Nokia launches Music app and service in Canada, ahead of May announcement

Nokia has seemingly launched its Nokia Music service and app in Canada, ahead of the set announcement on May 15th in Toronto. A Windows Phone Central reader has been able to confirm on an unlocked Lumia 920 that Nokia Music is now available with the optional commercial upgrade. Good news if you're in Canada and had to go through workarounds to tune into the available mixes.

So what will be announced on the 15th? We bet Nokia will go official on the day, but will enable consumers to check out the upgraded service prior to the event. We could be seeing more features on the horizon, which may be unveiled or teased in Toronto. Asha in New Delhi, Lumia in London and Music in Toronto. Nokia is really pushing this month and we're excited to see what the company has next for consumers.

You can download Nokia Music from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, Benjamin, for the heads up!

QR: Nokia Music

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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