Nokia EOS 41MP metal lens caps show up in black and white versions too

At the rate we’re getting leaks about the forthcoming Nokia EOS 41MP Windows Phone, set to be revealed next month here in New York, we’ll know just about everything there is about the camera-centric device.

Last night, a machined body of the EOS was displayed on the microblogging site Sina Weibo by @C Technology. The lens cap revealed that indeed it was for a 41MP device but what was not clear is why it was metal—was it a machined prototype or a second, metal version for non-AT&T carriers? (The one for AT&T is expected to the same polycarbonate as the Lumia 920.)

While we still don’t have those answers, we can now see that at least the metal version will come in two flavors: white and black, matching that of the Lumia 925 color offerings (actually, the Lumia 925 comes in black, white or grey).

Nokia EOS Lens Cap Pureview

Nokia EOS Metal Lens cap (L) and polycarbonate (R)

In new images posted by the same source, we can see the color variations of what looks to be the same metal as the previous chromed out version. Questions still remain though as to what stage in development are these pieces being shown? If we had to guess, these are some early prototype builds of the device. Having said that, we don’t doubt that a metal version of the EOS could be in the works, as clearly Nokia is using different materials where they see fit for their Lumia line.

Oh and to those who astutely noted that the first metal lens cap says 'ZEISS' instead of 'Carl Zeiss' ergo the image has to be fake, we will know show you the official Carl Zeiss AG logo below to settle that issue. What we're looking at are probably variations in naming that Nokia are experimenting with, because that what prototypes are for, after all.

Luckily we’ll know the answers to these questions in less than 30 days.

Source: CTech; via; Thanks, hengxiang32401, for the tip!

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