Nokia France confirms GDR2 update deployment for Lumia Windows Phones

Nokia France has revealed that Windows Phone 8 build 10327 (GDR2), coupled with Nokia's Amber firmware update for Lumia Windows Phones, is underway in the local market. Group product manager, Olivier Lagreou today announced on Twitter that the software update is now being pushed out to Windows Phone 8 hardware made by the manufacturer. 

If you're rocking an unbranded (unlocked) Nokia Windows Phone then you'll be all set to receive the Amber update when you're next in line. Should you be tied to your mobile operator, it's unfortunately down to the individual company to finalise and rollout the update. Good news is that consumers are already reporting notifications that a new version is available. It's just a short waiting game now, folks.

Nokia France GDR2 Update

Numerous features and improvements are included in the latest release, including the Glance Screen feature. Be sure to keep checking whether you've received the update notification by heading to Settings > Software Updates, but if you simply cannot wait you could go down the manual flash route (Lumia 820 / 920). 

via: MonWindowsPhone; thanks, Gotoma, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
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