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Nokia buying Medio Systems to improve its HERE maps service

Nokia has announced that its HERE subsidiary has plans to acquire Medio Systems, a Seattle-based company with 60 employees, to help improve its HERE maps mapping services.

Nokia says that the privately owned Medio, founded in 2004, mines a ton of real time data from sensors and connected devices and uses it in its cloud-based predictive analytics engine. The company offered a description of what Medio's services will add to its HERE mapping features:

Building on Medio's 'smart data' asset enables HERE to create contextual maps and location services that change according to the situation to provide highly personalized and predictive experiences for people and businesses. That could mean delivering individual restaurant recommendations to someone ready for lunch, giving drivers routes that match their driving style based on real-time conditions or helping businesses personalize their customer offerings.

Nokia also said that Medio's technology will be shared by the company's two other remaining divisions, Networks and Technologies, as needed. The acquisition is expected to officially close by the end of July. The specific financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

What do you think of Nokia trying to bolster their HERE map features by this new acquisition?

Source: Nokia

  • I hope they release Here Maps in more countries..
  • This is gonna be interesting..!!!
  • It's going to be interesting waiting for HERE Maps to be released in more countries?
  • Yes. I hope so.
  • Hopefully they can figure out how to alert the user which side of the street the destination is on...
  • I know right?
  • I know left.
  • This.
  • I understand why this would be helpful. Although most streets have odd numbers on one side and even numbers on the other, which makes it pretty easy to figure out what side of the street your destination is on, it would be nice to know which direction to approach your destination from so you're not caught on the wrong side of the meridian or find out that it's a one-way street and you have to find a way to turn around. HERE's hoping Nokia finds a solution.
  • Except that in a lot of places it is hard to find the numbers because they are either not posted uniformily or just not posted at all.
  • I always get them mixed up.
  • Hopefully they can figure out how to alert the user when to turn...
  • Or maybe tell you an exit number, or hell a route list for chrissake!
  • holy please, my garmin gps that ran on my Nokia N95 did this fine!
  • Same problem with transit would like them to add stop numbers to identify where to wait since my areas regional transit system modified all the routes so now its all a mess
  • +928
  • Sounds good, but Here Drive still has some work to do before it competes with the likes of TomTom or Garmin - Features urgently needed include, dynamic rerouting based on traffic data (Commute not good enough), POI's and Speed Camera Db.
  • Try the app 'Trapster' for speed camera warnings. In android, trapster works in the background - i.e. If I leave trapster on, and then open the main navigation app (like sygic) trapster will call out speed camera warning when Sygic is running. I have yet to try this on windows phone (HERE maps + trapster in the background)
  • Tried Trapster, it doesn't work in the background with Here Drive, only seems to work on its own? Also the Db is somewhat out of date but its a good start.
  • I certainly don't want speed camera data on my Nokia. It is illegal in several European countries with heavy fines.
  • Agree, but its not illegal here in the UK and TomTom has a 'Get a round' service for France which could be replicated.
  • Waze has speed cameras aswell. Never work during the wm6.x days though since they had few to none users in canada
  • Waze handles everything for me. I just worry that Google will eventually take it away from us, now that they bought it.
  • By the way here isn't working well these days
  • I use and support both Bing and Here maps. They both work relatively well. Google maps still has them on features. As far the acquisition, any improvement is a good improvement.
  • Just finished 2 a trip in Atlanta and Talahasse and we preferred the here maps. Voice guidance was better and every time we tried google nav we just kept going back to Nokia.
  • Go Nokia ☺
  • They should buy TomTom. They would get the best Traffic Information Service in the World (HD Traffic). That´s what I am interested in a Map Service.
  • I think all map services should fuse into one. More choice isn't making the right choice for the right experience any better perse. I'm getting the impression we are slowly reaching peak maps, just like peak oil. Room for improvement in my experience is improving the gps hardware for improved gps location. Currently I'm experiencing an average acuracy with assited gps of 10-15 square meters. Would be nice if this could be narrowed down to 2-5 square meters. Secondly most maps need an improved detailing for offroad maps and bicycle maps.
  • Hi, this is Pino of the HERE team and I couldn't disagree more with you and let me explain you why. We have been creating maps for millennia and we will be still creating maps, mainly to answer daily questions. As these questions become more sophisticated, new maps are needed. Take for example the maps of the London Underground: it serves a very specific purpose, how to get from one station to another, where to change, how many stops to get there, etc. It's highly abstract and it wasn't needed before the introduction of the London Underground itself. Now that we are entering the era of e.g. connected or autonomous driving, new maps are needed that represent the real world with extreme accuracy, to allow cars to see 'behind the corner'. I could provide you many other examples, but in few words I can just say that we will never see 'peak maps'.
  • Sure it is its used for telenav last ive checked
  • I'm bought Medio Systems???   /s   *couldn't resist
  • Microsoft should have bought the maps division as well.
  • I am glad that microsoft did not buy the mapping division because HERE maps suck. If Microsoft want to by mapping/navigation company they should buy Navigon.
  • You mean Garmin(their parent company) right? If so they use Navteq(Nokia Here) as a data provider so it wouldn't make much sense
  • Nope, Microsoft bought the devices part of Nokia, not mapping. The acquisition is by NOKIA the company itself for HERE maps
  • Of course! Don't you know Microsoft bought Nokia? It's been written time and time again here! /s lol
  • Rofl
  • I emerged when Nokia first partnered with Microsoft for windows phone how every body was praising Here maps saying it was better than Google maps. Now that people have had a chance to use it, nothing but complaints in the comments section when a Here Maps article comes up.
  • No not complaints, just its running short of a few key features that by now you would have expected, they still have several features to stop it simply being a 'Me To' product, but the missing features are just that missing...
  • How will they ever be able to compete with google maps when google just bought a satellites company. Google will have the most detailed maps in the future. If Nokia or Microsoft want to compete they can't continue on today's route of offering 1-4 years old maps for most areas.
  • Resolution for Google maps is unmatched
  • Hopefully they fix it!, it always show wrong or way off location, became almost useless most of the time.
  • It might be helpful to say where you live because where I live, in Los Angeles, Here Maps is spot on. I've never come across an inconsistency.
  • Agree
  • I moved to a different state right around the time that I updated to 8.1 and I've noticed that my HERE Maps is not nearly as accurate as it used to be. Not sure if that's because of my new location or the 8.1 update. BTW how hard is it to tell me which side of the street my destination is on?
  • May be with this HERE maps in the US start giving the right street numbers and locations, and may update the outdated school districts information.
  • Agreed, I hate how both Nokia's HERE maps AND MS Bing maps have my address wrong...
  • I found between here & bing each has its own strengths & weaknesses of how they use the data
  • When I first got my phone almost a year ago, I really didn't care for HERE Drive--then I tried the alternatives. Since then, I've warmed up to it, and the simple way it just WORKS. It's still one of the only navigation apps that allow landscape format. There are still some noticeably absent features though: -More complete listing of business locations: the search feature is trounced by the resources of iPhone and Google -Start location glitch needs to be fixed: When you first launch HERE it jumps to your last known location when the app was running and will not update until you move. -Traffic rerouting: needs to have an option to change your route to avoid traffic (even if that means leaving the freeway) -Destination side of street and address: as others have said, it is entirely possible to include the side of the street on which to expect your destination, and it would help to display the address of the building before the very last second -Zoom-to-next-turn option: an option to automatically fit-to-screen between your current location and the next turn instruction would be very helpful. I don't need to see a line going off the edge of the screen with my current location in the middle. Even if I zoom out to see where I am going, HERE aggressively zooms back in as soon as I travel a very short distance, making it impossible to see slightly ahead on the route.
  • It was very nice that you collected your ideas in such a well organized format. The bad news is, that none of the Nokie HERE product team will find your wishlist, because you posted it the wrong place: here on wpcentral. This site has no affiliation with Nokia HERE product. So if you want to give a favor to yourself, goto:  find a relevant blog post about HERE maps, and in the comments section add your wishlist. There are high chances your post will simply be ignored, but still much higher chances to be spotted, than here on If you do something and put effort in it, at least do it on the proper forum.
  • Hi guys, this is Pino of the HERE team ;-) I regularly read WPCentral and I'm more than happy to collect such a detailed feedback and forward it to the developers: so keep them coming, we learn a lot from them. Also, you may wanna know that HERE has a blog at and you can follow us on Twitter too @HERE
  • Sounds awesome! Can't wait for future updates.
  • Hopefully they can tell you if you are approaching a speed radar/camera so you can slow down to limit.
  • I hope more update more feature are better ,
  • I still think MS should have made Nokia a deal they could not pass up for Here maps.
  • I had high hopes for HERE Maps and Navigation but it still trails FAR FAR behind others.  So much so that it is not even on my start screen.  I still use TomTom for long multi-state trips and Navigon locally Navigon could use some updating as well
  • Be fair NOKIA and bring me Cambodia maps
  • Whatever it takes to fix all the wrong street addresses. It's sad becasue Google maps or Apple maps on an iphone show the correct addresses no problem.     And for those just tuning in... Microsoft only purchased Nokia's handset and hardware division. Nokia's HERE/DRIVE/mapping services etc still belong to Nokia... as in; Microsoft did NOT buy Nokia HERE Maps! Correct me if I'm wrong^^^
  • Some of the routes in the UK on Here maps are tortuous and it often has trouble orientating itself when I set off, meaning I end up having to turn around. CoPilot works far better.
  • here maps is great... but microsoft needs to make one app like BING MAP 3D = maps+here maps+here drive.