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Nokia exclusive Xbox game FC Rocket launches Lumia hardware into space

Nokia has managed to bring across and release another game for Windows Phone, Flight Control Rocket. Located in the Nokia Collection for Lumia owners, FC Rocket is the next step up from Firemint's Flight Control. It's the classic management experience with a Sci-Fi twist and unique pace that will provide enough individuality for players not to get instantaneously bored through repetition, particularly if you've played the classic Flight Control title.

As was the case with Flight Control (except in space), the aim of the game is to land a number of spacecraft onto a mothership. There's a slight difference in FC Rocket, though. The gameplay is more focused on landing ships quickly to maintain a combo chain and also has other unexpected elements, depending on which gametype you choose to take on.

Speaking of which, the handful of game modes available to spice up the gameplay include the fast-paced Infinity, a more expansive offering Odyssey and lastly Rescue. It's a fairly large title with a "near-endless" number of stages, as well as 15 spacecraft with unique abilities and characteristics to choose from. A leaderboard is available for players to compete against other Rocketeers.

FC Rocket

A quick rundown of the three game modes:

  • Infinity - Land as many ships as possible on a chosen mothership. Tricky combo chains are on offer and highly encouraged by the game, which involves more risk and strategic gameplay.
  • Odyssey - This mode sets an infinite number of timed levels, each rising in difficulty. No colours are present, leaving the player to land as many spacecraft as possible to keep the combo chain building.
  • Rescue - Stranded astronauts require saving. A ship of corresponding colour is to be piloted to the poor sods to drag them back to safety at the mothership.

It's an addictive game with some perks that improve both enjoyment and the longevity. We'd definitely recommend checking out the trial, especially if you're a fan of challenging Xbox games. 

You can download FC Rocket from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store (both 7.8 and 8) for $2.99. 

QR: FC Rocket

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Nokia, single handedly propping up WP. More committed than the OS maker, disgraceful show by Microsoft.
  • Nokia really cares about their products..  We Lumians, should be glad that NOkia is working and not like Microsoft, they're sitting idly...  . I hope that NOkia will create their own Operating System.. and boom! I will be a Nokia fan forever!
  • This is what the OEM is supposed to be doing! Thare is only so much Microsoft can concentrate on doing. If they create and dictate every single feature and app for the platform, the OEM's won't be able to distinguish their offerings. But when an OEM does strive to disinguish it's offerings (as in the Nokia case here), others complain that it's fragmenting the platform, as all its software isn't available for all phones!
  • Is the original flight control available in the marketplace though? I find that a better game. Classic.
  • here you go
  • I've played the original Flight Control by Namco, and personally, I find FC Rocket a better experience.
    They are both $2.99, but my money will go to FC Rocket!
  • I have a Nokia and really like that Nokia is being so active in developing apps for WP. Though I strongly dislike the exclusivity. The last thing this platform needs is fragmentation. The original small group of exclusive apps was a bit annoying but now the list of great apps not available to non-Nokia windows phones is getting out of hand.
  • With Microsoft not releasing Xbox games for WP would it be preferable for Nokia to fund gaming for the entire platform? But then we should ask, which one of these companies declares billions in profits each year, Microsoft or Nokia? Microsoft owns the OS and are sitting on their hands, the criticism of Nokia is misdirected.
  • Nicely put, theefman!
  • Well said. The rest of the platform isn't Nokia's concern. They have devices to sell, and exclusivities help that selling power.
  • Which should contribute more to the platform?
    Well, Microsoft is trying to prop up Nokia by injecting $250 million a year into this, er, drowning (pun intended) company. It also provides Windows Phone, and it technically should support every aspect of the platform.
    On the other hand, Windows Phone is Nokia's hope (barring an unlikely Symbian^4 and Sailfish OS release, which I'm hoping will happen) It actually makes sense for a huge catalog (500 GOOD apps is more than enough) of exclusives.
    Assuming WP supports Carrier Billing in the Philippines, I'll buy all those games. Even if I have to sell my treasure trove of old Nokias.
  • I didn't mean to imply this is Nokia's fault. More that Microsoft is allowing exclusivity within its own system. That we don't have native turn-by-turn on non Nokia phones is silly. Why can't Nokia offer these apps across the board, keep them free to Nokia owners and charge the others. Wouldn't charging $5 for Nokia drive help their revenue AND ensure their awesome efforts to prop up WP aren't just a sacrifice?
  • I'm sure they have actually calculated it. 
    let me remind you that Nokia paid 7.9 billion euros for navteq in 2007 and Navteq alone has 900 people working for. It's something Nokia will keep themself like they always had. 
    Just remember that anybody is able to pay for the data itself. That's the business Nokia does with standalone GPS devices, Amazon, car manufacturers etc with Navteq. Anybody, like MS can buy the data and use it for their turn by turn maps... but they haven't.  Nokia is here to do business. There's no restrictions from anybody to do any of these things. Especially for MS.
  • But Nokia does offer its Nokia service apps like Drive to other manufacturers. Its the other manufacturers that don't want to implement it.
  • I agree, but what Nokia should do is offer the app free for Nokia devices, and paid for all others.
  • Doesn't bring the cash Nokai wants to. 
    Nokia is doing nothing else than business here. If it's not profitable, it doens't make sense. Windows Phone at the moment doesn't make much sense for any developing and it's all towards future hope. Nokia would never get the money back with selling the apps.
    Especially for something as absurdly costly as Nokia's Navteq divison. 
  • Nah!  The game is worth money, and Lumia users get exclusivity/first dibs.  Nokia will make more money to recoup cost of development (if they don't with Lumia only users), if they release it to other WP users at a later time.  Nokia benefits even more if people chose a Nokia WP device over the others, which is really kinda the point :)
  • I don't think this Nokia exclusiveness is good at all. But that being said, thank god I bought a 920 or I would have ZERO new games.
  • I got an 8x and slightly regret it now. Love the phone and windows phone 8 but have been let down massively by Microsoft and HTC. I got the 8X as I read that Nokia Drive would be on all W8 phones. HTC and MS didn't see that through and haven't bothered with an alternative either. I didn't think games would be exclusives like this, hopefully they might be timed exclusives and may drip across later on? Its good though that one company is bothered about Windows Phone being a success, and its a shame HTC and Microsoft don't share Nokia's enthusiasm.
  • For what it's worth, HTC told me they are looking into offering Drive on their phones.  I thought Nokia was going to license it out starting something in Q1.  I'm more dissappointed with MS at this point but HTC's exclusive offerings are a lot of nothing.  
  • All their games are a tad bit expensive though, compared to what they would have been if they were not nokia exclusives. *sigh*
  • What?  Aren't the average price of most Xbox Live games around $2.99?  At least, that's been my observation, with the exception of ilomilo and Bejeweled Live, Final Fantasy....
  • The game selection is sad on windows phone anyway
  • Nokia sees that MS team do nothing for games !!! I wanna Nokia Exclusive games which was on N9 - Asphalt 6, Galaxy on Fire 2, Samurai 2, Bejewel 2,3,  Snake (like Bullet Asylum and Geo Defence style),  One (fighting Game), Skate 2, and some shooters
  • Downloaded the trial earlier this am, and really liked it.  This is the first game that I've actually considered purchasing priced over $0.99 (not a cheapskate, but there are some games that I don't feel is valued more than $0.99 of MY money).
    Anyway, so glad that this is available for the Lumia 900!  It runs smoothly, the controls are accurate, and I love the soundtrack :)
    Kudos to Nokia for taking care of Nokia Lumia customers!
  • I had a Titan II and after the lack of support I recieved for my device, I vowed to never purchase a HTC procuct again if I could help it. That is why I am a proud owner of a 920.
  • This is what I mean?! Microsoft is Nokia now!
  • Сan do it the arrangement between Microsoft and Nokia? Potential customers, seeing how many exclusive xbox games  published for Nokia (and seeing lack of xbox games for other phones), can make a choice when they will want to buy smartphone.
    p.s.: i'm nokia owner, but I don't approve game exclusives - the market has to be equally available to owners of any smartphones - LG, Nokia, Samsung, HTC.
  • What happened to not being able to download anyhting over 20MB on Cellular? This game is 42MB and is downloading fine over ATT LTE. odddddd.
  • I always thought the cap was at 100mb?
  • It is sad that most exclusive games from Nokia has the Brazilian Portuguese language, but none of them is available in Brazil!
  • Ok now that windows phone is fragmented in nokias favor between the funding from Microsoft and exclusivity on games and apps why have other manufactures? It's Nokia or nothing people Microsoft made that clear by sitting idly as Nokia destroyed htc...
  • Lol!  Funding from Microsoft?  Do you think that Navteq data for Bing Maps (mobile and desktop) is free?
  • Would like to play games like pinball or something.. Some cool pinball game with awesome graphics :)
    if there is one abailable already please link it up somebody. Thanks
  • Wouldn't Nokia increase their revenue by selling the games to everyone? It's an odd thinking, people don't go in shops asking what phone has the exclusive games, they only realise afterwards.
  • They realize afterwards and return the phone to get Nokia. Or get Nokia since beginning if sales rep mentions exclusivities. Its a gamble but its paying off.
  • Gotta admit..fragmentation seems to be getting out of hand. Half of the announcements on this site mean nothing to me because I own an 8x.
  • Lol!  Fragmentation?  There are over 100+ Xbox Live games in the Marketplace, of which 11 are created/funded by Nokia, and you call that fragmentation?
  • I don't think people understand how business works. 
  • Most people don't understand how anything works.
  • Everyday there's a new reason to choose the Lumia 920 over the 8X.
  • If that is true, then I would have to say that it appears the people at Nokia are doing their job.