Nokia Conversations goes Metro

Nokia Conversations, the official Nokia blog, has received a boost of Metro (opens in new tab) goodness with a design revamp. They've rethought the structure of the website itself and plan to direct visitors to only the most relevant top stories. Upon visiting Nokia Conversations, you're hit by the top story immediately, with the ability to browse previous issues as if it were a magazine stand.

Check out the video walkthrough of the new design below.

Source: Nokia Conversations

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Not a fan of the Nokia font.
  • The font on that website is annoying. the lowercase 'e' is shaped oddly, makes it difficult to read. Not impressed with the decision to use Nokia Pure on WP7 either, but that's a different issue...
  • Never thought I would complain of the font but I agree, it is ugly and kinda weird. :/
  • I actually think this page is great. Maybe font could be little more rounded, but I personally don't mind.