Nokia Lumias

Nokia's Windows Phone 8 line-up

We've seen Nokia poke fun at Samsung in the past by welcoming the company back to Windows Phone, as well as attacking its Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 marketing campaign. Nokia has failed to show signs of ceasing, and now the Finnish manufacturer has taken to Twitter in Italy to slam competing manufacturers and boast the specifications of the Lumia 920. The flagship Windows Phone is the company's bottled hopes and dreams running Microsoft's next generation mobile operating system.

Taking a quick gander at the image below and we can see the PureView, 4.5" display, 8.7MP camera, NFC and wireless charging all making the list with what appears to be a copying student in the foreground. It's a humorous jab at other OEMs, particularly those within the Windows Phone eco-system.

Nokia Lumia 920 Copying

Source: Nokia Italy (Twitter), via: Plaffo, Nokia HD Blog; thanks, Dario, for the tip!