Nokia Collection starts showing up in France's Marketplace

Reports are coming in that a new Nokia Collection has startled showing up in France's Marketplace.  Much like the HTC, AT&T and other brand-centric app groupings, the Nokia Collection gives customers a central place to go in the Marketplace to download all of Nokia's apps.  The collection is divvied up into categories: Applications, Games, Music and Podcasts.

Due to Marketplace caching, you may not see the Nokia Collection on your phone just yet.  Should you fall in that category, give it a day or two to trickle down.  For those of you who can access it, what do you think?  Have any of our readers outside of France seen this yet?

Source: ProfesseurThibault; Thanks,Professor, for the heads up!

  • I'm seeing the Nokia collection on my german Lumia 800 too. Looks great so far. But I'm missing Nokia Drive in this section. It's still on my device but I can't find it in the Marketplace!
  • I am in the US with my Lumia 800 and this shows up on mine, I downloaded a few of the apps and they work fine for me.
  • Do those of you who can see it have a Network Operator section as well, because here in the UK on Orange we have the "Orange Selects" zone where they seem to rebrand other peoples apps as there own...
  • I have AT&T, and they have a section called "AT&T Featured" with their own apps, I don't think they are rebranded though. I think they are actual AT&T apps, I'm not a big fan of most of theirs anyway except the one to check my usage and billing.
  • See here how there are some orange apps, but also apps rebranded to be published by Orange:!1329&parid=3AA0B4302AF9B8E3!775&authkey=!ABmVCfwhOLT5kdY
  • I live in Austria and I have this section since yesterday (L800).
  • The section also hit the Russian marketplace
  • Comfirmed for spain too.