Nokia Teaser Video telling us things are about to change on the 5th September

We are ever so close to the 5th of September where it’s possible Nokia and Microsoft are planning to reveal all about Windows Phone 8. We still have much to learn about the next version of Windows Phone such as possible consumer features for the OS that include Xbox Live and music improvements, as well as anything else Microsoft may still have hidden up their sleeves.

While there is still much to learn about Windows Phone 8, a recent video release only adds to the mystery of what's in store for September 5th.

The video has a very carefree cyclist riding through a shipyard looking directly at the camera. We have no idea why shes making a wave sign whilst cycling along, what does it all mean? We’re certainly hoping that Things are about to change on the 5th. With rumours of Nokia Windows 8 tablets and the tantalising prospect of Pureview technology who knows what we could see?

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Source: Engadget

Robert Brand