Pre-order unbranded Nokia Lumia 1520 for £549 at Clove and Unlocked Mobiles UK

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is already up for pre-order here in the UK (check out our coverage yesterday should you require a reminder as to exactly which retailers and operators are stocking the Windows Phone), but both Unlocked Mobiles and Clove have the unbranded version listed for £549.98. If you're looking to bag a deal before Christmas on a new "phablet," this deal may well be the one for you.

Since the device itself is not yet available, this listing is of course for pre-ordering the product. That said, an unlocked Lumia 1520 (with 32GB storage) for that price isn't a bad deal - we're including VAT too, by the way. Unlocked Mobiles has black, white, red and yellow available, while Clove has just black and white. Both retailers report that the black variant will be shipping on December 6th.

What's more is Nokia is offering a £20 app voucher for shopping on the Windows Phone Store. You can find out more information on the manufacturer's official website (opens in new tab).

Check out more details, as well as place an order over on Unlocked Mobiles or Clove (opens in new tab). So, who's picking one up?

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • IMO, WpCentral need to categorize the articles countrywise. Almost all news are US n UK market based. Not interesting globally.
  • I know... I get tired of reading about the rest of the world other than the UK and US.
  • I guess if your country doesn't have new news you'd be reading about nothing then. *shrugs*
  • I mean regional news like potatoes at €1, 1020 cover polish @ £30 in US etc.. Its simply useless news for ppl from other areas. Rather hot reviews, apps, rumours, updates will be much applauded globally.
  • You need to read a website in your region / language then. Its impossible for websites to deliver personal news to you based on your personal circumstancs. Its a westernised website for 1st world countries. It posts whats relevant to most of its readers. The other point being, if you know the cost in the UK you can compare to the cost in your local currency which could be useful when making a value judgement. And its still news. It does say UK on the article so you could have just moved on.
  • I need to get an unlocked phone for Colombia, how much will that cost me? And its even possible?
  • What bands does this one support? LTE in US/att?
  • Work on Verizon?
  • Unfortunately, no. It includes WCDMA (China) and no CDMA (USA). Hopefully the "929" will be out soon.
  • It should support ATT's bands. FYI: Expansys USA has recently listed the unlocked international versions on their site for pre-order. $800, shipping in 5 to 10 days. I was able to confirm that they had 32gb and WC because the CS rep said they are the international versions. All colors are listed too... 1520
  • Anyone know if this has wireless charging
  • Same question here. Though the image doesn't have those 3 contact points...which may indicate it has Qi built in.
  • Yes, it is supposed to have Qi built in.
  • Only the att version doesn't
  • The question is will it work on the DT-900 or 901
  • Doesn't support AWS so I'll just wait for the Canadian version. I was at Microsoft store recently and they now allow buying a phone without the need to have a contract.
  • Unfortunately, it is simply not worth that amount. Id wait at least 6 months before id even consider it, and even then would not go beyond £350.
  • Are you serious? What are you basing your statement on? Personally, I think that it is priced just about right.
  • Worzel, to me, no phone is worth more than £350. I got my Lumia 925 for £275.
  • @Blocks9
    Okay, I can agree that no phone is actually worth the asking price. They are usually priced at around 3 to 4 times the manufacturing cost (or possibly higher) but the final retail price for these Nokia phones seem to be fair and reasonable to me. I'm basing this on the cost of equivalent smartphones from other manufacturers. The worst offender for overcharging for their products has to be Apple, I'm sure you will agree.
  • I have to agree with you. Don't know if I'm doing the conversion correctly, but does that come up to USD 890? How is this currently a deal?
  • Well here in Germany the preorder price is 800 euro so I think it's a pretty good deal.
  • It's US$740 without the VAT (or shipping). For that, you get 32GB, Qi charging, and the non-North American LTE bands. That last part is a killer for any AT&T customers looking to get around their stripped model.
  • The conversion isn't quite as nice. Remember the 1020 was US $639 and £599 on launch. Not quite a fair conversion for the UK. :/
    I'd say that puts this at around $600 if we can ever get it in the US.  
  • I want 1520 on Verizon somehow, but its just not possible is it?Im always curious about this, Nokia makes global phones, always has. How come the phones exclusive for att are purposefuly missing Verizon bands?? (and vice versa..) I know its not from the lack of tech, more like they spend extra to castrate the customer. This is an absolute mystery to me (i understand the reason behind it, but its unethical and immoral to lock the customer in even after years of loyalty, and has no benefit to the carrier since they have you locked in anyway . After you pay ridiculous prices for two years, and finally own the phone, why cant you take it to ANY carrier? What if its unlocked, does Nokia really cut those bands Out?
  • The problem is that phones are not JUST 4g LTE now. Phones still have to be able to use the older 3g networks otherwise you would never get service outside of major population areas. 3g is split between the cdma and gsm technologies which prevent phones from being used on your choice of network. It is no different than a few years ago when the iPhone could only be used on AT&T. This isn't business, its technology. Think of it like trying to use a train on a interstate or a car on train tracks.
  • Wait till the Vodafone version comes out or the 32gb at&t because those two have the capacity for 5bands of GSM/4G/LTE.
  • Pre-ordered from Unlocked Mobiles. Can't wait.
  • Same! What colour? And make sure you get the free £20 app voucher from them
  • I am trying to order on that site and my visa keeps getting rejected. Did you have any trouble with this?
  • Still waiting for TMO compatible... This it? Can I even buy it? Lmao. US
  • So buying an unlocked 1520 from one of these sites, will not work on AT&T? I want 32GB and Qi charging, and AT&T screwed us.
  • Same here, I am an AT&T customer and have a lot of Wireless Charging stands and plates from my 920's. I want a 1520 with Wireless Charging built in and 32gb and do not want an extra wireless cover like on my 1020. (PS. I bought a 1520 from AT&T for my Fiance, it is nothing short of amazing! I love that screen OMG!) Sounds like this international version will not work with the North American LTE bands on AT&T. So no getting around the AT&T roadblock with this model. :-( (Damn Powermat lovers)  
  • Yes we are totally screwed over.  I've got like 4 Qi chargers that now are junk in this ecosystem going forward.  I just hope they have a "less stripped down" version that comes out later, with 32GB and wireless charging built-in (even if it is powermat--just gotta be built in). I've love to get the global version but yeah no US LTE bands in it, so can you live with just HPSA?!  My laptop and my tablet both have HSPA+ cards in them, so I rarely tether to my phone....  I might make it. :) So frustrating.  Better then T-Mobile though.  <slam!> :) -m
  • £549 that's excellent
  • But not in red ...
  • Can this work on T-mobile US? O would not mind getting it for the full price as ling as I can get unlimited data with LTE?
  • By the way, I hope that exclusivity crap ends once Microsoft takes over. I will leave ATT in a heart beat and go to T-Mobile for an unlimited LTE.
  • Pre-ordered mine about 2 weeks ago from Unlcoked mobiles. I initially paid £594 for it, but they have refunded me £50 odd as it is now £549 and that's the 32GB option, only reason they sent me an email was for the refund, and thew fact that the white model may take a little longer to ship. Well hyped for it ^_^
  • Lumia 1520 = AWESOME!!!