Nokia hoping to dine on jellybeans today

As we all sit here on tenterhooks awaiting the coming announcement from Nokia and Microsoft, Nokia’s twitter account just posted something strange. In what appears to be a little knock directed at Google’s Android OS, Nokia say “Today we dine on Jellybeans”.

Nokia appears to be stepping up their PR antics in the run up to the announcement with placards at Samsung’s recent event and of course the teaser trailers. Considering how well regarded Jellybean is, Nokia must be feeling confident they have the goods on this fine day.

Nokia is certainly talking up their game, with slogans like “things are about to change” they certainly have everyone’s attention.

As well as a host of leaks about  devices with wireless charging and Pureview technology there is also the lingering question about a possible surprise announcement of a tablet. Things are certainly heating up and we certainly hope Microsoft and Nokia are going to bring the goods today. If Nokia are set on hounding the competition they must be about to bring something big?

We would love to know your thoughts on the eve of all this excitement. Please let us know bellow..

Source: @Nokia; Thanks, Alex, for the tip! 

Robert Brand