Nokia Italy also poking fun at competing OEMs on Twitter

Nokia's Windows Phone 8 line-up

We've seen Nokia poke fun at Samsung in the past by welcoming the company back to Windows Phone, as well as attacking its Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 marketing campaign. Nokia has failed to show signs of ceasing, and now the Finnish manufacturer has taken to Twitter in Italy to slam competing manufacturers and boast the specifications of the Lumia 920. The flagship Windows Phone is the company's bottled hopes and dreams running Microsoft's next generation mobile operating system.

Taking a quick gander at the image below and we can see the PureView, 4.5" display, 8.7MP camera, NFC and wireless charging all making the list with what appears to be a copying student in the foreground. It's a humorous jab at other OEMs, particularly those within the Windows Phone eco-system.

Source: Nokia Italy (Twitter), via: Plaffo, Nokia HD Blog; thanks, Dario, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Someone please explain. I seriously do not get it.
  • me neither... can someone clarify?
  • I like the way that Nokia pokes fun. Its very creative.
  • Not bad! However, I still believe that the Lumia 920 won't be too successful being exclusive to At&t only. Still blown away that Microsoft and Nokia couldn't work something out with T-Mobile and Verizon. And to make it where it launched on those three carriers at the same time. Then I believe the 920 would be a major hit!
  • Yep, the sales in the rest of the world don't count. /s
  • They do count. I am more so talking about America only.
  • America... Yup i see... Maybe you are talking about the USA only... I still don't get why everybody thinks the citizens of the USA are stupid...
  • In American English, America and USA are synonymous, or maybe you didn't know that USA is an acronym for the United States of AMERICA, you twit. So get off your high horse, and stop trolling.
  • Poor canadians... Oh and of course central and south America... Think about why it's and acronym!?
  • America is not the Americas, nor North America, nor South America. If that's too hard for you to figure out, these here interwebs might not be for you. Unless, of course, this is all just a rouse for you to spout off some anti-American nonsense...
  • No doubt Wil. If the 920 hit even just ATT AND Verizon, it would've been a huge hit and propelled sales dramatically.
    Sadly, we may never know who is to blame for this not happening, but whoever it is, I wish I could kick them to the back of their face.
  • Is it just me, or do the cyan/white 920s have more rounded corners on the bottom?
  • I don't think those are 920s, the whole bottom is different from the red and yellow ones.  Are those 820s or the old 900s?
  • Both 920s and 820s - the caption describes the company's Windows Phone 8 line-up.
  • Those are definitely the 820s
  • There's two 820 and two 920. 
  • Might I just say how much I love Nokia? Love, love, love!
  • Beautifull picture!!
  • Funny. Too bad that I think 920 won't be extremely successful due to being stuck on one carrier in the states. Is they were smart, the carrier to try and get stuck with would've been Verizon, seen as the leader here. I still can't figure out what being on ATT alone is such a good idea to them. Unless of course, Verizon just said they don't want the 920.
  • It's a funny jab but honestly they can make all the jabs they want but it's not going to stop HTC from outselling them on Windows Phone 8. Nokia shot themselves in the foot with their exclusive crap. While I was looking forward to getting the 920, since it's not going to be on Verizon before the Holidays, I'll give my money to HTC. My only grip with the 920 was the size. While it's a sexy phone it kinda looks like a brick and I can't imagine slidding it comfotably into my pocket. The HTC 8x on the other hand, is sexy (I actually think it looks more sleek than the 920) and looks like it will be much more manageable!! It's a great second choice!!
  • +1 Let me add my own rant. I like Nokia and would have loved using the 920 with TMobile. Buy, since It's exclusive to ATT, TMO won't get it even if it decided to get a high end phone.