Verizon Nokia Lumia 2520 set to launch 3rd week of November, priced at $499

This morning we’ve received some confirmation from a trusted source about the Verizon Nokia Lumia 2520, the 10.1-inch Windows RT 8.1 tablet with the codename ‘Sirius’. The tablet will be Nokia’s first Windows RT 8.1 tablet, though certainly not the last as AT&T and others are expected to get the device too.

Pricing is set for $499, which matches Paul Thurrott’s earlier reporting, and it should go on sale to Verizon customers on November 17th (possibly the 18th). Colors options available to customers include “black and red” though it’s not clear if those are separate options or just one. It will feature 32 GB of internal storage with expandable memory.

Render of the Lumia 2520 (via WinSuper Site)

It should be obvious that since Verizon will be selling this device, it will feature an LTE radio for their 4G network. While the Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 will be an exciting Windows 8 addition, neither device will have LTE, not at least until 2014.

The Lumia 2520, according to Paul Thurrott and Tom Warren from the Verge, will feature a quad-core Qualcomm 8974 (ARM) chipset with a 10.1-screen 1920 x 1080 IPS display. It will also feature some unique and exclusive software from Nokia, including ‘StoryTeller’. The Lumia 2520 has also recently cleared the FCC, paving the way for next month’s release.

Supposed Wallpaper for the Lumia 2520 (via ictech)

Finally, we can expect a 6.7 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. The device will come in at a very nimble 1.3 pounds. The display will be geared towards outdoor readability, which sounds like Nokia’s ClearBlack polarizer technology and the ability to increase brightness significantly when needed.

The Verizon version (and presumably the AT&T one as well) will be sold through the Microsoft Store. Our earlier reporting suggested an “early November” release for AT&T’s version, though we don’t have further details on an exact date at this time.

Nokia is expected to unveil the Lumia 2520 in less than two weeks at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi. We’ll be in full force on the floor of the event for all-day live coverage.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • In the first paragraph, you say Windows 8, but I thought it was going to run RT?
  • Its RT, even I was amazed by the words but then I checked the specs -_-
  • You have Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro, for some reason, Microsoft got rid of the naming aspect of "RT," but I guess it's because it doesn't make any sense. What does RT stand for anyways?
  • ReTarded
  • doesnt it stand for run time or something like that.
  • That's for WinRT, a library that ,either complement or will replace in some future, Win32. Hence RT sounds like run time. But for this ARM based Windows, I don't know what RT stands for.
  • It stands for don't buy it.
    There are full W8 tablets with better specs available for less (like some of the IdeaPads from Lenovo).  WinRT is an answer to a question nobody asked.  And the answer is, "Because we're stupid."
  • Lolwut. Surface RT is 337 euros here, the cheapest IdeaPad is 749 here. Available for less, you say?
  • RISC Technology?
  • Yes, it stands for runtime.  It's an obvious reference to WinRT, the runtime for Metro apps.  Windows RT refers to WinRT in its name because all it can run (with little exception) are WinRT/Metro apps.  It has other limitations as well, but that one is huge and is the main reason why Windows RT sucks horribly and has no future.
  • Offiically, RT doesn't stand anything. Although there is some common technology used in the RT that is similar to WinRT.
  • Very curious to see this device in detail. It looks like a real killer tablet to me. Only thing remains is the full on marketing for this thing. It beats the iPad by a million, but they better market it that way too...
  • How can an unreleased/unannounced product beat the best selling tablet by a million?
  • Because a Surface RT already kicks the iPad's ass, so this one will too. It's not about the apps; with a Windows tablet you can do so much more in so many ways.
  • No it doesn't. IPad outsells RT by a mile. Did you miss the memo that Microsoft lost $900mil on surface? And the fact that other OEMs don't want to deal with RT? I am all for Windows8, but some people need a reality check.
  • no shit sherlock.   ipad have been out for years.  And still more popular. 
  • Ya remember those surface commercials were they say you can't use the pinch feature on an iPad.
    That why this tablet is a million times better. HA HA HA.
  • It's not about the amount of things a tablet can do. If this were the case tablets wouldn't sell at all because they are basically cripped laptops. Hell Windows RT shouldn't even exist if your argument were true because Full Windows 8 is more capable.
    If the best product meant the one that does more then linux would have 90% of the desktop marketshare and we all would be running on a command line interface.
    Its not about what something does, but its about how well something does at what it was designed to do.
    The iPad is the superious tablet because it provides costumers with a better experience, even if it is less capable.
  • Windows 8.1 RT
    Snapdragon 800
    Nokia quality
    Costs less
    Case closed
  • Nokia quality reputation and brand name has made little difference in sales/marketshare thus far
    Windows RT is a serious negative
    Cost is irrelevant when the vast majority of iPads are sold WiFi only, and the 16GB WiFi Mini - which is the new bestseller - is $329.
    Only thing closed is opportunity for this to be a successful device.
  • I don't give a shit about sales or what is popular, I buy what's best and what suits me best. The Ipad is a mediocre tablet with a limited phone OS and always has been, and despite the trends and fanboy bloggers, that fact will never change.
    Full Windows 8 is more powerful, sure, but Windows 8.1 RT still runs circles around IOS.
  • "Windows 8.1 RT still runs circles around IOS"
    Oh really? Then where are my fucking games, dude? Why KOTOR, XCOM, Walking Dead, Infinity Blade, Dead Trigger, NOVA, why all this cool stuff shines on iOS and there is NOT A SINGLE SIGN of these wonderful games being ported to RT?
    You must be REALLY dumb if you try to compare quality app stuffed iOS store with ugly wasteland with no quality apps/games in RT. Stupid Microsucks fanboy you are.
    I bought Surface RT by mistake and now I regret those five hundred bucks I wasted for nothing. I'm sticking to iPad and Bay Trail tablets with full Windows 8.1 on them. You Microsucks fanboys can suck it with your empty app store while I'll be playing fancy games on my iPad and run cool Windows business apps (QuickBooks FTW!!!) on my Bay Trail. Har har har. Idiots.
  • Apps are apps, and they are coming, I'm talking about the OS itself. Also, calm down buddy, you're gonna get a fucking stroke.
  • Apps are coming? Really? After a year and NO BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS FORM MAJOR MOBILE GAMING STUDIOS WHATSOEVER? After EVERY SINGLE OEM LEFT THIS DEAD PLATFORM because no consumers buy crappy no-apps tablet that's 2x overpriced? Hahaha, you relly need a serious realicty check man. Your fanboyism is marvellous, I really wish MS had much much more unassuming sheepish fanboys like you, then they wouldn't write off $900 million :(
  • Why are you being such a fucking asshole? Have I hurt your feelings somehow? A good rule of thumb is, treat people on the internet as you would in person. If you would have talked to me like that to my face, I would have punched you out.
  • He is right though. Why get a Surface right now if you can have an iPad that already has a well developed ecosystem. If apps are coming to the Surface in 2-3 years then just wait until the platform is developed well enough in order to get it.
  • I've got an iPad which was great when I first got it, but it is pretty stale now and the apps crash quite a bit, but since apple has an elegant way of them crashing (they just close) no error message or anything it makes it look like it is all running snappy and perfect lol. Even browsing some sites can be a chore on it. Not sure if surface is any better, but I'll be able to see when I get the 2 later this month and sell this ipad.
  • Exactly! No apps for Surface means Zune 2.0. No one will buy it and devs won't produce apps because no one buys it. This is vicious cycle that MS was never able to break when competing with smarter guys, like Apple and Google. MS is slowly fading into irrelevance with mobile future consumed by Apple and Google with nothing left for Redmond idiots, led by stupid Ballmer who fucked it all up. Gates was idiot too, I'm pretty sure he was onboard with Ballmer when bald fool was laughing at iPhone 7 years ago. You know whan Ballmer and Gates sweet duo raminds me of? Another same sweet duo - Lazaridis and Balsilly! Yes, the two morons that destroyed RIM.
    MS is turning into another RIM, slowly but steadily. No one is interested in mobile Windows, just like no one is interestwed in RIM BB10. R.I.P. Redmond hahaha :P I'm going to Android and iOS now, there are no apps for Surface and with morons in Redmond there won't be. They don't know how to break visious cycle and they make most basic idiotic mistakes all the time. I'm done with them.
  • Seriously, calm down and ease off the language. If you can't have a polite disscussion with resorting to foul language, please close your account and move on.
    You like iPad, fine. You think the Apple OS is better, fine. Not everyone here uses their Surface as a gaming machine. Gaming is but a very small part of how I use my Surface RT.
    Apps, are but a small part of the Surface. You don't need 500 million apps. You realize what an app is for? It's primarily designed for mobile application (your cellphone). There is no need for an app, when you can pin the website to your start screen. You get more functionality with the full website than you do with an app. Now while you may need an app for everything you do on your iPad, it's not necessary on the Surface.
    If you are that disappointed in your Surface, post it in the Marketplace and stick with your iPad. You are not to hurt anyone's feelings if you do.
  • "You don't need 500 million apps"
    Right. You just need $900 million write off. Don't you, huh? :P
  • As I said, it's all about trends and not what is actually better. Windows is a more powerful OS than IOS, that is a fact, not an opinon.
  • More powerful OS with no apps, when 2x overpriced, leads to huge writeoffs. Ask MS, if you don't trust me, tough guy :P
  • I wouldn't call 120 000 apps nothing. Does the Ipad have a torrent app? Nope, because Apple doesn't allow it in their store.
  • Not a single major gaming studio makes any games for Surface. Epic, Madfinger, Gameloft, EA - all the major studios produce bug budget projects like XCOM and KOTOR, Infinity Blade and Dead Trigger and many many others for iOS and NOTHING gets ported to RT. So enjoy your 120 000 stupid fart apps and hello worlds.
  • It looks like killer, but still cannot find many appealing apps in the store.
  • Windows has at least 5 fart apps
  • Well, Nokia knows how to address any app gaps. And what are all the apps that RT lacks that can't easily be addressed in IE?
  • Games
    Music production apps like AmpKit, Jamup Pro, Cubasis, tenori-ON, etc. If all you needed was a good browser and productivity suite on a mobile device, Chrome OS would be taking over the world.
  • The LTE feature is beneficial but is it compelling?
  • The real question is, will all of the Nokia fans here still claim RT is dead now that this tab is all but confirmed? IMO, $499, even with an LTE radio is just too pricey for an RT tab. $299 w/o LTE and $349 with should be the price points.
  • Why would it be that much cheaper than Ipads and the more expensive Galaxy-tabs? It's a very much well-rounded product.
  • Because the iPads are ridiculously overpriced.
  • Because while Nokia's competition shouldn't be the iPad, let Microsoft's Surface lineup compete with them. Nokia's competition should be the Kindle FIre & the Nexus 7. Those are the low price "do everything the big boys can" tablets that are selling like crazy. Nokia's bullseye should be aiming squarely at that market and show them that, no only can RT do everything those can, but it can do it better WITH a CZ camera.
  • I think $399 without the LTE would be good.  But it doesn't look like that is availble.  Hopefully they will.
  • does anyone think the carriers will subsidize the price if you are getting a data plan for it?
  • Probably not with Verizon. With Shared Data plans, it would cost an extra $10 a month to have this on that plan, but there is no commitment. Although, maybe they could waive that fee for 6-12 months.
  • It pisses me off that the iPad is the only tablet that can sell for $500+ with out being labeled as expensive. But yeah, your probably right.
  • It IS expensive. Doesn't do shit, just like any other ARM tablet.
  • I think, with the advent of cheaper and cheaper Android tablets that have the same apps as the iPad, that Apple's pricing structure is starting to come under fire as being expensive. At one point iOS was head & shoulders in terms of functionality and ease of use, but Android & WP/Win8 have caught up. The sheen around iOS products is eroding now that people realize they can get a comparable experience on an Android device for $200 to $300 cheaper.
  • iPad offers functionality that the others do not have, and it's guaranteed to have whatever the next big app/service is on mobile.
  • I would buy this tablet at this price (I already own a surface) if the store had the apps. with tablets you wanna watch movies and play games alot of the time. the store has Netflix, thats it. The games section is even worse.
  • I guess it's safe to say I'm the biggest Nokia fan around here and I never said RT was dead. On the contrary, I always said what Microsoft shouldn't have done was put Windows 8 on tablets.
    That said, I agree 499 is pricey but I'll wait for the full official specs to compare with the Surface RT.
  • The reason I've not an iPad is because of the price and it not having a full OS. Passing over this for the same reason.
  • Nokia fan here and I think RT is dead in its current iteration. With Bay Trail and Windows 8 this would have been the tablet to get but they fluffed it. Probably why they got bought out....
  • Nothing about this device is compelling
  • And that is because....? Useless comment without a reason.
  • Because it's $500 for an RT tablet. Not that $500 for an iOS or Android tablet is any better. These tablets are overpriced for what they do: pretty much nothing.
  • Go buy your $500 laptop then. Move along now.....
  • Or a Surface 2 with similar specs, excellent build quality and $50 less.
  • Your compairing the Surface Wifi model against the Nokia LTE model. The wifi model will be cheaper.
    Though i will give you the surface 2 comes with 200 gigs of skydrive for 2 years, which is compelling...
  • I'm sorry. Perhaps you can direct me then to the most recent edition of internet forum commenting rules and regulations? I seem to need a refresher.
  • Comment on whatever you like, but I typically come to the forums for information. I want to find out what people like or don't like about an item. How is this item not compelling? Price, features, lte, RT? Unlikely that I would buy it because I don't want the cost of paying $500 and for the LTE service. I do have a Win 8 atom tablet for $400, ND think it is great for my needs. I also wouldn't buy an iPad. The reason for me is that I am not invested in iOS games, music, etc and they are too expensive for an incomplete OS.
  • I really just want a WiFi only version if I choose this over Surface 2. Hope that option is avail. Hard choice. Still might wait on 7-8 inch options coming as that's my preferable tablet sizes.
  • DOA. Price should be $300 .  Windows RT is a dead system until developers start making compelling apps for it and popular apps make its way to it.
  • Chicken-Egg
  • Bacon... ;)
  • You're an idiot
  • Who the hell are you?/ Fuck off
  • Microsoft's $900 million says he's right and you are the idiot!
  • Agreed. As well as rumors flying around that Microsoft is moving toward a merger of RT and WP
  • I wish it would offer stylus support with palm rejection. The surface rt does not offer that (and I would buy one if it did).
  • The stylus support on the Surface Pro is top notch. If you can wait, and don't mind being a generation or 2 behind, you can probably get a Pro for a good price in a few months.
  • Exactly what i did, got a gen 1 pro at a steal. Though....truthfully i miss the lighter weight, size and double battery of my old RT. Thinking of selling the Pro for this Nokia tablet if it hits the right price point sans LTE.
  • I hope its LTE reception is better than my WP on Verizon. It sucks balls.
  • $499 for Verizon(LTE) means wifi version starts at $399?
  • Love to buy this one, but question: Does this also have the USB port (2.0 or 3.0) and any keyboard accesory available (like surface) for this which will kill iPad in almost all categories except number of apps. (RT Store needs a better facebook app. I could not find any very good app so far.)
  • Maybe I'm expecting too much on 10/22, I expect Nokia and wpc to blow my mind.
  • Daniel, are there any chances this thing goes global? because this would be another device that Nokia will announce in Abu Dhabi that isn't even for that region, along side the Lumia 929 for Verizon. I cant imagine that they just have a side press event to launch this tablet, that's something they can do for the 929 but for their first RT tablet this is a huge deal. I'm sure many in the crowd will ask why the hell are they showing us this if its going across the pond to two other carriers lol
  • Oh I'm sure there will be a version with no radios for ROW. The Verizon one will probably be announced in a press release and I'd expect them to have it on the floor.
  • You do know the rest of the world has LTE, right? It's already an international tablet. Stop being an American with your head up your ass.
  • Rooaarrr. dude please tell me what part of my comment gave away that i was an american with my head up my ass lol your dumb. I was curious, and concerned about availability of this tablet worldwide.
  • Are you Sirius??
  • 499.99 isn't bad for an LTE version. iPad base LTE model is 629.99. Wonder why there hasn't been mention of a Wi-Fi only model...
  • Q. what incentive does ATT, Verizon, etc. have to sell & support a WIFI only tablet without LTE?
     A. None.
  • Q. Who said anything about ATT, Verizon, etc selling a WiFi only version.
    A. Only you
    There are plenty of tablets that are WiFi only that aren't sold by Carriers. You might want reinterpret his initial statement.
  • Hahahha
  • Nokia has no relationship with traditional computer retailers. Their strength is carrier relations. Try harder.
  • Lol they never sold a WiFi W8 tablet before either. Their strength was FAR from carriers outside US cause you know there's a thing called the world? There are places like you know Amazon and online dealers can sell WiFi tablets. There is the MS store you know. Try harder harder.
  • $499 with LTE is a decent price, but it still likely won't sell very well. Windows RT tablets are at a pretty big disadvantage compared to iPads (in terms of people knowing what they are and wanting them.) Selling them at a cheaper price is one of the only ways to get people to notice Win RT and possibly choose it.
    $399 with LTE would be an amazing price, but I'm not sure if Nokia could make a realistic profit at that price.
  • Reasonable comment. Unlike ones who only asking for cheaper thing without reasoning. +1
  • Not only selling them at a reasonable price, but also Microsoft should include a $25 voucher so people can get some of the apps that they are leaving behind when they move from Android or IOS
  • GREAT IDEA. Microsoft should be leveraging every service they have with Windows Phone purchases ($25 Store credit, 50GB SkyDrive, 1-year free Xbox Live Gold or Office 365 sub).
  • They kind of are doing that already...though not to the level that they should be.
    IE: Surface 2 comes with 200 gigs skydrive for 2 years, plus a year unlimited Skype calling.
    A $25 app voucher and hell, even a discounted xbox live gold coupon would be amazing...
  • As much I want this device to succeed, at the moment I don't see that happening. They must reveal some cool and unique features or they're just wasting money. The price is too high for a RT device.
  • Nice. But too pricy for an RT spec. 298.00 would be "in there". Besides, will this only be available at Verizon?
  • Particularly since Dell is about to release a full Windows 8.1 8-incher for $299 by Christmas
  • RT? Nope
  • Looks great. RT is great and I'd rather have this than the new surface. LTE is icing.
  • Great more things I can't buy xD
  • Does this require a contract to get this price?
  • Does the 499 version already include LTE? if so, it has a decent shot. If not, idk how it will succeed...
  • I really dont understand where people come up with their pricing ideas for tablets... Let's see Verizon is selling a Lumia 928 with no contract for $499... this 10.1 tablet running Windows RT is going to sell for the same price... why in the world should a 10 inch tablet cost $200 less than a 4.5 inch phone with generally the same specs?
  • In fact, it has greater processor (Snapdragon 800 vs S4+). So I have the same question like you. Transformers from Asus (Android based), Galaxy Tab 10, Galaxy Note 10 also priced around that and yet no Android lovers questioning about their prices.
  • Well, being that full Windows Bay Trail tablets are being sold this fall/holiday for $299-$349, and this is using an ARM chip and a gimped copy of Windows....that's where the price comparisons should come in. 
    Besides, iPhones also cost far more than their equivalent iPad
    16GB iPhone 5s - $649 direct from Apple
    16GB iPad Mini - $329 direct from Apple
    16GB iPad Mini w/LTE - $459
  • +1
  • Those iPad's with "mini" sign are not 10 inch ipads (as you probably think), and those 300$ baytrail tablets too. Enjoy this little hint for free.
  • I have full confidence the tablet will actually be really good. Its a shame that the stigma of running Win RT. We all know Nokia will add valuable apps and synergy between their phones and the tablet. Plus they are pretty much playing with house money and the things Nokia learns with this tablet will help the device division going forward when they get absorbed into Microsoft.
  • I am sick of the rt hate too. It is not bad at all... But I do have lots of devices and use them accordingly... People complIning usually wouldn't buy it or would complain about the product regardless. I love having desktop mode, but there is no desktop application. I want on my surface... I really can't wait for more metro apps that take the place of them and the refining of the metro os. I have apple, google and other OS/devices. The surface rt has been one of my most professional and productive tablets. With all the apps, my iPad was only used to read websites... The surface pro is very nice, but I would rather use my laptop or desktop to work on major apps. Now it docking to the workstation is huge. The best of all worlds, but currently, I am not in the market to dump my ultrabook and powerful desktops. Rt works for real.
  • DOA.
    Quick question: What's the last LTE ONLY tablet to sell successfully? That's pretty much what I thought. Hell, what's the first? Not this one.
    Now couple that with the stigma of RT, an operating system that EVERY OEM not owned by Microsoft has backed away from and you have....instant failure.
    Battery life is not enough of a reason for RT to exist. It's just not. Bay trail tablets like the Dell Venue and Lenovo are  $299 and $249, respectively. They can be found anywhere and don't require you to add yet ANOTHER data charge to cell phone bill. 
    No WiFI and competitive way to succeed. This is a GUARANTEED flop.
  • Wait, did I hear that right? A 2013 device that comes with LTE but not wifi?
    Have they ever stated this anywhere or are you just being stupid?
  • Yes, you're just being stupid.
    Of course I mean, WiFi only. You know the way that the vast majority of tablets are sold?
  • I know how most tablets are sold, what I meant is that it sounds like what you're saying is the tablet will be released with only LTE onboard, and no wifi at all. That is not what you're saying, is it?
  • Agreed this is a pricy device...i expected more around $350 mark to compete with Android
  • Way too expensive for RT. This should be $349 at the most.
  • This comes WITH LTE people.  A comparable iPad is north of $600.
    IMHO they should also put out a non-LTE version around $300-350.
  • But the iPad is a proven product. Developers and even customers are still not sold on RT.
  • I sold my RT
  • This
  • I don't use LTE so where is my benefit?
  • Oooo, it comes with a feature I have to pay my mobile provider to use every month. Super awesome. Is that why non-3G/LTE iPads are the best selling models by far?
  • LTE feauture is cool but otherwise i prefer Surface 2 design by far! 
  • Daniel its Windows RT 8.1 not Windows 8.1 RT. That caused some confusions as you see in the first comments.
  • I was expecting something more expensive. I will wait on this to see if the price goes up.
  • Im still not sold on RT.  Maybe once RT gets access into WP8's apps it would be more appealing.  
  • Wait till it go on sale for $199(on contract) or buy one Nokia 929 get one 2520 free. At&t was doing that with the SG4 and some Samsung G tab
  • With all the dolts trolling about RT, you have made me laugh....hysterical comment.
  • I too sold my Surface RT. As much as I like W8 and the whole ecosystem, RT is a dead horse. This needs to be priced much lower to compete with Android and the iPad. Apple products are generally known to be good which is why they can get away with selling their tablets at such high costs, win rt on the other hand is just dead and known to be shit.
  • Does anyone know if you can buy this unit off contract and unlocked?
  • As much as I love Nokia and their products, and as much as I'm sure this is a TOP QUALITY and TOP TIER design product, I cannot see this being successful.  I just cannot.  Maybe if they manged to get that all into a $350 package they MIGHT have had a chance, but not at $499.  
  • This is like owning a Ferrari. but having no gas to run it.  People are not going to jump to RT if there is no Instagram, or Pinterest or native Facebook app.  I know what you are going to say, "there are apps that let you use them" . Well that works for us, Windows users, but iPad and Android users are just the masses who have barely a clue about technology.
  • Haha two AE86 fans posting one right after the other!
  • whoops double post...
  • It's really good, camera, storage capacity, weight, display, everything is as it should be in a tablet device made in 2013, but why would they want to compete with the Surface 2 ? Microsoft and Nokia had a chance to release a decent 8" inch tablet with a lower price point.
  • Everyone keeps saying rt doesn't do anything...and doesn't have apps. What apps are you looking for exactly?
    and las time in checked RT tablets surf the web run office and all the apps in the App Store. It was never intended to replace full powered computers and neither was the iPad. Everyone keeps saying it should run full blown windows programs... Why should it a IPad sure as hell doesn't run OS X  programs as it was never intended to. 
  • Amen!
  • Again no one can tell me a app they want that isn't in the store.  I know of two that I want but it's not Microsofts fault Honeywell hasn't wrote them yet. But eventually they will and then for me neither droid or Apple will have anything that I need that I can't get. And BTW how much is a 32 gig Ipad and or 32 gig Galaxy? 
  • As just one example, iOS has a HUGE ecosystem of music-making interfaces, accessories, and apps for guitars, synths, etc. There's lots to choose from for any musician, and there are guitar players incorporating iPad into their pro rig or using the iPad AS their rig altogether.
    RT has a "Blade concept" that you can't buy, and virtually no apps.
    Just one example. A web browser and office is not enough for a modern mobile experience.
  • I totally agree with everything you said, especially when there are plenty cheaper tablets... End of the day, a tablet for me, is all about 'consumption'. Therefore, this is why I think iPad, Kindle etc are really good and sell so well, as they have massive collection of apps -- I wish RT was the same or cheaper (due to the lack of apps). But I can honestly say, as a Nokia fan, I will not be getting one of these -- too expensive for what it is!
  • Yep, the iRig stuff and even some of the sheet music app, for professional musicians is pretty great on iPads.
    Look, Win8 is pretty good, but RT on its own is a dead horse.  The Microsoft store is a wasteland other than a web browser and Office.
    For cripes sake, RT doesn't even have a native Facebook app.  That's a deal breaker for 75% of tablet buyers alone.
  • Hahaaa, another RT loser, so now MS will write off even more money! Last years RT stupidity costed them almost a billion, now with Nokia onboard they will write off TWO billions! Great progress MS. LOL.
    People will buy much more capable, useful and cheap Atom tablets with full unlimited Windows 8.1, Clover Trail killed RT last year and now this year Bay Trail is going to violate decomposing RT corpse once more, heheee :) Before MS finally killis it when the smarter CEO is on board next year after loser Ballmer.
  • Nice
  • I want one with LTE but not $499 TOO MUCH
  • Geez everyone should just go buy ipads and be done with it. Maybe it will succeed maybe not. I like it I will get one. You don't, so don't.
  • Omgosh...yay!! LTE! LTE!
  • Cannot. Resist. Surface Pro. Wait I must. Delighted I will be. Empty my checking account will be, and angry at me my girlfriend shall become.
    Frozen pizza and DVDs we will enjoy, for weeks following.
    The specs on this look promising though. I'll pop into best buy or the microsoft store if they carry it and play with it when it's released.
  • Now i know windows 8 and windows RT are different...i dont like windows RT... I need full windows 8 OS on tablet..
  • It would be amazing if Nokia surprised everyone and went with Windows 8.1 Pro instead of RT/ARM, and still at the ~$500 price point. Yes, I'm dreaming =)
  • Windowsphone tablets , windows RT tablets and windows 8. Tablets it sometimes confusing
  • I think that people that hate RT are people that never tried it or didn't give it enough time. I have a Lenovo Yoga RT. The only problem is the slow processor (but the Surface 2 and the Nokia Tablet are a big improvement on that matter).
    RT is actually great for touchscreen. I tried W8 Pro on a touchscreen and some "legacy apps...that we all love" are not really optimised for touchscreen and it is actually painful. Obviously if you need a super powerful computer gor strong image processing etc..... RT is not good for you, like iPad, or any other tablet in fact. But Office + Explorer (actually good on RT) + nice non official apps from some talented developer= RT is actually a good option (with new processor I admit!).
    I had all the iPads models, a lot of Android tablets, and in my opinion touchscreen experience is actually surprisingly good on RT. But I repeat....Last year processors are very slow!
    I have seen some videos about the Surface 2 and it looks snappy.
  • Wasn't RT going to be merged with WP in the near future? So if this tablet can be migrated to it that would be killer.
  • I am of the opinion that Microsoft should get rid of RT entirely. What is its purpose anyway? As an OS it is not as powerful as a full Windows 8 tablet yet it has the exact same clumsy UI. It's barely more powerful than Windows Phone 8. Microsoft should instead use Windows Phone 8 OS for devices under 8 inches and Windows 8 Pro for devices larger than 8 inches. It's really the only product lineup that makes sense. RT really makes no sense when you view how powerful Windows Phone is and can still become. 
    In fact I would thin that Windows 8 Pro should be only on Hybrid/Convertibel laptops and not pure tablets. Windows Phone should be the default OS for no keyboard tablets of any size.
  • Does anyone know what the volume level is like on loud speaker please???