The Camera Beta app is where the imaging team from Nokia (now Microsoft, technically) add new features and refine the user experience. We last saw an update for the Camera Beta app back on May 12, so it makes sense nearly a month later to get another refresh.

Version should be live in the Store shortly for most of you, a bump from the previous last month. The good news here is there is a detailed changelog and the fixes seem quite worthy of the update. Let's take a look.

Nokia Camera Beta

  • Fix for Camera Roll Delays
  • Fix for crash caused when reframing pictures captured with front facing camera
  • Fix for Corrupt Videos when recording over 4 GB limit
  • Other Bug fixes and Improvements

Camera Roll delays was a pet peeve of mine when using the Beta app. The tradeoff was worth it though for the beta features of "Camera Roll with Full Resolution Zoom and inline playback of video, cinemagraph, smart sequences and refocus images." Today's fixes though sound great. Lumia cameras churn out some of the best mobile pictures around, but the slowness of the app can be frustrating at times.

On a side note, we should also mention Nokia MixRadio had an update yesterday. There are no new features as Nokia tells us that it is the standard "bug fixes" release, so there's not much to report on. The previous update had new Mix features added, and we presume the next release may also get some new additions.

Go pick up Nokia Camera Beta here in the Store, or scan the QR code.

Thanks, Omar A., and Troy L., for the tips! QR: camera beta