If today is good for one thing, it’s learning just how far the Nokia Lumia 1020 will spread across the world in the next few weeks. With CanadaAustralia, Poland and Sweden out of the way, we figured we would add a few more regions as tips rolled in.

Denmark and Norway are both scheduled to receive the Lumia 1020 on October 10th as announced on their respective Facebook pages today.  Like in Sweden, Denmark will have it available at various locations including Onfone, Telmore, Elgiganten and Proshop. While Norway will see it land on Telenor and Elkjøp.

Pricing will vary according to the store or carrier, so check the links above for more information.

Nokia Malaysia announcement coming soon for the 1020

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, Malaysia is starting preorders for the Lumia 1020 in the next few hours. The preorders will be handled through Nokia partner Storekini (storekini.com) and you can learn more from their Facebook page as soon as the announcement is made. Preorders will only run one week, so we’re probably looking at an actual launch there soon.

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Malaysia in this case is beating out Singapore as far as official announcements go, though Singapore is expected to get the 41 MP Windows Phone too in the coming weeks as well.

Source: Nokia Facebook: Denmark, Norway, Malaysia; Thanks, munchcreature, Mikkel A., and Tor A., for the tips!