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Nokia handing out Lumia promotional mints at AT&T store

Both AT&T and Nokia are still preparing to launch the much anticipated Lumia 900 LTE Windows Phone, which is rumoured to be delayed until April 22nd. The release date is surely drawing closer as Lumia 900 promotion material is featured in AT&T stores, including the above Nokia Lumia mints found at the AT&T store in the Arizona Mills mall.

No official date has been provided, so it looks like we'll have to sit tight and hold off on rumours that are flying by.

Thanks Brandon for sending in the photo!

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I got to get my hands on those mints!
  • Finally some sort of SIGN!!  Maybe they'll surprise us with an 18th release still hahaha (not likely) ;(
    Hoping maybe the 8th of April though.
  • Seriously. So good to see a sign.
  • At&t is closed on my birthday/Easter/April 8.
  • I played with a 900 and talked with a Nokia rep last night here at SXSW and he was very coy about the whole release date thing. He iust kept saying that it'll be out "very soon" and I "won't be disappointed" by the date. (Super slick phone btw. Believe all the hype.) They know they have an awesome device ready. They know that they have people on pins and needles. I think the total silence may be intentional. Think about it... They have all of this interest from hardcore fans. They do a very soft, quiet launch and let the super fans get it and start talking it up to their friends. THEN they launch a marketing blitz to get the mainstream. It'd be very different, almost guerilla marketing, but I think it fits the profile of "new" Nokia.
  • F the mints! I want the phones. I'm wanting to try the WP7 platform and the release date can't come soon enough for me.
  • Well its May 6, 2012 for me now that I swapped upgrade dates with my daughter so I guess they'll release the 900 on this sunday but thats okay  If thats what it takes to get it out this Sunday  Im happy to help out.  I'll be waiting for May 6, to come around when it gets here.
  • i just got my lumia 710 its awesome sleek man i swear i love nokia man
  • Oh man if they release this weekend i toally am buying it. Freaking out man! I definitely wouldnt be able to wait for Apollo. Oh pretty please Phone Gods!
  • I work for att and were training for the 900. I've been told its April 8th.
  • April 8th? That sounds awesome if true. Considering the fact that all the noise for the new iPad will die down by then...
  • I can't wait ..... Me and the wife are droping VZW and our unlimited plans just to get these!!!!!
  • U can never go wrong with a Nokia phone...bring out all the lumia to all is mobile operators, give android faboys the freedom they need
  • I'll have to drop into my local AT&T store today and see if I can score one of those mints too. I can't wait to hand off my android phone to my daughter.