Nokia exclusive Xbox game FC Rocket launches Lumia hardware into space

Nokia has managed to bring across and release another game for Windows Phone, Flight Control Rocket. Located in the Nokia Collection for Lumia owners, FC Rocket is the next step up from Firemint's Flight Control. It's the classic management experience with a Sci-Fi twist and unique pace that will provide enough individuality for players not to get instantaneously bored through repetition, particularly if you've played the classic Flight Control title.

As was the case with Flight Control (except in space), the aim of the game is to land a number of spacecraft onto a mothership. There's a slight difference in FC Rocket, though. The gameplay is more focused on landing ships quickly to maintain a combo chain and also has other unexpected elements, depending on which gametype you choose to take on.

Speaking of which, the handful of game modes available to spice up the gameplay include the fast-paced Infinity, a more expansive offering Odyssey and lastly Rescue. It's a fairly large title with a "near-endless" number of stages, as well as 15 spacecraft with unique abilities and characteristics to choose from. A leaderboard is available for players to compete against other Rocketeers.

FC Rocket

A quick rundown of the three game modes:

  • Infinity - Land as many ships as possible on a chosen mothership. Tricky combo chains are on offer and highly encouraged by the game, which involves more risk and strategic gameplay.
  • Odyssey - This mode sets an infinite number of timed levels, each rising in difficulty. No colours are present, leaving the player to land as many spacecraft as possible to keep the combo chain building.
  • Rescue - Stranded astronauts require saving. A ship of corresponding colour is to be piloted to the poor sods to drag them back to safety at the mothership.

It's an addictive game with some perks that improve both enjoyment and the longevity. We'd definitely recommend checking out the trial, especially if you're a fan of challenging Xbox games. 

You can download FC Rocket from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store (both 7.8 and 8) for $2.99. 

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Rich Edmonds
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