Nokia France confirms GDR2 update deployment for Lumia Windows Phones

Nokia France has revealed that Windows Phone 8 build 10327 (GDR2), coupled with Nokia's Amber firmware update for Lumia Windows Phones, is underway in the local market. Group product manager, Olivier Lagreou today announced on Twitter that the software update is now being pushed out to Windows Phone 8 hardware made by the manufacturer. 

If you're rocking an unbranded (unlocked) Nokia Windows Phone then you'll be all set to receive the Amber update when you're next in line. Should you be tied to your mobile operator, it's unfortunately down to the individual company to finalise and rollout the update. Good news is that consumers are already reporting notifications that a new version is available. It's just a short waiting game now, folks.

Nokia France GDR2 Update

Numerous features and improvements are included in the latest release, including the Glance Screen feature. Be sure to keep checking whether you've received the update notification by heading to Settings > Software Updates, but if you simply cannot wait you could go down the manual flash route (Lumia 820 / 920). 

via: MonWindowsPhone; thanks, Gotoma, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Any whisperings of release for the HTC 8X on Verizon?
  • That's what I'm saying.
  • And the 928?
  • No Amber for you.
  • And the 521 on T-Mobile?
  • Samsung Ativ S Unlocked mobiles getting updates to GDR2 here in UK :-)....currently updating my mobile phone.
  • awesome. Someone else gets it before at&fuckingt
  • Oh hush up (& I'm on at&t)
  • Obviously not that big of an enthusiast then
  • I'm just more patient. Believe me I was feignin over mango, but this is grapes compared to mango
  • lol nice wordplay ;)
  • More like the grape seeds...:)
  • This^
  • Honestly, this was the straw that broke the camel's back when I first tried WP7 and a Samsung focus. AT&T took FOREVER to approve the first update for WP. It was that fragmented update system that made me snap and run back to Apple. I'm back with my Lumina 920 because I relaly believe in this OS. AT&T had best not drop the ball again.
  • Why are big companies like att and Verizon last to get these updates????
  • Maybe because they're big companies and have to subsequently run more tests. My friend informed me on groupme today that his galaxy s4 on at&t just got a 200mb+ update. Looks like at&t is starting off a round of updates this week. Perhaps we're next.....
  • I hate ATT for this..
  • Orange Dominican Republic, waiting here...
  • Not available in india yet...
  • Damn.. I know..
  • Tell me if u got the ota update.
  • shld be up very soon as it isnt carrier dependant
  • Hope so... If any of u receive the update then plz do comment here..
  • Yeah. And you too.
  • WPcentral Would obviously post it :D if its up
  • I called up nokia care and they said it will be released either in the 2nd or 3rd week of august
  • Nokia care knows shit abt releases, they wudnt know much, they just assume like we do...
    hopefully it will be available soon ....
  • Agreed.
  • They r most stupid people.. So plz.. Ignore..
  • Not available in Iran yet
  • And why would it be, this is France only. Patience!
  • All these announcements are getting me really, really anxious to get my update from AT&T. Can hardly wait. Intensely thinking about flashing it the old fashioned Android way!
  • Still waiting! (Finland).
  • Hei do they even sell branded Lumia in Finland? I bought my 920 with Sonera but it does not seams branded...
  • No, all Lumias are unbranded here.
  • Kiitos! It's good to be sure!
  • Noooooooooo. . Im EE in uk. Im last to get anything.
  • as long as it ships with data sense i dont care when they are ready.
  • Yeah ee too and will flip if data sense is absent!
  • Likewise, GDR1 came out quick enough, I'm sure it'll only be a week til we get this.
  • EE have been good with updates so far. Just because you aren't first, doesn't mean you are last!
  • I'm also in the UK, but unlocked handset!
  • Na EE not to bad at all. wont be long!   Hope we get data sense!!  i have message them on twitter see if we get any info?
  • Awaiting ... In India
  • Romania???
  • checking for updates is taking way more time than usual, maybe its a good sign for change, or people are jamming the servers :P
    but still nothing on my unbranded L720 from jordan
  • Nothing on my Lumia 820 (Develop Device) and Carrier-free Lumia 620.. (From the Netherlands).
  • Unlocked 920 and nothing here either
  • Nope, not on my 820 either. It's originally Vodafone branded, but I flashed unbranded software, so I shouldn't have to wait for them right? In Settings>Info it says Provider: CV NL...
  • I still don't understand why unlocked phones are not getting the updates yet.
  • I still don't understand why Microsoft has put itself in this situation when it comes to updates. This is one area that I'll give Crapple kudos on, they do their updates for the most part right (not updating the original iPad past iOS5 but updating an older device past that is a big exception).
  • T mobile UK, no news :(
  • Nokia has pulled the updates on navifirm. You must not have gotten that information.
  • So no flashing at the moment.....
  • Nothing on my unbranded Lumia 620 in Croatia, too. Looking forward to Skype stability improvements :)
  • skype is going to be my first thing to test :P then reaio, i just miss the radio :P
  • Microsoft really should improve the way its Windows Phone updates are delivered.
  • OEMs handle these updates, its not up to Microsoft. Its up to the carriers.
  • Depends if your device is carrier-free or not.
  • True
  • Tell that to Apple. They push directly to consumers. This is how it should be done.
  • They have much less models than windows phone family...not even to mention MS hasn't built there own phones...some tweaks and adjustments to different specs before releasing is understandable. (though I doubt the rolls of carriers here...)
  • Then go back to your iPhone.
    Apple doesn't have multiple manufacturers and multiple multiple models. Big difference.
  • That's precisely what they should improve.
  • Nothing yet on my unlocked, carrier-free 720 (The Netherlands) :(
  • Will there be any warranty issues if I flash my lumia 920 (hong kong)? and can i downgrade if i have trouble flashing it??
  • Lmao.. Woow.. Looks like no one's got the update yet! Not even some folks in France:D I'm thinking of resetting my L720(other storage is over 1gig) and changing the region over to Finland or US and try my luck. Lol.
  • Is this update coming for lumia 720 too ??? Becoz everywhere i hear is abt 820 and 920 or even 520 but no where i saw 720 :( .. And when will it come to india ???
  • Ya. It is available for 720.
  • Thanx , just dont make us wait nokia ... :)
  • Chill.. It's a matter if time. May be a few days.
  • Hope its few days only n not weeks
  • Awesome. Its on!  That means we are that much closer to GDR3. 
  • lol, thats the funniest thing on this page, yeah now we start getting anxious for GDR3 :D :D
    btw i dont guess GDR3 has much to offer for current users, cuz i guess its more of hardware oriented for the upcoming devices.
  • Yes but maybe nokia will have another firmware update for us bundled with GDR3 :D
  • Sure it will, at most it would be a notification center :) which I'm really waiting for.
  • This is what I'm banking on, plus a lot of other goodies too.
    I also hope that Microsoft loosens its grip on Nokia and trust them do what they do. INNOVATE.  I know this is a partership and I hope Microsoft is aware that Nokia will survive however it has to. Who is to say that behind some locked, secret fortress of solitude a team of devs are not tinkering around with HP's, Google's or the Symbian OS.
  • Also EE (T-Mobile) in the UK. Nothing yet.
  • Still waiting in the UK, 920 on EE
  • My Lumia is AT&T branded yet is unlocked (got it on Amazon that way), I'll get GDR2 when it's released for regular AT&T locked Lumias, or will not get it at all?
  • yep, you will get it when the "dreadful partner" pushes the update button.
  • Nothing in denmark. Why not release at once?
  • OEMs handle the carrier branded devices. Not Microsoft nor nokia
  • Nokia is an OEM...
  • 'Straya
  • haha love it :P
  • Comonnnn Netherlands! Update already!
  • +920! Helemaal mee eens!
  • LOL! Kan echt niet wachten man :D
  • Ja manggg wat de vak!
  • No update on my lumia 510.....connected to zune but no updates.....but i have windows phone tango ......he he 
  • What the hell is tango? O.o
  • 256 MB awesomeness which does not let you run most things ! 
  • Hahaha:D
  • are you joking right? This update is for WP8 only not for WP7.x
    You can dig a hole for your phone in your garden, it`s dead.
  • Did not microsoft say that OTA will not be carrier dependent and be pushed out directly.........
    Waiting for the awesome amber on my 920 and 820. mainly to kill the other storage issue  820 has 2 gb of other storage and 920 around 12 gb ! sheesh. 
  • So many people are eager to update, and majorly everyone here will complain first if there are issues with the update such as battery drain or another bug.
    Nehh...just kidding. Wish I wasn't tho
  • Go Verizon GO!
  • What does GDR2 do and how do you know if you have it anyway?
  • GDR2 stands for Google Digs Retards (for the second time)......Easy how to know ? if you have samsung galaxy  or LG optimus or HTC's last one ,,,,,you have it. 
  • Unbranded (Clove) UK Lumia 920, no update yet
  • Also unbranded UK 920, no update yet.
  • is it possible to get d update by changing d region to france and is this update for lumia 520 also?
  • Problem is in the region settings, there is no option for english language if you select france as region....if you understand french try and let us know ! 
  • So any news? Have you tried it?
  • I bought my phone in france but live in belgium.
    I don't have GDR2 yet and changed my region to france but no luck.
    So i guess this trick won't work...
  • and there is an option for english with france as your region.
  • it dsn't....:(
  • Anybody know what's going on with the 928, I haven't heard anything.
  • Don't let my 822 down Verizon. Let's get that update!
  • nothing in my Lumia 620 LATAM unbanded 
  • Not yet in the Netherlands on my unbranded 920
  • Can't wait long enough for the Cam Pro for my 920!
  • Not yet on my 920 on the Moon, att sucks! :)
  • Nothing here on  Uranus.  I'm itching for a release.
  • Nothing on Myanus as well! Betta scratch it until it does..
  • I have installed india variant and have noticed two bugs
    1. The smart cam app is buggy. when you open it the view finder keeps lines blurring up and down.(Its like when you try to record tv on cam you get some lines in cam)
    2. When you try to change the lock screen photo from the available backgrounds, some photos are not selected and it closes without any selection
  • India?? Wow!! You must be the luckiest indian alive!!
  • No bro as i said there are bugs and its worrying me. The firmware files are now removed from the servers so i dont know what nokia is planning.
  • No idea.. :/
  • same here with my lumia 920.also i can not update the smart cam app from the store it says device needs update or this is app is not avaliable on this country.i flashed my device via nokia software update retail.
  • same here with my lumia 920.also i can not update the smart cam app from the store it says device needs update or this is app is not avaliable on this country.i flashed my device via nokia software update retail.
  • Im french
    living in Barcelona
    got a umbranded unloked lumia 920 freom Great Britain ( i hate it's short  poop battery life 80% less in less than 7 hours: whatsapp, 20 of websurf, 4 min of video streaming one email sync) Will i get ambar and GDR2 today ?? hahaha
    i dont think so !
    any one with umbranded nokia lumia 920 coming from UK here ?
  • Nothing here :( K.s.a
  • I waiting for asia & asean..
  • Will it brick the phone while listening to music? (like on the Htc 8x devices?)
  • Nothing here in the heart of darkness...
  • :|
  • So nobody has gotten anything? This is getting funny.
  • Wtf? Nobody gets the update? Then why the hell nokia france tweeted it.
  • Still not available for my lumia 820.. :|
  • Lol, nothing in Slovakia. I go sleep, its a waste of time to wait till it will be avaible.
  • Nothing here in Finland, unlocked nokia lumia 920
  • Hopefully the UK will get it soon!
  • I still don't get why the unbranded phones doesn't have the update yet ? Someone please explain me why. It's make no sense.
  • No luck on my Lumia 920 UK Unlocked (originally EE), fingers crossed it will be soon
  • Why Verizon, WHY?? ヽ(´ー`)ノ
  • В России пока нет. Как обычно это будет длиться очень долго. Может я получу обновление в сентябре или октябре. Американцы - счастливчики!
  • Nothing in paris yet
  • The one thing I don't understand is, why can't MS be organized and transparent like Apple?
  • Maybe because they aren't Apple? Or is that concept not simple enough?
  • Maybe you should realize the many complaints involved regarding MS and their slow and sporadic behavior. The inconsistency is uncalled for. Apple as you can see is very focused and that why they are successful.
  • are you f kidding us ?
    Apple transparent ?
    ok they apologices and gives explanations to some of their actions.
    but those lyrics are often just bull shit ^^
  • I think so so. They don't fuck around I know that for sure.
  • Nothing on my Lumia 920 DEVELOPER VERSION RM-821!
  • Did anyone update the indian variant Rm-826... Coz I am not able to get it
  • phone updater is like a new app for me now cause i keeps checking.. like an idiot. MS should have fix the updater itself first before trying to push a new firmware. found that people from my country already got ota 12hours ago. simplefuck.
  • Which country?
  • I got a update on my Lumia 820 and now I'm on 8.0.10211.204. There's any update between that and GDR2 ? Am I on GDR1 or still behind ? Can someone explain me please ?
  • Please tell your firmware revision no. It will be in 'about' in 'settings'.
  • u dont got amber yet, i have the same software number in my lumia 920
  • I think that Olivier Lagreou guy is full of shit! No updates
  • In Malaysia, Nokia sell the device, without the operator contract.
  • Damn it... Still waiting here in the Netherlands with unbranded 920. Why so long.