Nokia Teaser Video telling us things are about to change on the 5th September

We are ever so close to the 5th of September where it’s possible Nokia and Microsoft are planning to reveal all about Windows Phone 8. We still have much to learn about the next version of Windows Phone such as possible consumer features for the OS that include Xbox Live and music improvements, as well as anything else Microsoft may still have hidden up their sleeves.

While there is still much to learn about Windows Phone 8, a recent video release only adds to the mystery of what's in store for September 5th.

The video has a very carefree cyclist riding through a shipyard looking directly at the camera. We have no idea why shes making a wave sign whilst cycling along, what does it all mean? We’re certainly hoping that Things are about to change on the 5th. With rumours of Nokia Windows 8 tablets and the tantalising prospect of Pureview technology who knows what we could see?

We love being teased, but do you? Tell us how you feel… Go on, share with us…

Source: Engadget

  • I want to know!! I bet is a Pureview Phone!!! I can't wait!!
  • Maybe the vid was shot using PureView?
  • Maybe!!!
  • This was my exact first thought. Pretty much confirmed. Woo!
  • Anyone else feel like Making a spoof video where she crashes into something? ;)
  • Lol if u do send me a link to it :P
  • +1
  • The suspense is killing me!
  • Nokia sure knows how to do marketing, don't they? So good that they're using Windows Phone.
  • PureView.
  • There's just one thing I can't stand: Nokia has pureview, gorilla glass, a great design, dedicated apps, now it will also get multi core CPU, HD AMOLED ClearBlack screens... So why the hell do they still use PenTile AMOLED screens?!
    Why don't they get AMOLED+ screens with RGB matrix?
    I'm never gonna buy a pentile screen, ugh...
    I'll go for HTC with its Super LCD 2 HD screen :)
  • I thought that the Lumia 900's screen was/is not pentile (even thought its Clearblack AMOLED). Am I wrong?
  • No, you're right actually
  • "I'm never gonna buy a pentile screen." Said no one who isn't a geek/nerd. Even then, some geeks/nerds probably don't care about it.
  • Like Jnbs said, the Lumia's weren't pentile, and I doubt the new ones will be either (at least not the high end ones).
  • I've used a Lumia 800, and the screen had that typical "pixellated" effect of the pentile screens, if you look carefully. I have an old LG Optimus 7, which has an average LCD RGB screen, and even if the image has low contrast and poor colors, it is more detailed and the edges of the tiles and the letters are sharper. Trust me, there's a HUGE difference between pentile and RGB screens. That said, the Lumia 800 remains a great phone, btw :)
  • Hi Sergio0694
    just fyi, only the 800 is using pentile as far as i know, the 900 isn't
    i have 800 too, but it doesn't bother me so...
  • Nokia Wave? Featuring PureView tech? :)
  • I would agree with that right kind of clues are there.
  • before shot video with current Lumia 900.  Expect another video from her shooting stabilized PureView 1080p video.
  • +1 with maybe noise reduction recording
  • that's what I'm hoping....the next video will be the same bicycle run in the shipyard but the quality will be sharper and stabilized....with sound.  She'll say "Told you so"
  • It is that simple, that has to be it.
  • Pure view..... is possible.. The rest of the video could zoom out to a longer distance showcasing the technology.. And speaking of waves, this is a Nokia official photo taken using Pureview..
  • Usually I like Nokias marketing but im getting a serious "Don't drink and drive" campaign vibe from that teaser! Maybe I have just spent too long on the's tarnished me lol
  • Ditto. I don't know why but there was something in the back of my mind telling me she was gonna ride that bike straight into the side of a truck or something.
  • Haha! Exactly my thought!
  • haha, yes, I kept waiting for her to slam into the back of a bus or someting.
  • Or a sasquatch O.o
  • Hahaha, great timing!
  • Well then it would be a jack links commercial =P
  • Read some interesting theories at wmpoweruser comments. Wavy motion (and the fact that they're on bikes) could be hinting at camera stability enhancements, the 'telescope' she makes with her hand could be hinting at pureview, and the final downwards motion at enhanced low-light performance.
  • I definitely agree and can't wait for them to show new stuff
  • Forget the phone, I want that girl riding the bike...
  • Haha
  • She's a cuttie...
  • Notice how the seat of the bike is completely under her skirt and how happy she looks ? I bet there is some amazing haptic feedback/vibrations going on there! :P
  • Wow, we really went there on the comments?
  • Hey look, we're men...we got a lot of testosterone flowing through us, we have to vent every now and again lol.
  • Forget the phone, gimme a surface like tablet !
  • My lumia 900 al of a sudden started freezing yesterday... I think that's a sign to get me a wp8... Hahahah
  • I think the girl might be deaf. She's using her hands to communicate. Nokia phones with speech to text conversion so deaf and silent people can use cell phones. Look for it people!
  • I like this
  • Guess this is just like the "beta test is over" campaign, only it wasn't. Lets hope they live up to their own hype this time.
  • Beat me to it! I'll never be able to take Nokia serious again. Lumia 900 owners and WP7 users are the true beta testers.
  • Exactly.
  • Troll harder.
  • Nokia Wave? Or now that you've seen this in 720p, wait till you see it again in 1080p shot with a pureview WP8?  Hmmm, damn these teases. :P
  • My hopes and excitement are up. Man, I hope for a gamechanger...something that'll make the other fanboys prick up their ears
  • rather concerned about the lady in the vdo... :D didnt she ram in something
  • I think that there is some else riding with her......maybe her boyfriend or something, because it looks like she is talking to someone and at the end she tells them she loves them.....I think the person who she is talking to is riding as well and he/she has the new nokia phone recording the if the person is riding and recording with one hand and she riding as well...there has to be really good stability enhancements going on for the video to look that good...or else the video would be all over the place...won't it? 12 pureview with stability enhancements maybe?
  • Suprised the battery lasted that long :-D
  • This would be amazing. I can't wait. 
  • I'm excited for WP8, but not anything from Nokia. After being a beta tester (aka Lumia 900 owner), I'm done with them. But HTC on the other hand, I can't wait to see what they come up with. Always had great, reliable phones when I bought HTC.
  • I guess we all act out of personal experience, but I for one, won't be going back to HTC after my HD7. The touch screen is atrocious.
  • True. I've never had problems with any HTC phone I've had. But this 900 is horrible. Constant freezes & reboots, worst camera I've had on a phone since my old pay as you go flip phone, and the list goes on!
  • Did you apply the update yet?
  • My HD7 is just fine. Faulty phones are faulty phones no matter who makes them.
  • Gimme that Nokia goodness. . . NOW! Pureview and Nokia tablet?
  • Maybe they are fixing all the bugs lol
  • Also if you're going to view the vid on your phone, watch the one at wmpoweruser, the one here is so low quality you can't see jack shizz, lol.
  • Same video dude. No problems here. I was able to see jack shizz.
  • Nokia is releasing a new bicycle?
  • Hahaha!
  • Nokia will announce a new anti blur tech in their camera. im sure this has to do with that.  There will NOT be a pureview announced btw.
  • People sure have a hard-on about the PureView, don't they?
  • Anyone here know sign language? Looks like she is signing something with her hands.
    Maybe it's for new features for the hearing impaired ;)
  • It appears she is signing at the end of the video.  I can only make out a couple words however.
  • She's saying Nokia stocks are going up and down. Then she says "I love you".. :D
  • There is probably something else to the video as well but the colours of the girl and the bike my be relevant to the colours of Nokia's new phones.
  • THIS SUCKS!!!! Can't wait till the 5th. MS & Nokia are about to do some serious a$$ kicking.
  • Maybe the wave, the moving camera and the guitar playing is a pointer to a rolling shutter effect free cam inside the new lumia phone ;)
  • Is this old? The date says May 9th 2012?
  • Day/month /year
  • Rest of the world flips it as NIST wrote. 5/9/2012 is 5th of September, 2012.
  • Except in Canada, where America and "the rest of the world" collide. We poor Canadians are so confused, we even started using year/month/day. Although, most people have given up and will just write September 5, 2012 in full.
  • Id like to see a Pureview upskirt on that chick, that would be sweet! lol
  • Lmao
  • I got the Lumia 900 and was aware of the risks. Anyone buying a single processed non NFC enabled device with minimum specs got what they paid for - I paid zero! As for the "Beta Test" ads, that was a huge marketing error and it pissed me off. We were the freaking beta!!! As for Nokia, I will remain loyal for one more round. Hopefully Lumia owners get the right to out of cycle phone upgrades with AT&T. Going back to Apple is NOT on my to do list. They have grown too arrogant for my tastes.
  • U kno the silent advertising with music are the best
  • Well, she's wearing a peach-ish outfit. New color?
    And as far as shooting this with the cell phone camera, there is no rolling shutter issues in this teaser, so perhaps this has something to do with Purerview. Although all cell phone cameras use a rolling shutter, which leads to a "bending" of moving images. Is it possible that Pureview doesn't?
  • They still make schwinn? lol...
  • Lol yeah
  • The video looks great!
  • I would love too see some great new features baked into the os that I cannot get through ios, android. Signing in with facial features, thumbprint, more voice integration, integration with Xbox and Kinect. I would like to see videos sent via text now, connect and send data, pics, videos to other phones by touch (like galaxy), cloud storage for music and upload your music cds and DVDs into zune-Xbox music and able to download to phone without cables (WiFi), smartglass baked into every wp, improved calendar-emails and dictate via voice, in fact everything done via voice (pipe dreams) and phone reads emails to you, and hd camera-video. I think the things I would like the most is the xbox music service allowing you to upload-transfer your personal music and DVDs, link it through their market, and able to download anywhere onto the phone at anytime through data connection, wifi, without having to buy it since you own it. To be able to access my 400 music cds at any moment through my phone would be awesome
  • I can't wait for wp8 it strange has I don't give a crap of new iPhone 5 or 6 whatever stupid number. Or dont even care when android S3 came out. I feel more excited for wp8 coming. I guess it just the awesome UI and live tiles etc... Makes it a great OS
  • Who is she? She's cute hahahah the wave sign could be a tsunami of windows phone 8 coming out this fall. Hahahah
  • Wave = new name for Metro?
  • does anyone else think that since the video is 21 seconds long, the camera is going to be a 21 MP Pureview????? clever tease right!
  • That "wave" and "down" sign is a clear indication that the new lumia will be water proof. Yellow will be a new color and we all know that yellow is a favourite amongst underwater swimming. Also she's on a boat dock.
  • Underwater pureview experience. This changes everything.
  • Underwater pureview experience. This changes everything.
    EDIT: What the hell?.... double post?
  • Ok, she's on a dock and does the water wave motion. An earlier comment linked to the released PureView photo entitled "Waves." I am going to go ahead and say that the two are linked and that this video is secretly referencing that photo. Thus, PureView for WP8 will be announced.
  • From the Youtube comments, someone mentioned phi being the 21st Greek letter and that the video is 21 seconds long. Coincidence?