Nokia Lumia 2520 render leaked, shows a cyan tablet incoming

We’re under two weeks away from learning all about what Nokia has in store for Windows Phone and Windows 8. On October 22nd, Nokia will announce a wide range of new devices in Abu Dhabi for both platforms. The two rumored devices that we're most excited about are the Lumia 1520 and 2520. The first is a “phablet” running Windows Phone 8 with a 1080p display, while the second is a tablet on Windows RT.

We haven’t seen a cyan device from Nokia in quite some time, but it looks like the tablet is going to bring it back.

On Twitter, evleaks shared an image of the upcoming Lumia 2520 (codename “Sirius”) tablet in cyan. It’s hard to tell much about the device in terms of dimensions or features from an image, but we at least know we’re getting one of our favorite colors back.

The Lumia 2520 is also expected to come out on Verizon for $499. Verizon is getting black and red, whether that’s both colors on one device or two different colors for two different devices isn’t certain at the moment. The Lumia 2520 will feature a 10.1 inch IPS screen running at 1080p. It will have a quad-core Qualcomm 8974 chipset to power Windows RT. We’re also expected the device to appear on AT&T and other international markets.

Which color would you want your Windows RT tablet from Nokia in? Sound off below.

Source: Twitter

Sam Sabri
  • Wonder what the official specs will be, I am choosing between this or the surface 2. Looks awesome though!
  • Yes it does. Tablets are sure getting interesting.
  • That's one sweet looking tablet and best of all it matches my 920 and in ear phones!
  • No one has mentioned a keyboard.  What if it comes with a keyboard cover of some kind for the $499.
  • I'm in the same boat.  Love the gen2 Surface line... but oh man does that Cyan sure look purdy!!!!!
  • Same! I'm really feeling that Surface 2 but curious to see what Nokia Brings.
  • Same here, this or Surface 2.
  • I wonder if they could be bought without carrier? If not, Surface 2 for me.
  • Probably. Something like a wi-fi only option would be a solid choice for folks wanted a table without another data plan. 
  • But if you buy it, like with phone, you don't have to sign a contract ... like for phones ... right?
  • I think so. Most tablets let you buy them without a contract.
  • I don't see a reason to have carrier data plan when we could tether.
  • That's cause phone companies charge you extra to tether on the very own data plan you are paying for. Highway robbery. I use to tether on my unlocked Nokia n8 on the $15 unlimited data for dumb phones.. Would run up to 2-3.5 GB at times.
  • T-Mobile does not charge extra for the first 500MB, so a WiFi only tablet should work good with a T-Mobile phone (considering there are many wifi hotspots available to reduce the need for tethering except for special situations where for some reason you'd really need to use the tablet anyway).
  • ATT doesn't charge for tethering for my Lumia 920.
  • What❔ How's that❔
  • I can't even access the tethering option because my AT&T plan doesn't have it enabled. Possibly on a business plan or they messed up and just left it enabled for you. Either way, Tether-X is a good app to get around AT&T's nonsense. The setup is a little annoying, but it works.
  • Well, he's not the only one that has that. I'm on a family plan, I've tethered my laptop many times and have never seen a charge either. What kind of phone do you have?
  • That's right, I've never been charged for tethering. The only and few times I've had to thether is when I don't have wifi(which is very rare)or when I'm on the mountains. But have never been charged for thetering.
  • You two are probably on Mobile Share (aka RIPOFF) plans, not traditional plans. With a traditional plan you need a special data plan to let you tether. 
  • I CAN tether. NEVER BEEN CHARGED for tethering.
  • Do you think there will be an unlocked LTE version of this?? If so, I'm choosing this over Surface 2.
  • I sure hope there is a WiFi only verion. Like you if there is not ill be getting a surface 2.
  • Wow, what to do....surface 2 or this one....
  • Hard to know ... I like both of them. But I like the fact that my Lumia 920 will be fit perfectly with the table :)
  • Yea this is the dilemma now surface 2 or Lumia 2520 the touch cover for surface is the big seller for me so far
  • Exactly. Surface without touch cover is like regular tablet. The magic is in the cover. It turns a tablet into a laptop or whatever top. It is whatever you want it to be. And you don't even need a case. This is a millions times better than the onscreen keyboard. Therefore 100 milion times better than a ishit.
  • Yellow, Purple, Orange, Green
  • That orange one would be cool
  • +1
  • Their naming scheme is getting absolutely ridiculous. MS needs to fix this immediatly after the deal.
  • + 2520
  • It is, but even I know the 1k series #'s are for phones & 2k #'s are for tablets
  • It used to make sense. First number was "quality," second was generation, and third was carrier varient.
    5XX= entry level
    6XX= slightly better
    7XX= mid level
    8XX= mid-high
    9XX= high end
    10XX= ultra high
    then you have 800 (first gen), 810(second gen), 820 (third gen).
  • Numbering scheme has been part of Nokia for years. Its also a way to get away from being tied to one carrier. 920 went to T-Mobile and verizon in different forms
  • I want Lumia 3310... Sounds great rigth
  • Cyan me wants
  • I'd want it in T-Mobile magenta if it meant I could get it on a non-AT&T/Verizon carrier -.-
  • Here's what I don't understand about Nokia, why are the tablet colors not matching available phone colors? For instance, I'm on att. What if I wanted a blue tablet, there are no blue high end phones (except the 920) out to match with tablet. Or if I had the 1020, there is no yellow tablet to match...not that I want a yellow tablet, but you get the idea.
  • How about we wait for them to announce it first
  • Hmm, so let me get this straight...i should wait to comment on something until it's announced? Have you not been on the internet before? I'm just expressing something I've noticed based on the rumors we know about. If everyone waited for official announcements, the comment sections would be dead for certain articles.
  • Like you said, these are rumors, we don't know everything YET, so maybe there will be more colors, we just don't know yet.
  • Why your shirt and pants have to be the same color. Match doesn't mean same.
  • I don't wear my phone and tablet. If a company is offering various colors across different product lines, some people are gonna want to keep a color consistency between devices. If I'm wearing a red shirt, I "might" want to wear red shoes, but certainly not red pants.
  • Ask AT&T why they don't stock all the colors. Here in EU we get every possible color and without carrier crap.
    On the other hand, it's true that they don't make 1020 in cyan. I would like that too.
  • I would ask ATT, but they're the same company that "just" released gdr2. You really think they will have a logical reason if I ask them about colors?
  • Exactly, they'll just tell you that att isn't the one that's making these colors available.
  • Then I'm offering you that you move to a land without carrier contracts :D Although nobody would want to buy say iPhone for $700 off contract, right ...
  • Exactly. That would be the day I'd pick up a Nokia 521 as my daily driver.
  • Gimme XD
  • Surface is nice
  • I am guessing these won't support the new accessories like the Mix Pad or whatever it is?
  • Are you talking about the surface blades? If so, then no, it won't support them.
  • Judging from the photo there is a headphone jack on the top left and a port of some sort on the bottom. Most likely for the keyboard battery accessory that's rumoured. Surface-y.
  • Gold with sparkles?
  • I really hope that the tablet will have a stylus like on the Surface, that would help differentiate the Nokia tablet even more from the rest of the pack, heck it would be the first tablet with Windows RT that has a stylus. Also it will be a direct competitor to the Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) because in that segment of market the Note doesn't have much of a competition. In short, Nokia please give us a tablet with RT good for sketching/drawing...pretty please :)
  • I agree they need something like a stylus to differentiate. I like Nokia, but I'm having a hard time seeing how this will be compelling at the rumored price level. Especially when you have bay trail tablets running full windows 8 coming in at $300. But I'll wait for their announcement before I dismiss it.
  • At&t Blue and Verizon Red
    /Sprint should get the Yellow for the lulz
  • I think it's still the Surface 2 for me. While the monolithic polycarbonate approach looks great on the phones, I'm not sure about a 10.1" tablet. The Surface just looks a more "serious" package.
  • Yeah, like most of the people commenting, I'm in a pickle between choosing this or surface 2!
  • Will it be compatible with the other Surface stuff (docking stand, covers, etc)? That would definitely up the value of those items by making it easy to switch them between Windows devices.
  • As far as "clicking in" the keyboard no, but if you purchase the Bluetooth accessory for surface keyboard then I'm sure it will work.
  • Really exited about the event!
  • It would be awesome if the 2520 was compatible with the Surface Touch and Type Covers.
  • Don't think that's possible, but Nokia has its own kind of keyboard cover in the works too, wait till the launch day!
  • This is a good cyan
  • Not sure if I want a cyan tablet... I was so into the colors at first I have cyan purity hd's and a yellow 920, I had the cyan 900. I just ordered the 1020 in black, I hope to get tablet and purity pros in black... It looks more adult. In a business meeting with a big yellow phone and cyan tablet would look
  • You would wear those nig things is a business meeting instead of the small wireless ear bud type Nokia makes?
  • I'm not trying to be a RT hater, but I'm having a hard time seeing the compelling reason to get surface 2 or this Nokia tablet at $500 when there are a number of bay trail tablets coming in at $300 which run winrt and full windows. If you tell me battery life you better show proof because my Lenovo clover trail tablet beats my surface rt on both battery and weight.
  • Just to be fair, I will list some known big advantages. Free office. 200GB SkyDrive for surface and LTE for Nokia.
  • That's pretty weak beer IMO.
    I agree with the OP:  it's difficult to make a compelling case for a WinRT device, given newer devices running full Windows 8.
    RT (alone, without full Win8) is basically not long for this world.
  • Office comes with the Windows license for 10" and smaller devices. Both together cost the OEM $30. That's why you'll see all the cheap 10" and smaller x86 tablets include a full copy of Office. So you get the 200GB SkyDrive. I wouldn't use any cloud storage that I only get free for a limited time because I don't want to rely on it and then be forced to pay it once the free trial is over.
  • Let me answer this.
    The advantage is: one is Surface, the other is not. If there is a Bay Trail Surface of the same size. There is no advantage. Being a Surface is a big advantage because it works with touch/type covers. That's very very important, at least to me. It turns a tablet into whatever you want without adding weight. You don't event need a case.
    Now, another question you didn't ask: why Microsoft bother doing that? Because of Intel. Intel has been stupid for the last a few years. You know what I mean. Windows RT makes Intel scared, at least half scared. That's why I say, Windows RT will be here to stay for a long long time. On the other hand there is a balance here, Microsoft don't want to totally screw Intel, that's why they purposely crapple Windows RT. Like not to allow it join domain, not allow to run x86 programs. There is no technical reason at all. All about strategy.
  • no technical reason that the millions of executable available on windows are all compiled to be run on an x86 instruction set whereas winRT is used on ARM processors? and no virtual machines that provide an x86 layer are not feasible....I know from experience in grad school how slow such emulators (thats what a VM that mimicks some other instruction set than the one provided by the processor on which the VM is meant to run on) are. And those emulators were running on powerful x86 systems.
  • If there is motivation. Microsoft can do this easily without virutalization. Open the compiler to the developers. I believe this is one already in Visual Studio, they just didn't open it. Otherwise how is Office and IE compiled? Developers just need to compile one for RT, that's it. Some people say, ARM will be slow to run old programs. If they run office, they can run almost everything.  
  • Nokia thank you
  • Name Old "lumia coffe tab"
  • I bought a surface rt a few weeks ago and it never hickups for me. I really can't see me needing anything more anytime soon. Mainly I use it for emails, Reading articles, and pdfs. Works great.
  • Does the price include the keyboard?
  • Looking at this or the Surface 2. Not interested in LTE. If they offer this without LTE (for a bit cheaper than $500) I'm probably leaning this way.
  • Oh cyan! How I missed you!
  • Don't tell me that you can't buy an unlocked tablet in US. Besides why would you buy a tablet from a carrier, you can use tethering right?
  • 2520 in red. *makes Homer Simpson drool noise*
  • I would love to have a cyan Sirius and a cyan Lumia 1520.
  • I want one without contract in green
  • Never looked at carrier specific tablets. Are you telling me that I have to get and use a data plan? Personally I'd rather have the 2520 with the Snapdragon 800 over Surface 2 with a Tegra 4.
  • If this has a kickstand and a touch cover, I will not get surface 2
  • Looks like an oversized Lumia 900
  • This tablet looks fantastic, but f*****g RT ruins it for me!
  • I normally don't buy devices that AREN'T black. But I have to say...this cyan may look nice...though I would have to see it from the back. That blue ribbon on black looks awesome but maybe too much cyan could bore me. Lets wait and see. My answer to the question is: black.
  • - Which color of the dead RT corpse would you like, sir? ;)
    - Gimme that bluish one, cyan you say? I love cyan, dead bodies always turn cyan soon after death.
    - Har har har.
  • I would buy one in green
  • Love Nokia stuff but 10.1" is too big for my needs.  It for someone who never used a tablet before.  Those who had the iPads and other large tablets now are smart enough to know that a 7.9" 4:3 screen format is the idea tablet. 
    Yes, I will be buy another iPad - only it the Mini Retina!
  • I ain't never seen iPad run Windows Phone, or Windows 8. Stop spamming, nobody GAF about you buying a iPad.
  • If I'm gonna get a Sirius, Imma make sure it's black.
  • Indeed
  • I like, but I think I'd rather have a surface pro 2.
  • Sigh. This is gonna be tough choice. I love the build of the Surface 2s. Can't wait to feel and hold the Nokia. If its anything like the 920, then I'll probably have to play rock paper scissors to make a choice assuming thay all other things (specs/cost) being relatively equal. Can't wait to read more!
  • Cyan all the way
  • Since Surface is not available in my country a Nokia tablet would be the next best thing and I want it in red like my Lumia 920
  • Would definitely give it some thought if there was a non-RT version
  • My Lumia 900 is cyan and it's gorgeous, but I'm not very interested in RT. Would definitely look at a Nokia Tablet 8Pro. Microsoft looks like the Surface 2 Pro might be interesting but too $$$. Probably look at Dell's new offerings when out.
  • I know all these products are mainly displayed announced and released earlier in the us but im in the uk and getting frustrated with all the news about us carriers but nothing seems to appear about the uk can i even expect Sirius to join us over this side of the pond? Id love a surface but quite like nokias take on things, being an o2 Guru (tech support) we get quite good info and have a decent relationship with manufacturers but nothing has been said/slipped :(
  • Why are people still messing with RT when new tech allows nearly the same battery life and Way more functionality with the full version of Windows 8?
  • RT? hmmm. Thinking this tablet is going to be dead on arrival. Why on Earth would they not offer Windows 8 and an Atom?
  • am so angry right i dont know if it is windowphone os or nokia which the problem lies my lumia 720 has not been able to get a gprs network for the past 3 weeks now and all other phones around are all browsing i have done every thing i possible to fix it still the phone is still misbehaving SOME ONE HELP ME