blackberry fanboy
  • I'm actually using a Lumia and have never used a BB10 device. I just keep up on all the mobile nations news whether it be crackberry or wpcentral. Thanks for playing.
  • I'm glad to see this but I still wish we had some kind of wired A/V output.  There are still lots and lots of "dumb" TVs and A/V receivers out there, and a wired connection is almost bullet-proof.
  • I concur. HDMI out support would be great. This was rumored back when WP7 was young.
  • I use my S4A with Miracast to connect wirelessly to a TV with Miracast.
    Then I bought a NetGear 3000 Push2TV
    Now even TV's with no Miracast work.
    Nokia system needs a browser capable WiFi TV
    I'd like to see MS-Nokia to support Miracast (like S4)
  • Would be nice if they could add the ability to pair via NFC or bluetooth, and share screens on a local or adhoc network.
  • Yes. A local connection would be even better and faster. Connecting to a laptop or tablet without having to go through the network would enable you to do presentations off site in the field. Imagine even being able to connect to a whole classroom full of smartphones and/or tablets.
  • If I'm not mistaken that's the whole idea behind miracast (Wi fi Direct). Lumia 920 chip supports the protocol but its not enabled. Nokia beamer looks excellent, I just hope it can provide the reliability and no lag even when the network is congested in my own house.
  • I think there will be less lag if they can use WiFi direct, but is it possible for browser to do that?
  • No idea! It would be nice if widi could mirror to browsers as well. I really hope Nokia Beamer in application rivals or is better than miracast.
  • I want Miracast!!
  • Lol me too! Seems like a more dedicated and reliable solution! But what do I know lol.
  • I want to be able to do it on multiple displays at the same time.
  • It already sucks with one
  • How would you send your screen to a smart TV? I guess that's that's the remote option?
  • Assuming the TV has a browser and you're in the same room, you would just bring up the QR code as shown in the video then scan it with your phone.  If you're not there, then I assume you'd need to use the remote option to general an http link, then share that link (presumably through email) and finally access the email on your TV and open the link.  I'm just guessing though.
  • Or use airplay
  • Crazy lol
  • Damn!!! Someone get Nokia some butter cuz they're on a roll!!!! Now that's awesome!!
  • Any word on availability for other Lumia holders? *cough* 920 *cough*
  • How about the 520 in GB? ( Don't judge me, it's still a Windows Phone! )
  • There you got to see this extra column in lumia 925 and it looked amazing! The smallest tiles were not too small at all. So disappointed that it's exclusive to bigger phones >_>
  • The extra tile column did indeed look great on the 925... Maybe Nokia will gift the 4.5" screen phones with the extra column when they put their own spin on GDR3???
  • Joe Belfiore tweeted yesterday that last week he made an error when he said bigger resolutions, he meant bigger phones as you said. This adjustent makes me believe that MS will defualt 1080 screens to 3 columns and the manufacturer can decide if they think their phone is a "big" and enable it as well. so I reckon we will probably see this as part of the Lumia Black update to the 92x phones.
  • Great! (ps. Brazilian flag OP)
  • K
  • Miracast? wifidirect? cmon....
  • I'm using Miracast on my S4A. MS-Nokia NEEEEEDS to add real Miracast support ASAP!
  • So slow.. No quality apps! :|
  • Go away troll
  • Amen
  • F'in rad!!!
  • Holy shit that is awesome! Hopefully they can later make the loadtimes even shorter!
  • Looks cool, but painfully low frame rate is going to make this a total gimmick. Hopefully, they can optimize and improve it with time.
  • So whats Nokia SpamFilter and Nokia Silent Updater?
    Listed in the Black settings page
  • Not bad, definitely need to sort out the speed of it, faaaaaaaaar too slow atm.
    But this is an app I'd like to try out :)
  • Nokia ReFocus, another coooool app coming our way...
  • WOW!! Three rows of tiles in a smaller screen (Lumia 925) looks good afterall. The beamer app ROCKS!!
  • Those people who keep commenting about how slow this feature is have obviously not bothered to read others comments that explains why the demo was slow. They also have zero understanding of how WiFi networks operate or what the term "Bandwidth" means.
  • Lol so true +10000000000000000 :P
  • These are the same people who complain that the Facebook messaging sucks in the app. Hello!!!!
  • It does
  • I liked the concept of photobeamer. It's cool to see them take it a step further.
  • Awesome with a capital A. I would love to see them beat apple to the screen projection on any surface. This would push so many users who use Office and Adobe to Windows Phones. 
  • No it won't. Making Office free and a better UI will help. And killing the start button killed Microsoft.
  • Awesome! But lets remember that BBM on BB10 allows pretty much this same feature so its nothing new but I'm glad its possible now on WP!
  • It's soooo lagy, and apple introduced this on mobile devices with airplay, and blackberry did it with z10, and there is absolutely no need for this
  • Very promising. Seems like a 5-10 second delay which is a but unworkable, but doubtless they are working on perf.
  • This is a very, VERY nice feature! It needs some pretty big improvements, too, though.
  • Man... Very nice feature for make gameplays... \o/
  • But...why?
  • Dude!!!!!!! All I cafe is that we will be able to get 3 rows of regular tiles on current Lumias. Did you see how good it looked?
  • This is good
  • Sorry if I'm missing the point, but why exactly would I want to mirror my phone's display onto another phone?
  • Any hardware limitations for the feature? (other than Lumia series) Yea, the missing Miracast feature on Nexus 7 first gen still bother me
  • I have Miracast on my S4A Me thinks Nokia needs it, too!
  • They should create a App to share the screen thru DLNA using the same concept..
  • Then they'd be copying every other phone manufacturer.
  • Try it on Skype cam....
  • I hate to say it but as much as I know Dan mentioned lag in the video and it obviously was laggy because of congestion, i doubt this will ever be smooth enough to replicate video or drawing etc. By the looks of it it will be probably send as many screenshots as possible dependant on the speed of the networks involved. i could be wrong but i don't see it being like you're publishing your screen live to another screen.
  • So it could share with Xbox through IE?
  • Any browser in the same WiFi will do
  • Ha, IE sucks
  •    This is pretty cool. I look forward to being able to use it.
  • That looks cool, but ... how is this useful?
  • Hmm, airplay and z10 already did this, welcome to the party
  • Airplay can only do this with other apple devices.  Also, Nokia has been doing this with photo beamer for a while now.  So they have been at the party.
  • Can the screen be shared to smart tv? Or on html5 browsers ONLY? Sony smart tv is using opera browser, I guess?
  • I have Nokia Lumia 925, as i scan the qr code with bing vision, nothing happens, can somebody help me with that??
  • Dear Expert, Does Nokia Lumia 625 support Wi-Fi certified Miracast™ technology? Is this part of Wi-Fi certified Miracast™ mobile devices? If not, how to activate it ? Is there any supporting App available? Kindly advice.